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Magical Correspondences-- Heidrick

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Subject: Magical Correspondences-- Heidrick

Under edit and expansion.  Preprint date: August 1, 1993 e.v.

Incorporating class materials prepared in 1972 e.v. by the author,
Bill Heidrick

1/11/90 e.v. XYWrite key entry.  8/1/93 e.v. ASCII CONVERSION
by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O.

Copyright (c) 1972 and 1990 by Bill Heidrick

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NB: As this is a work in progress, ASCII conversion is a bit crude.  Hebrew spelling order has been reversed to follow English direction, but final letters have not been differentiated.  In particular, it is unfortunate that the Mapiq Heh that ends Tetragrammaton is not indicated here.  This can lead to some confusion with the elements Water and Earth in analysis below, especially for the twelve banners.
   Footnotes from the original text have been raised into position of citation, if in text, and otherwise collected at the bottom of tables.  These are signaled by double angle brackets in text and by normal numbering after tables.



                      MAGICAL CORRESPONDENCES

(The Roman numerals at some column heads refer to Crowley's "Liber 777")

  I.     CLXXV.      II.                                           III.
Key     Hebrew    Hebrew Names for      English Pronun.      English Transl.
Scale:  Letters:  Numbers and Letters:    of col. II:       of Col. II:

 0        -       AYN                     Ain               Nothing
 0        -       AYN SVP                 Ain Soph          Without Limit
 0        -       AYN SVP AVR             Ain Soph Aur      Limitless Light
 1        -       KThR                    Keter             Crown
 2        -       ChKMH                   Chokmah           Wisdom
 3        -       BYNH                    Binah             Understanding
 4        -       ChSD                    Chesed            Mercy
 5        -       GBVRH                   Geburah           Severity
 6        -       ThPARTh                 Tipheret          Beauty
 7        -       NTzCh                   Netzach           Endurance to
 8        -       HVD                     Hod               Splendour
 9        -       YSVD                    Yesod             Foundation
 10       -       MLKVTh                  Malkut            Kingdom
11        HB:A    ALP                     Aleph             Ox
 12       HB:B    BYTh                    Bet               House
 13       HB:G    GML                     Gimmel            Camel
 14       HB:D    DLTh                    Dalet             Door
  15      HB:H    HH                      Heh               Window
  16      HB:V    VV                      Vau or Wow        Nail
  17      HB:Z    ZYN                     Zain              Sword
  18      HB:Ch   ChYTh                   Chet              Fence
  19      HB:T    TYTh                    Tet               Serpent
  20      HB:Y    YVD                     Yod               Hand
                                                            (open from back)
 21       HB:K    KP                      Kaph              Hand (closed or
                                                            from palmer side)
  22      HB:L    LMD                     Lamed             Ox Goad
23        HB:M    MYM                     Mem               Water
  24      HB:N    NVN                     Nun               Fish
  25      HB:S    SMK                     Samekh            Prop
  26      HB:a'a  a'aYN                   Ayin              Eye
 27       HB:P    PH                      Peh               Mouth
  28      HB:Tz   TzDY                    Tzaddi            Fish Hook
  29      HB:Q    QVP                     Qof               Back of Head
 30       HB:R    RYSh                    Resh              Head
31        HB:Sh   ShYN                    Shin              Tooth
 32       HB:Th   ThVTh                   Taw               Cross or Mark
32bis     "                  "             "                  "    "   "
31bis     HB:Sh   ShYN                    Shin              Tooth


Key Scale:  Relates these correspondences to the "Tree of Life" pattern.
            The 32 divisions below "0" are often called "Thirty-Two
            Divine Emanations".  Sometimes, as in the table just above,
            these key numbers are offset to right or left.  Offset to
            the left indicates "Mother Letters" and a correspondence to
            elements.  Offset to the right indicates "Single Letters"
            and a correspondence to the signs of the Zodiac.  Centered
            key numbers represent the rest, including the "Double
            Letters", Sephiroth, and often also planets.
Hebrew Letters: Where two are given, the one on the left is the usual
                form; and the one on the right is used at the ends of
                words ("final" letters).  The approximate English
                equivalent will usually match the initial letter in the
                English pronunciation of the Hebrew letter name --  see
                below for exceptions and more help with this.
Hebrew Names: Hebrew reads from right to left.  English reads from
              left to right.  Some of the letter names have several
              Hebrew spellings: e.g. HB:H can be HB:HH or HB:HA.
English Pronunciation: How to say Column II.  English spelling of Hebrew
                       differs very much with different methods of
                       transliteration and phonetic representation.
                       These entries are intended to help the reader
                       pronounce the Hebrew and to identify the English
                       representations of these words in the text below.
                       For example, HB:KThR may be represented in English by
                       different authors for different purposes in the
                       following ways:
                         1  to show the spelling in Hebrew: KThR
                         2. to indicate Sephardic pronunciation: Keter
                         3. to indicate Ashkenazic pronunciation: Keser
                         4. compromise between sound and spelling:
                            Kether, Cather, ...
                       An effort will be made in this presentation to
                       keep the English representations of these Hebrew
                       words relatively uniform, but some variation will
                       appear below.  It is important to learn how to
                       recognize English representations of foreign
                       words by context, since there is no fixed
                       spelling in use by all authors.  If the student
                       becomes too accustomed to one usage, other books
                       on the subject will be closed to study.
English Translation: What the Hebrew in Column II means in English.


  I.     CLXXV.      CLXXVI.                   XIV. and CLXXIX.
Key     Hebrew      Number Value       Modern Tarot Trumps and Trump Numbers
Scale:  Letters:    of Letters:        (with some sequence variations):

11        HB:A        1                 0. The Fool
 12       HB:B        2                 1. The Magician
 13       HB:G        3                 2. The High Priestess
 14       HB:D        4                 3. The Empress
  15      HB:H        5                 4. The Emperor (or 17. The Star)
  16      HB:V        6                 5. The Hierophant
  17      HB:Z        7                 6. The Lovers
  18      HB:Ch       8                 7. The Chariot
  19      HB:T        9                 8. Strength (or 11. Strength)
  20      HB:Y       10                 9. The Hermit
 21       HB:K       20 or 500         10. The Wheel of Fortune
  22      HB:L       30                11. Justice (or 8. Justice)
23        HB:M       40 or 600         12. The Hanged Man
  24      HB:N       50 or 700         13. Death
  25      HB:S       60                14. Temperance
  26      HB:a'a     70                15. The Devil
 27       HB:P       80 or 800         16. The Tower
  28      HB:Tz      90 or 900         17. The Star (or 4. The Emperor)
  29      HB:Q      100                18. The Moon
 30       HB:R      200                19. The Sun
31        HB:Sh     300                20. Judgment
 32       HB:Th     400                21. The World

   In reckoning the correspondences between Hebrew Letters and Tarot, there are several points to remember.  The dominant correspondences are to the Hebrew Letters, and changes in Tarot attribution do not effect other correspondences to the Letters.  Tarot Trump titles vary in different styles of decks, but most can readily be identified.  The numbers of the Justice and Strength Trumps were reversed by the Golden Dawn authors to make a better fit to the Hebrew.  Older decks show Justice as 8 and Strength as 11.  This reversal does not effect the correspondence of Lamed for Justice and Tet for Strength.  Aleister Crowley came to advocate switching The Star and The Emperor Trumps, and that switch does effect the correspondences of the those Trumps.  Switching Star and Emperor does not effect the correspondences to the Hebrew Letters Heh and Tzaddi beyond the Trumps themselves.  Thus: Heh-- Aries-- Emperor, or Heh-- Aries-- Star, but never Heh-- Aquarius-- Star.  There are other systems of attribution between Tarot and Hebrew.  The system used here is that introduced the Order of the Golden Dawn.


  I.     CLXXVII.                 VI.
Key     Astrology:        Hebrew term used          English pronunciation
Scale:                    for items in CLXXVII:           of VI:

 1      Primum Mobile     RAShYTh HGLGLYM           Rashit Ha-Galgalim
 2      Zodiac            MSLVTh                    Maslot
 3      Saturn            ShBThAY                   Shabbatai
 4      Jupiter           TzDQ                      Tzedeq
 5      Mars              MADYM                     Madim
 6      Sun               ShMSh                     Schemesh
 7      Venus             NVGH or NGCh              Nogah
 8      Mercury           KVKB                      Kokab
 9      Moon              LBNH                      Lebanah
 10     Earth             a'aVLM YSVDVTh            Olam Yesodot
11      Air               RVCh                      Ruach
 12     Mercury           KVKB                      Kokab
 13     Moon              LBNH                      Lebanah
 14     Venus             NVGH or NGCh              Nogah
  15    Aries             TLH                       Tale
  16    Taurus            ShVR                      Sur
  17    Gemini            ThAVMYM                   Tomaim
  18    Cancer            SRTN                      Soratan
  19    Leo               ARYH                      Ari
  20    Virgo             BThVLH                    Betula
 21     Jupiter           TzDQ                      Tzedeq
  22    Libra             MAZNYM                    Mozenim
23      Water             MYM                       Mem
  24    Scorpio           a'aQRB                    Akrab
  25    Sagittarius       QShTh                     Keshit
  26    Capricorn         GDY                       Gedi
 27     Mars              MADYM                     Madim
  28    Aquarius          DLY                       Doli
  29    Pisces            DGYM                      Dagim
 30     Sun               ShMSh                     Schemesh
31      Fire              ASh                       Fire
 32     Saturn            ShBThAY                   Shabbatai
32bis   Earth             ARTz                      Aretz


   Items matching Key scale 1-10 refer to the Sephiroth (singular: Sephira), the ten numbers created in the beginning.  Items under Key scale 11-32 refer to the twenty-two "paths" which link the Sephiroth together.  Thus 1-10 forms one system and 11-32 another.  This explains the double association of the planets to 1-10 as well as 11-32.


                         Otz Chaiim
        Pillar            .    .     .          Pillar
          of       12th  B     .       A.11th    of
        Severity   .           .            .   Mercy
           3    .              .                . 2
         Binah       D         .     14th      Chokmah
           . .                 .                . .
           .  .                .               .  .
        Ch .   .Z              .            H .   .V
         18th   .              .             .    .
           .     .           G .            .    16th
           .      .            .           .      .
           .       .           .          .       .
           .        .          .         .        .
           .         .         .        .         .
           5          .        .       .          6
        Geburah        .       .      .        Chesed
           .    .        .     .    .Y       .    .
           .       L.    17th  .  15th   .        .K
           .           .   .  13th.   .           .
          23rd        22nd.  . 6  .   20th       21st
           .               Tipheret               .
          M.              .    .  .               .
           .       26th.a'a   S.     .24th        .
           .        .          .        N .       .
           8    .              .              .   7
          Hod.                 .               Netzach
           . .........P................27th........
            .  .               .               .  .
              .   . R         25th      Tz  .   . Q
              31st   .30th     .    28th.     .29th
                  .      .     9     .      .
                  Sh.       .Yesod.       .
                      .        .        .
                        .      Th     .
                          .   32nd  .
                            .  .  .




Tetragrammaton --  the four-fold name

Basic example: HB:YHVH, pronounced: "Jehovah"
               This is the most common name for God used in the Hebrew
               Torah, or "Old Testament".  Its genuine pronunciation is
               unknown, but the pronunciations "Jehovah" and "Yahweh"
               are most often used.
Other examples:   HB:ADNY, "Adonai", in English: "Lord".
                  HB:AHYH, "Eheieh".
                  HB:AGLA, "Agla", short for the Hebrew words:
                         HB:AThH GBVR La'aVLM ADNY,
                         "Ateh Gebor Le-olahm Adonai",
                         "Thou art mighty for ever, O'h Lord!"
More examples exist, and others will be discussed below.  The Tetragrammatic names are compared to the elements and directions:

Key      LIV.        LV.          LVII.           (from R's "Golden Dawn")
Scale:   YHVH:    Elements:   Wind Directions:    Kerubic Directions:

31        HB:Y     Fire         South                 East Leo
23        HB:H     Water        West                  North Scorpio
11        HB:V     Air          East                  West Aquarius
32bis     HB:H     Earth        North                 South Taurus

LIV.    LIX.            LVII & LV.     English          Aprox. English
YHVH  Archangels        Wind-Element   Pronunciation    Translation
      of the Quarters:  Directions:    of LIX:          of LIX:

HB:Y   HB:MYKAL         South Fire     Michael          Like God
HB:H   HB:GBRYAL        West Water     Gabriel          Mighty One of God
HB:V   HB:RPAL          East Air       Raphael          Healing of God
HB:H   HB:AVRYAL        North Earth    Uriel            Light of God

   The Archangels of the Quarters represent the workings of nature personified as the four ancient "elements", proceeding from the four directions on the winds most resembling those elements.  Different prevailing winds require a reconsideration of this correspondence, and other systems of attribution exist.   For Western Europe, Palestine, California and most regions in the Northern Hemisphere with a large body of water to the West, these allocations tend to apply.

North Wind -- -- -- - cold and dry -- -- --  Earth
South Wind -- -- -- - warm and dry -- -- --  Fire
West Wind -- -- -- -- cold and wet -- -- --  Water
East Wind -- -- -- -- warm and wet -- -- --  Air

LIV.    The Four   LXIII.              Approx. English
HB:YHVH:  Worlds:  English Pronun.:    Meanings:

HB:Y   HB:ATzYLVTh  Atzilut             Emanation, Archetype, most noble
HB:H   HB:BRYAH     Briah               Creation, Intellect
HB:V   HB:YTzYThH   Yetzirah            Formative, Moral.
HB:H   HB:a'aShYH   Assiah              Action, Substance, Matter

   The four worlds are a basic subdivision of creation into four stages or levels.  They may be considered to be levels of abstraction (going from matter to spirit) or of condensation (from spirit to matter).



I.             XV.   HB:Y                    XVI   HB:H
Key        King Scale Color          Queen Scale Color
Scale:     (Atzilut in Assiah):      (Briah in Assiah):

 1         Brilliance                White Brilliance
 2         Pure Soft Blue            Gray
 3         Crimson                   Black
 4         Deep Violet               Blue
 5         Orange                    Scarlet Red
 6         Clear Pink Rose           Yellow (Gold)
 7         Amber                     Emerald
 8         Violet Purple             Orange
 9         Indigo                    Violet
 10        Yellow                    Citrine, Olive, Russet & Black
11         Bright Pale Yellow        Sky Blue
 12        Yellow                    Purple
 13        Blue                      Silver
 14        Emerald Green             Sky Blue
  15       Scarlet                   Red
  16       Red Orange                Deep Indigo
  17       Orange                    Pale Mauve
  18       Amber                     Maroon
  19       Yellow                    Deep Purple
  20       Greenish Yellow           Slate Gray
 21        Violet                    Blue
  22       Emerald Green             Blue
23         Deep Blue                 Sea Green
  24       Green Blue                Dull Brown
  25       Blue                      Yellow
  26       Indigo                    Black
 27        Scarlet                   Red
  28       Violet                    Sky Blue
  29       Crimson                   Buff, flecked Silver-White
 30        Orange                    Gold Yellow
31         Glowing Orange Scarlet    Vermilion
 32        Indigo                    Black
32bis      Citrine, Olive, Russet    Amber
           and Black
31bis      White merging into Gray   Deep Purple, nearly Black

   The remaining two color scales follow below.
   These color scales properly belong to Assiah, since they relate directly to the physical senses.  The King Scale represents that Part of Assiah most like Atzilut.  The Queen Scale represents that part of Assiah most like Briah; etc.
   The colors 1-10 of the Queen Scale are frequently used to color the Sephiroth 1-10 on the Tree of Life.  Colors 11-32 of the King Scale are commonly used to color the paths 11-32 on the same figure.
   The King and Queen color Scales are partly obtained by color mixing and spectra patterns.

PAGES 10-11

I.             XVII.   HB:V                   XVIII  HB:H
Key        Emperor Scale Color        Empress Scale Color
Scale:     (Yetzirah in Assiah):      (Assian in Assiah):

 1         White Brilliance           White, flecked Gold
 2         Blue Pearl Gray like       White, flecked Red, Blue and Yellow
            Mother of Pearl
 3         Dark Brown                 Gray, flecked Pink
 4         Deep Purple                Deep Azure, flecked Yellow
 5         Bright Scarlet             Red, flecked Black
 6         Rich Salmon                Gold Amber
 7         Bright Yellow Green        Olive, flecked Gold
 8         Red-Russet                 Yellowish Brown, flecked White
 9         Very Dark Purple           Citrine, flecked Azure
 10        Citrine, Olive, Russet &   Black rayed with Yellow
            Black, all flecked Gold
11         Blue Emerald Green         Emerald, flecked Gold
 12        Gray                       Indigo, rayed Violet
 13        Cold Pale Blue             Silver, rayed Sky blue
 14        Early Spring Green         Bright Rose, rayed Pale Green
  15       Brilliant Flame            Glowing Red
  16       Deep Warm Olive            Rich Brown
  17       New Yellow Leather         Reddish Gray inclined to Mauve
  18       Rich Bright Russet         Dark Greenish Brown
  19       Gray                       Reddish Amber
  20       Green Gray                 Plum Color
 21        Rich Purple                Bright Blue, rayed Yellow
  22       Deep Blue-Green            Pale Green
23         Deep Olive-Green           White, flecked Purple, like Mother
                                       of Pearl
  24       Very Dark Brown            Livid Indigo Brown like a Black Beetle.
  25       Green                      Dark Vivid Blue
  26       Blue Black                 Cold Dark Gray approaching Black
 27        Venetian Red               Bright Red, rayed Emerald
  28       Bluish Mauve               White, tinged Purple
  29       Light Translucent          Stone Color
            Pinkish Brown
30         Rich Amber                 Amber, rayed Red
31         Scarlet, flecked Gold      Vermilion, flecked Crimson & Emerald
 32        Blue Black                 Black, rayed Blue
32bis      Dark Brown                 Black, flecked Yellow
31bis      The 7 prismatic colors,    White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
            the Violet being outside   the latter outside

   The Emperor Scale is, for the most part, composed by mixing corresponding colors on the King and Queen Scales (e.g.: #12. Yellow and Purple = Gray)
   Both Emperor and Empress Scales are much less commonly used than King and Queen Scales.

PAGES 12-14

   There are several ways of expanding 4 into 5:
A. Consider four separate things: FireWaterAirEarth.  These things taken together are one set of four.  Thus there are 4 + 1 = 5.  Four parts which unite into one whole.  In the Tetragrammaton, and additional letter may be added to represent the unity of the other four.  When this is done, we have HB:YHShVH in place of HB:YHVH.  Accordingly, the letters: "HB:Y", "HB:H", "HB:V" and "HB:H" are said to be "ruled" or vitalized by the letter "HB:Sh".  Because the four original letters represent the elements of fire, water, air and earth, the fifth letter "HB:Sh" is said to represent "spirit", Spirit.  In this method of going from 4 into 5, the new category, here called spirit, is clearly seen to dominate the others.
B. 4 may also go into 5 by simple addition.  FireWaterAirEarth + Spirit ='s five equal categories.
C. 4 may go into 5 by partial unification: FireWaterAir = Spirit, therefore FireWaterAirEarth also involves Spirit as a union of the first three elements.  This can also be seen as a reduction of 4 into 2: FireWaterAirEarth -> SpiritEarth.
D. 4 may go into 5 by interaction, thus Spirit may represent an interaction or equilibration of FireWaterAirEarth, either as a concept of parity or of commonality or sequence or some other relation.
E. ... etc.  This analysis of the process of grouping can be continued with several variations, and various states of being can be predicated on the different modes (Crowley's "formulas" in "Magick in theory and Practice" are an example of this).

   Here is an example of such a speculation on the passage of 4 into 5.

                HB:YHVH -- > HB:YHShVH
                Jehovah -- > Jeshuah

   Jeshuah is a Hebrew pronunciation of the name of the Christ of the Christians, "Jesus".  The usual spelling of this name in Hebrew is HB:YShVa'a or "Joshua", but HB:YHShVH is an acceptable unorthodox alternative.  Christian "Qabalists" and occultists generally have used this for centuries to "prove" that Christ and the New Testament are the completion or perfection of Jehovah and the Old Testament.  Be that as it may, this word "HB:YHShVH" is the basis for attribution of the elements to the points of the pentagram or five pointed star:

              Air            /                   Water 
              HB:V .-- -- -- -- -- --\-- -- -- . HB:H
                       \    /               /
                         \   HB:YHShVH \/
                            \       /
                         /     \ /      \
                              /   \
                       /   /         \    \
                        /               \
                     /                     \
                    HB:H                       HB:Y
                    Earth                      Fire

   The pentagram is also seen as a representation of Man:

             Right           /                Left
              Arm .-- -- -- -- -- --\-- -- -- . Arm
                     \     /              /
                        \             \/
                            \       /
                         /     \ /      \
                              /   \
                       /   /         \    \
                        /               \
                     /                     \
                 Right                    Left
                 Leg                      Leg

   Thus a pentagram with the point uppermost is sometimes taken as a symbol of God-made-Man, Jehovah-become-Jesus, and Man ruled by Intellect.  The pentagram with point upwards therefore signifies much the same as a cross in many old rituals.  A pentagram with point downward is often considered an "evil" sign: the elements ruling over spirit or man ruled by sexual energies unguided by the mind.  The latter bit of symbolism can easily be understood by drawing a pentagram with point downwards and adding a "stick-figure" of a man.  There is no place for the head, but there is plenty of room for the phallus.
   If the pentagram is upright, the head = mind is represented, but the figure is sexless.  If the pentagram is inverted, the figure has sex but is headless = mindless.  The union of sexual and mental levels of energy is shown in the hexagram or 6-pointed star.



   In most magical rituals, mysterious names and words play an important part.  These are the words and names of power, the Gates of Power.  Often these names are familiar, and possess dictionary definitions.  Sometimes these names are unknown and barbarous.  Even if the formal, grammatical meaning of a word or name is unknown, it is possible to associate a meaning by the special techniques of the Qabalah.  It is necessary to obtain a meaning for each word used in a magical ritual, if that ritual is to achieve its purpose.  There is an effect to be obtain by speaking meaningless words, but that effect falls far short of the aim of ritual in all but the most simple of intoxicating ritual.  The so-called "speaking in tongues" is a babbling of nonsense sounds that has an intoxicating effect on the listeners.  Unless some control is present, that intoxication will be wasted or misdirected.  "Speaking in tongues" is used all over the world for its dramatic and divinatory qualities.  The Ritual Magician seems to "speak in tongues", but he has a specific meaning and intention behind every word he utters --  even behind every sound and motion that he makes in ritual.  The intoxicating effect on others may be the same for magical ritual and for glossolalia, but that intoxication is directed in the former and accidental in the latter.  For the Magician, nothing is accidental, especially in ritual.  The fully developed Magician is trained to understand that everything that happens about him is a particular communication between himself and the universe.  The training of the Magician is largely comprised in the building up of a magical vocabulary, language, and alphabet by which the universe may communicate with him through any of its forms and forces.  When the Magician uses this magical communication to inform the universe of his intentions, he is working practical magick and casting spells.  When the Magician uses this magical communication to learn from the universe, he is meditating.  The many lists of "Magical Corresp

ondences" aid in the building of a magical language, but such correspondences are no more that language than a printed word is the thing it represents.  Perhaps the closest approach to an accurate description of a magical language is this: A magical language is a swiftness and an orderliness of thought that relates and transforms any thought or perception to and into any other thought and perception.  The possessor of such a "language" is one who sees all things in all things.
   The first steps in obtain a magical language are commonly taken in learning and using "magical correspondences".  The most helpful of these are the correspondences to letters and sounds.  Every thought that can be expressed can be stated in words.  These words are composed of letters and sounds.  By relating letters and sounds together abstractly, any word or thought can be related to any other word or thought.  The study of the structure and correspondences of magical words is the study of the Names and Gates of Power.  We have seen much of this before, but we will now begin a more detailed study.



   Owing to the existence of extensive lists of correspondences (see "Magical Correspondences" pages 1 - 11 and Crowley's "777") to the letters of the Hebrew language, most magical words in use today and in the middle ages are either Hebrew or derived from Hebrew.  Many Greek and Coptic magical words are also used, but these are a bit harder to define and to analyze.  When an unknown word is to be used, the letters of that word may be transliterated into Hebrew, and the Hebrew correspondences used.  Later, when the student has had more experience, the words may be taken and studied without reference to any language save that in which the words are written.  Approximate transliterations between Hebrew letters and English are shown below.  The order used here is: English letter, Name of Hebrew letter, Hebrew letter, Key number (as used in these notes --  see pages 1-3), additional Hebrew letters.

A: Aleph, HB:A, 11; Ayin, HB:a'a, 26.
B: Beth, HB:B, 12.
C: Cheth, HB:Ch, 18; Koph, C, 21.
D: Daleth, HB:D, 14.
E: Yod, HB:a'a, 20; Heh, HB:H, 18.
F: Vau, HB:V, 16; Pe, HB:P, 27.
G: Gimmel, HB:G, 13.
H: Heh, HB:H, 15.
I: Yod, HB:a'a, 20.
J: Yod, HB:a'a, 20.
K: Koph, HB:K, 21; Cheth, HB:Ch, 18.
L: Lamed, HB:L, 22.
M: Mem, HB:M, 23.
N: Nun, HB:N, 24.
O: Ayin, HB:a'a, 26; Vau, HB:V, 16.
P: Pe, HB:P, 27.
Q: Qof, HB:Q, 29.
R: Resh, HB:R, 30.
S: Samekh, HB:S, 25; Shin, HB:Sh, 31.
T: Teth, HB:T, 19; Taw, HB:Th, 23; Tzaddi, HB:Tz, 28.
U: Vau, HB:V, 16.
V: Vau, HB:V, 16.
W: Vau, HB:V, 16.
X; (treat as though it is a "C" or "Z" depending on pronunciation).
Y: Yod, HB:Y, 20.
Z: Zayin, HB:Z, 17; Tzaddi, HB:Tz, 28.

Sometimes two English letters are best replaced by one Hebrew letter: CH, Cheth, HB:Ch, 18. TH, Teth, HB:T, 19.  TZ, Tzaddi, HB:Tz, 28.  SH, Shin, HB:Sh, 31.
   There are no perfect equivalents for the English vowels: A, E, I, O, U.  Where "E" appears, the letter may be left out in Hebrew.  Where the other vowels appear, the above transliterations may be used or the letter may be left out.  For a more detailed list of transliterations from English to Hebrew, see "Thelema Lodge Calendar", December 1986 e.v.


   The simplest and, in some senses, the most powerful of the words of power are the words of ONE LETTER.  English is relatively poor in such words, "I" and "A" are about all.  Each of the twenty-two Hebrew letters may be used as a separate symbol, and several are used as particles (short words added to other words to change their meanings).  The individual letters may be used to good effect in ritual.  Some rituals, such as the projection of the Cube of Space and part of the projection of the Tree of Life, may be constructed entirely of spoken letter names.  Each of the twenty-two Hebrew letters is associated to one of the Major Tarot cards; and the pictures on the corresponding Tarot cards may, in some applications, be used as images for the letters (see "Magical Correspondences" page 3).  Many other correspondences to the letters are also helpful, especially the Astrological.
   Next come the TWO LETTER words.  In Hebrew there are 231 possible two letter "gates".  Each of these possesses a particular significance.  Many are actual words in the language with dictionary definitions.  Some have no dictionary definitions and must be defined by the symbolism of their component letters.  Actually, there are 462 different words of two different letters each possible in Hebrew, but it is customary to consider two words composed of the same letters as one "gate".  Suffice it to say that there are 231 combinations of two letters each that can be made from the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew language.  These are the "Gates of the Sepher Yetzirah"."  The most notable examples for our immediate consideration are:
                    Ab, HB:AB --  Father.
                    Ben, HB:BN --  Son.
                    Shem, HB:ShM --  Name.
                    Ath, HB:ATh --  Thou (first and last letters).
                    Me, HB:MY --  Who.
                    Mah, HB:MH --  What.
All 231 have particular power and force.
   The THREE LETTER words may be thought of as combinations of two letter words with single letters inserted in the center.  These three letter words may be studied letter by letter, and they also have the significance that the first letter means "beginning or thesis" the second letter means "middle or antithesis" and the last letter means "synthesis or conclusion".  This will be dealt with at greater length later.  some important three letter names or words are:
                    Ama, HB:AMA --  "Sterile Mother."
                    IAO, Iota-Alpha-Omega, LVX and others.
   FOUR LETTER words are referred to the four elements, letter by letter (see "Magical Correspondences" pages 6 and 7).
   FIVE LETTER words are referred to the four elements and spirit (Ibid, pages 12-13).



1. Words may be looked up in a Dictionary:
        HB:YHVH = "He/She is" or "He/She causes to be".

2. Words may be compared to other words:
       HB:YHVH compared to HB:AHYH.
           HB:Y --  HB:A
           HB:H --  HB:H       HB:A instead of HB:Y
           HB:V --  HB:Y       HB:Y instead of HB:V
           HB:H --  HB:H
    HB:AHYH signifies "I am"
    HB:YHVH signifies "He/She is".
   Therefore HB:AH is a more direct expression of being than HB:YH or HB:VH.
                    .HB:A unformed being.
               HB:AHYH-:HB:H forming force.
                      .:HB:Y partly formed being.
               HB:YHVH::HB:H forming force
                      : HB:V more completely
                      . HB:H formed being.

3. Words may be analyzed letter-by-letter through correspondences:

           HB:Y --  The Hermit
           HB:H --  The Emperor or The Star              see
           HB:V --  The Hierophant                       page 3,
           HB:H --  The Emperor or The Star              Tarot.
    HB:YHVH is the secret force (Hermit) entering the organizing of forms (Emperor) to teach the true nature (Hierophant) of the order of creation (Emperor).
   or, using Crowley's correspondence between HB:H and The Star Trump:
    HB:YHVH is the secret force (Hermit) entering the totality of the creation (Star) to inform (Hierophant) all that exists (Star).


           HB:Y --  Hand
           HB:H --  Window            see
           HB:V --  Nail              page 1
           HB:H --  Window
    HB:YHVH is a reaching into true vision to establish a vision of truth.

           HB:Y --  Virgo
           HB:H --  Aries                 see
           HB:V --  Taurus                 page 4.
           HB:H --  Aries
    HB:YHVH is a quiet harmony established through will in power and firmness and perpetuated by will.

   The same thing may be done for the color correspondences on pages 8-11, but reactions to colors tend to be somewhat different for different people.
           HB:Y --  Greenish Yellow
           HB:H --  Scarlet
           HB:V --  Red Orange
           HB:H --  Scarlet
    HB:YHVH is a living mist inflamed into a glowing fire.
    An existence is acted upon to make it more active.

   The shapes of the letters may suggest ideas to the mind:
           HB:Y --  a flame or a sperm cell.
           HB:H --  a man united with a woman.
           HB:V --  the erect phallus.
           HB:H --  union results in pregnancy.
    HB:YHVH is like a fruitful sexual union.


4. In some cases, traditional meanings are given to the letters of a particular word in addition to the regular ones found in tables of correspondences.  This is the case with HB:YHVH.
   HB:Y --  Father -- -- Red -- --  Atziluth --  Fire
   HB:H --  Mother -- -- Blue -- -- Briah -- --  Water
   HB:V --  Son -- -- -- Yellow --  Yetzirah --  Air
   HB:H --  Daughter --  Black -- - Assiah -- -- Earth
    Such traditional meanings may summarize the findings of Gematria (the number 52 is informative for HB:YHVH, see below), standard correspondences to a fixed number of letters (any words having the same number of letters may be matched to the same set), or the results of a unique meditation.

5. Words may be analyzed by Gematria:
          HB:YHVH -- -- -- -> HB:Y = 10
                              HB:H =  5           see page 3,
                              HB:V =  6           column CLXXVI.
                              HB:H =  5
              10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26
              Therefore HB:YHVH = 26.
    Some other words which total to 26 are:
      HB:ChVZH = 5 + 7 + 6 + 8 = 26; seeing, looking at
      HB:ChZVH = sight, vision
      HB:HChBYA = to hide, conceal
      HB:VDVY = confession
      HB:ZVGY = dual
      ... and many more.
    Thus, HB:YHVH is the vision of concealed duality.  this justifies viewing HB:YHVH as composed of "male" and "female" letters.  HB:YHVH is the word which joins the creator to the created, spirit to matter, man to woman, plan to action and so on.

PAGES 21-24

    The numbers of the middle column of the Tree of Life add to 26 = 1 + 6 + 9 + 10.  this affirms the purpose of the middle pillar of the Tree to be that of HB:YHVH, to join two opposites together by the most direct route.  The name HB:YHVH is associated with the Tree of Life diagram in several other ways.

    The letter names of HB:YHVH may be added up to give another number for this word, see page 1, column II:
           HB:Y = Yod = HB:YVD = 20
           HB:H = Heh = HB:HH  = 10
           HB:V = Vau = HB:VV  = 12
           HB:H = Heh = HB:HH  = 10
                         TOTAL   52

    Other words which total 52 include:
     HB:ABA VAMA; Father and Mother.
         HB:AYMA; Fertile Mother.
          HB:BKL; in all Things.
           HB:BN; Son.

    There are yet other ways to spell the letters (such as Heh = HB:HA = 6 instead of HB:HH = 10) which give still more numbers.

6. Words may be analyzed by Notariqon:
  HB:MY Ya'aLH LNV HShMYMH, meaning: "Who shall go up for us to Heaven."
      |      |   |       |
   HB:Y   HB:H HB:V   HB:H or HB:YHVH
  (This Notariqon uses the last letters of each of these four Hebrew words. If the initial letters are used instead, the resulting Hebrew four letter word signifies "circumcision".  Ouch!  This double Notariqon is noted by Ginsburg in his "The Kabbalah" as an argument for the divine ordination of the practice of mutilating babies.  It should be remarked that ideas obtained need not always militate toward physical practices!  It is perfectly valid to treat this as a metaphor for a mental practice.  In Qabalah, that would be interpreting the information on a Yetziratic level instead of an Assiatic one.)

7. More complex methods:  All or part of the above techniques may be combined and used with a more elaborate pattern or system.  An example of this sort of thing is the study of the "Twelve Banners of HB:YHVH".  The name HB:YHVH is composed of three different letters, two of which are repeated.  It is possible to rearrange the letters of HB:YHVH into twelve different orders, or permutations.  These may then be associated with other groups of twelve things: the signs of the Zodiac, the Tribes of Israel, the categories of Aristotle, &c.  For this example, the Twelve Banners of HB:YHVH are linked to the signs of the Zodiac, and the results are examined in the light of one of the "traditional" sets of correspondences to HB:YHVH mentioned on the top of page 20.  The order of the banners or permutations of HB:YHVH is important.  The method is to start with the usual form of the name and then to get a second form by switching the last two letters about.  The third banner is obtained from the second by switching the fourth and second letters.  The fourth is obtained from the third by switching the last and first letters.  The fifth is obtained from the fourth by switching the last two letters about.  The rest are obtained by a repetition of the same series of operations.  The twelfth banner automatically is changed by this process into the first, and the whole thing repeats in a regular cycle of such permutations --  this is also the nature of the annual cycle of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Aries -- -- --  HB:YHVH --  EarthAirWaterFire --  fire on water, air on earth.
Taurus -- -- -- HB:YHHV --  AirEarthWaterFire --  fire on water, earth on air.
Gemini -- -- -- HB:YVHH --  WaterEarthAirFire --  fire on air, earth on water.
Cancer -- -- -- HB:HVHY --  FireEarthAirWater --  water on air, earth on fire.
Leo -- -- -- -- HB:HVYH --  EarthFireAirWater --  water on air, fire on earth.
Virgo -- -- --  HB:HHYV --  AirFireEarthWater --  water on earth, fire on air.
Libra -- -- --  HB:VHYH --  WaterFireEarthAir --  air on earth, fire on water.
Scorpio -- -- - HB:VHHY --  FireWaterEarthAir --  air on earth, water on fire.
Sagittarius --  HB:VYHH --  EarthWaterFireAir --  air on fire, water on earth.
Capricorn -- -- HB:HYHV --  AirWaterFireEarth --  earth on fire, water on air.
Aquarius -- --  HB:HYVH --  WaterAirFireEarth --  earth on fire, air on water.
Pisces -- -- -- HB:HHVY --  FireAirWaterEarth --  earth on water, air on fire.

Aries --  Harmony of actives (fire and air) on passives (water and earth).
      Fire leads --  this is the first of the fire signs of the Zodiac.

Taurus --  Still harmonious in combination, but now the earth is raised above
      the air --  as by the churning of the ground by the Taurian Bull.  -- 
      first earth sign.

Gemini --  The actives isolated from the passives.  Air is advanced --  the
      first air sign.

Cancer --  Actives and passives are mixed, but water leads --  the first
      water sign.

Leo --  Again actives and passives are mixed, but this time fire scorches
      earth -- the second fire sign.

Virgo --  Actives and passives are isolated.  Earth advances in the second
      earth sign.

Libra --  A harmonious mixture of actives and passives.  The reversal of the
      two pairs of Aries.  Air advances in the second air sign.  The harmony
      of the beginning is shifted to produce a return to beginning.

Scorpio --  Actives and passives are mixed to counterbalance Taurus, but now
      water is advanced --  second water sign.

Sagittarius --  Actives and passives separated.  Fire advanced --  third fire

Capricorn --  Earth leads and actives are mixed with passives --  third earth

Aquarius --  Actives and passives mixed, air advances --  third air sign.

Pisces --  Actives and passives separated, water advanced --  third water

       Cardinal Quadruplicity: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn.
            In each case the Actives and Passives are mixed.  The order is
            the same in each, only the starting point is different.
                          Aries -- -- - HB:YHVH
                          Cancer -- --  HB:HVHY
                          Libra -- -- - HB:VHYH
                          Capricorn --  HB:HYHV

       Fixed Quadruplicity: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius.
            In each case the Actives are mixed with the Passives, but the
            order is different from the Cardinals.
                          Taurus -- -- HB:YHHV
                          Leo -- -- -- HB:HVYH
                          Scorpio -- - HB:VHHY
                          Aquarius --  HB:HYVH

       Mutable Quadruplicity: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces
            In each case the Actives are separated from the Passives; a
            different order is seen in each.
                          Gemini -- -- -- HB:YVHH
                          Virgo -- -- --  HB:HHYV
                          Sagittarius --  HB:VYHH
                          Pisces -- -- -- HB:HHVY

    Note that if the banners of HB:YHVH be read as vertical columns in each group of Quadruplicities, the name HB:YHVH will be spelled out in the first of the four columns (from the right) and the remaining columns will cycle through the letters of HB:YHVH in that same order.

       The Fire Triplicity: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius.
    The elements of Fire (HB:Y), Water (HB:H) and Air (HB:V) cycle, but Earth
            (HB:H) does not.
                          Aries -- -- --  HB:YHVH
                          Leo -- -- -- -- HB:HVYH
                          Sagittarius --  HB:VYHH

       The Earth Triplicity: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn.
            Air (HB:V) is fixed and the other elements cycle.
                          Taurus -- --  HB:YHHV
                          Virgo -- -- - HB:HHYV
                          Capricorn --  HB:HYHV

       The Air Triplicity: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.
            Water (HB:H) is fixed and the other elements cycle.
                          Gemini -- -- HB:YVHH
                          Libra -- --  HB:VHYH
                          Aquarius --  HB:HYVH

       The Water Triplicity: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces.
            Fire (HB:Y) is fixed and the other elements cycle.
                          Cancer -- - HB:HVHY
                          Scorpio --  HB:VHHY
                          Pisces -- - HB:HHVY

   For a more extensive discussion of the Banners, see "Notes on Liber 777", "O.T.O. Newsletter", Vol. III, No. 9, August 1979 e.v., pp.34-44.  The article also presents an analysis of variations in the order of the banners in different sources, including the one in Crowley's "777", and examples of Noteriquon for each of the Banners.


   Many of the above techniques can be applied with success on names like:
                      HB:AHYH -- -- Eheieh
                      HB:ADNY -- -- Adonai
                      HB:AGLA -- -- Agla
                      HB:YHShVH --  Jeshuah
        ... or any of the Hebrew names given in these correspondences.

   These techniques produce results on any word, but it's easier to start with something having a known connection to occultism.
   It may seem that the work on HB:YHVH has produced many results, but the surface has been merely scratched.  Words like HB:BRAShYTh, B'rashit (first word of the Old Testament) have been studied in this fashion for several thousand years and new result keep coming.  Each new meaning which supports or expands previously known meanings adds confidence to the use of the word and greater force in ritual.

ADDITIONAL CORRESPONDENCES: KEY NUMBERS 1-10, 12, 13, 14, 21, 27, 30 & 32.

   The tables of correspondences which follow on the next few pages list various names which may be associated with the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.  These also correspond to the seven ancient planets and are intended for use in design of rituals for the planets.  Such rituals commonly take the form of invocation of a high-level planetary force, such as the "Divine" or "Archangelic" ruler of the planet, and direction of the lower-level planetary forces through evocation.  The high-level forces correspond to abstract and mystical qualities (the positive or "good" aspects) associated with the planets.  The lower-level planetary forces represent more concrete and more physical qualities associated with the planets (neutral and negative or "amoral" and "evil" aspects).


   Correspondences to the four elements.


   Correspondences to the twelve signs of the Zodiac.


ADDITIONAL CORRESPONDENCES: KEY NUMBERS 1-10, 12, 13, 14, 21, 27, 30 & 32.


Key      Name in   English           Approx. English         Sephira
Number:  Hebrew:   Pronunciation:    Meaning:                & Planet:

1        HB:AHYH   Eheieh            I Exist!                Kether <1>

2        HB:YH     Yah               He/She Exists!          Chokmah <2>

3.   HB:YHVH ALHYM Jehovah Elohim    He/She exists as the    Binah Saturn
                                     Male & Female Deities!

4.       HB:AL     El                He is Mighty!           Chesed Jupiter

5.  HB:ALHYM GBVR  Elohim Gibor      The Male and Female     Geburah Mars
                                     Gods are Mighty!

6. HB:ALVH VDa'aTh Eloah va-Da'at    God (male) & Knowledge  Tipheret Sun <3>

7. HB:YHVH TzBAVTh Yahweh Tzabaoth   He/She is Splendour     Netzach Venus

8. HB:ALHYM TzBAVTh Elohim Tzabaoth  The Male & Female       Hod Mercury
                                     Deities are Splendour!

9. HB:ShDY AL ChY  Shaddai El Chai   Almight God Lives       Yesod Moon

10.   HB:ADNY MLK  Adonai Melekh     Lord King               Malkut Earth
           or           or
    HB:ADNY HARTz  Adonai Ha-Aretz   Lord of the Earth

   The Divine Names represent the Atziluth level (see page 7), the level of highest abstraction and greatest spirituality.  The Names themselves, as spoken words, belong, as do all sounds, to the Assiah level, the level of lowest abstraction and greatest materiality.  These Divine Names are to be found in the Old Testament and are allocated to the Sephiroth in the "Sepher Ha-Zohar" --  thus they form a system at least as old as the 13th century.

        <<1>>  EXOD. III, 4
        <<2>>  ISA, XXVI,4
        <<3>>  Variations: HB:YHVH ALVH VDa'aTh --  Jehovah Eloah va-Da'at -- 
          He is God and Knowledge
            Ginsburg in "The Kabbalah", p. 91, has HB:ALH in place of HB:ALVH.

PAGES 27-28


Key      Name in   English           Approx. English         Sephira
Number:  Hebrew:   Pronunciation:    Meaning:                & Planet:

1        HB:MTTRVN Metatron        "Beyond the Thrones"    Kether <4>
    (GR:Mu-epsilon-tau-alpha  Theta-rho-omicron-nu-omicron-nu)
(see note below)

2        HB:RZYAL   Ratziel         Secret of God.          Chokmah

3.       HB:TzPQYAL Tzaphqiel       Contemplation of God    Binah Saturn
                                    Hidden Voice of God

4.       HB:TzDQYAL Tzadqiel        Righteousness of God    Chesed Jupiter <5>

5.       HB:KMAL    Kamael          Longing of God          Geburah Mars

6.       HB:RPAL    Raphael         Healing of God          Tipheret Sun

7.       HB:HANYAL  Haniel          Ship of God             Netzach Venus <6>

8.       HB:MYKAL   Michael         Like God                Hod Mercury

9.       HB:GBRYAL  Gabriel         Mighty One of God       Yesod Moon

10.      HB:MTTRVN  Metatron          (see note and Key-1)    Malkut Earth
          and        and                  and
         HB:SNDLPVN Sandalphon        (Prob. not Heb. orig.)
     ( GR:sigma-upsilon-nu-alpha-delta-epsilon-lambda-phi-omicron-sigma)
                                       (If Greek, "Twin")
          and        and                  and
     HB:NPSh HMShYH Nephesch          Soul of the Redeemer

        <<4>>  See Ginsburg, "op cit", p. 109 and Pick, p.25.
        <<5>>  HB:TzDQ ='s Jupiter.
        <<6>>  If spelled HB:ChNYAL, it would signify "Favor of God". Although
          this is not a valid spelling, it may reflect a literary device or
          visual punning.

   The Archangelic names represent the Briah level (see page 7), the level of pure mental operation.  The Archangels are the "architects" or creation and creative activity.  Although all of these names are of great antiquity (most if not all antedate Christianity), the particular order of the names varies from source to source.  The order of Archangelic names presented above for the planets from Saturn to the Moon is found in "Calendarium Naturale Magicum ...", attributed to Tycho Brahe, 1582.  Tycho Brahe was the astronomer who provided Kepler with data for his theories of the motions of the planets.  Kepler was the most renown astrologer and mathematical astronomer of his day.  The work that Kepler began under the direction of Brahe resulted in a mathematical theory of planetary motion that was later used by Issac Newton in his mathematical Theory of Gravitation.  The same order of Archangelic names may have been known by Peter di Abano in the twelfth century.
   The names corresponding to Key numbers 1, 2 and 10 are mostly known from the so-called books of Enoch and the Zohar.  Many of the other names are found in those sources as well.  The detailed notes follow:

   Metatron --  Exact meaning of the name is unknown.  In addition to the meaning given above, others are: "guide" or "Measurer", "one who occupies the throne next to God", and various other names that are pure guesses.  This name should be studied extensively by the methods outlined between pages 18 and 25 of these "Correspondences".  The allocation of the Archangel Metatron to the first and last place is taken directly from the "Zohar".  Metatron is said to be the one who stands directly before the face of God with no other between.  Enoch 3 says that Metatron was incarnated on earth in the body of the prophet Enoch "who walked with God and is no more."

   Haniel --  many different spellings for this name exist both in Hebrew and in other languages.  Some say that the name means "the grace of God".

   Raphael and Michael --  these names are often reversed in their order.  They are very commonly used for angels as well as archangels.  This has caused a confusion concerning the attributions.  The attribution given here is the oldest known to the author of these "Correspondences".

   Sandalphon and Metatron -- these names probably originate from Greek or Latin and were only transliterated into Hebrew.  This accounts for some of the confusion about their meanings.  These two are often taken to be twin Archangels who guard the throne of God together and who work in the world together.  Metatron is sometimes taken as male and Sandalphon Female.  At other times they are called brothers.

PAGES 29-32


Key      Name in   English           Approx. English         Sephira
Number:  Hebrew:   Pronunciation:    Meaning:                & Planet:

1  HB:ChYVTh HQDSh Chioth Ha Qadesh  The Living Holy One     Kether
                                     The Holy Living

2      HB:APNYM    Auphanim          The Wheels, or          Chokmah <7>
                                     The Spinning Ones

3.    HB:ARALYM    Aralim            The Mighty Ones         Binah Saturn <8>

4.   HB:ChShMLM    Chashmalim        The Shining Ones.       Chesed Jupiter

5.    HB:ShRPYM    Seraphim          The burning Ones, or    Geburah Mars
                                     The Exalted Ones

6.    HB:MLKYM     Melakim           The Kings.              Tipheret Sun <9>
            or        or                  or
     HB:ShNANYM    Shinanim          The Multiplying ones,
                                     or The Thousands

7.    HB:ALHYM     Elohim            The Deities             Netzach Venus
           or        or                 or
  HB:ThRShYShYM    Tharshisim        "The Ships"

8. HB:BNY ALHYM    Beni Elohim       The Sons of the Gods    Hod Mercury

9.    HB:KRVBYM    Kerubim           The Cherubs (see note)  Yesod Moon <10>

10.   HB:AShYM     Aishim            The Fires, or           Malkut Earth <11>
                                     The Flames, or
                                     The Foundations, or
                                     The Existent Ones

     <<7>>  The Hebrew spelling given here is from Ginsburg, "op. cit", p. 90.
          This name is sometimes spelled HB:AVPNYM.
     <<8>>  Regardie gives this spelling, as does Ginsburg "op cit", p. 90.
          Kircher in Od. AE gives HB:ARLYM
     <<9>> Regardie and Kircher both give: HB:MLAKYM
    <<10>> Ginsburg "op cit" disagrees on p. 92 with Ishim (HB:AShYM).
    <<11>> Ibid, prefers Cherubim.

   The Angelic Orders represent the Yetzirah level of beginning of action and of feelings and moralities.  The angels are the workers of creation, the individual forces and actions necessary to produce the world.  These names are found in the Old Testament, but not always as names of angelic orders.  The notes to this page will be found on page 31.  Page 30 gives an alternate list.


Key      English           General Purpose and Function:       Sephira
Number:  Pronunciation:                                        & Planet:

1        Seraphim          These burn away all that            Kether
                           separates man from God

2        Cherubim          These illuminate the soul and       Chokmah
                           unite it with the Divine Wisdom

3.       Thrones           These raise up the soul and         Binah Saturn
                           establish it in the service of
                           the Divine.

4.       Dominions         These bestow order and justice      Chesed Jupiter

5.       Virtues           these bestow grace and valour       Geburah Mars

6.       Powers            These aid the human mind to break   Tipheret Sun
                           free of the forces that draw man
                           to earthly thoughts

7.       Principalities    These aid men to turn toward the    Netzach Venus
                           Divine service and away from
                           the earth.

8.       Archangels        These teach the soul to enable      Hod Mercury
                           it to learn about itself and
                           about spiritual things.

9.       Angels            These minister to man and purify    Yesod Moon
                           and uplift the things of Nature

10.      Men               This is mankind, in possession      Malkut Earth
                           of the Earth

   These "Celestial Hierarchies" are the basis for most Christian mysticism concerning beings intermediate between man and "God".  This list has been the accepted version of angelology for more than a thousand years in the western Christian churches.  Dionysius was thought to be a disciple of St. Paul during the middle ages, although this is no longer believed.  The "Celestial Hierarchies" is properly a list of all beings between Man and God, rather than just a list of a certain group of them.  Nonetheless, this list is often taken to be the same in meaning as the one given on page 29.  Dionysius called all these beings "Angels", including Men.


Chioth Ha-Qadesh.  These are often identified with the Kerubim of the vision of Ezekiel, Ezekiel I, 1-14: "And I looked, and behold, a stormy wind came out of the north, a great cloud, with a fire flashing up, so that a brightness was round about it; and out of the midst thereof as the color of electrum, out of the midst of the fire.  And out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures.  And this was their appearance: they had the likeness of a man.  And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot; and they sparkled like the color of burnished brass.  And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and as for the faces and wings of them four, their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went everyone straight forward.  As for the likeness of their faces, they had the face of a man; and they four had the face of a lion on the right side; and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; and they four had also the face of an eagle.  Thus were their faces; and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies.  And they went every one straight forward; wither the spirit was to go, they went; they turned not when they went.  As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like coals of fire, burning like the appearance of torches; it flashed up and down among the living creatures; and there was brightness to the fire, and out of the fire went forth lightning.  And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lighting."

Auphanim.  Ezekiel I, 15-19: "Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel at the bottom hard by the living creatures, at the four faces thereof.  The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the color of a beryl; and they four had one likeness; and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel within a wheel.  When they went, they went toward their four sides; they turned not when they went.  As for their rings, they were high and they were dreadful; and they four had their rings full of eyes round about.  And when the living creatures went, the wheels went hard by them; and when the living creatures were lifted up from the bottom, the wheels were lifted up."

Aralim.  Isiah XXXIII, 7: "Behold their valiant ones cry without; the ambassadors of peace weep bitterly."

Chashmalim.  Also Ezekiel I, 3 and 13.  See above.

Seraphim.  Isaiah VI, 6: "Then flew unto me one of the seraphim, with a glowing stone in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar."

Melakim.  The word "King" is used in many places in the Bible.

Shinanim.  Psalm 68 (In Catholic Bibles 67), 10: "The chariots of God are myriads, even thousands upon thousands; the Lord is among them, as in Sinai, in holiness.

Elohim.  A very commonly used name for the creator and his forces in the Bible.

Tharshisim.  Literally the "ships of Tarshish".  Isaiah, II, 16:  "And upon all the ships of Tarshish, and upon all delightful imagery." See also Isaiah XXIII, 1.  Mathers copies Ginsburg's "The Kabbalah" with a reference to Daniel X,6 for this angelic order, but all that is found there is a description of an angel.

Beni Elohim.  Genesis VI, 1-4: "And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and the daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives, whomsoever they chose.  And the Lord said: 'My spirit shall not abide in man for ever, for that he also is flesh; therefore shall his days be a hundred and twenty years.'  The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown."

Kerubim or Cherubim.  These are often identified with the Chioth Ha Qadesh of Ezekiel, much as Metatron is said to be both the archangel of Kether and of Malkuth.  The Kerubim are the guardians of the Ark of the Covenant, and are also the great human headed bulls that have been excavated in archaeological exploration in the Biblical lands.  The Kerubim may be the title of the angelic order of Malkuth rather than that of Yesod.  This last point is a matter of some confusion.

Aishim.  Psalm 104, 4:  "Who makest winds Thy messengers, the flaming fire Thy ministers."  The name may belong to Yesod (as "The foundations") rather than to Malkuth.

THE SPHERES OF THE PLANETS: These are listed on page 4, key numbers 1 though 10,.  The Spheres of the planets represent the actual material forms and the forces that directly manipulate them in the Assiah level.



Key      Name in     English           Approx. English         Planet:
Number:  Hebrew:     Pronunciation:    Meaning:

3 & 32.  (see note)  Cassiel           (see note)              Saturn Saturn

4 & 21.  (see note)  Sachiel           (see note)              Jupiter

5 & 27.  HB:SMAL     Samael            Spice of God            Mars

6 & 30.  HB:MYKAL    Michael           Like God                Sun

7 & 14.  HB:ANYAL    Anael             Ship of God             Venus

8 & 12.  HB:RPAL     Raphael           Healing of God          Mercury

9 & 13.  HB:GBRYAL   Gabriel           Mighty One of God       Moon

   These angelic names are very much subject to dispute.  The are found in various spellings in the sixteenth century literature, usually without a clue to the Hebrew spelling.  The placement of these angels is probably best left to Assiah, but caution is recommended in their use.  The first three are sometimes taken as Demonic names, especially Samael.  Although the last four names are much like the names of archangels (see page 27) they should not be considered to be such.  This list is probably related to the one on page 27, but it has been used for lower purposes than that earlier list.  Where a name is found to be on more than one list, it should not be assumed to be the same entity or concept on both lists.

Cassiel.  No Hebrew known at this writing.  May be HB:ChZAL, "God sees" or HB:KSAL, "God's Throne".  An illustration in Barrett's "Magus" shows a demon riding a dragon corresponding to Saturn and this name.  HB:KShYAL?

Sachiel.  No Hebrew known at this writing.  May be HB:ZChHAL, "Pure One of God", HB:SKAL, "Tabernacle of God", HB:SKHAL, "Arbor of God" or "Tent of God", HB:ShChAL, "Thought of God", or HB:ShKHAL, The Pouring Forth of the Seminal Emission of God."  Sometimes also spelled "Zachauel."  HB:SChYAL?

Samael.  Possibly the Devil in Hebrew literature, depending on exact Hebrew spelling --  see below.  As associated with Mars, this name may merely indicate God as wrathful.  Other versions are Samuel (closer this this Hebrew version) and Zamael.

Michael and Raphael.  These are in reverse order from the identical names on the list of Archangels.  Lists showing the same reversal for Archangels and Angels are found in 16th century MSS.

Anael.  Assumed to be the same as Aniel and practically the same as Haniel --  as a name, different significance in the lists.



Key      Name in      English           Approx. English         Planet:
Number:  Hebrew:      Pronunciation:    Meaning:

3 & 32.  HB:AGYAL     Agiel             Flee from God           Saturn

4 & 21.  HB:YVPAL     Iopiel            Beauty of god.          Jupiter

5 & 27.  HB:GRAPYAL   Graphiel          "Might of God" (?)      Mars

6 & 30.  HB:NKYAL     Nakhiel           Smiting of God          Sun

7 & 14.  HB:HGYAL     Hagiel            Cutting of God          Venus

8 & 12.  HB:TYRYAL    Tiriel            Wall of God             Mercury

9 & 13.  HB:MLKH      Malkah            Bride, or Queen         Moon

   These "Intelligences" are somewhat more violent in their natures than the names which have been seen up to this point.  They border on the Demonic, but seem to keep mostly to the higher side of that border.  The "Spirits" which follow on the next page were held by the Golden Dawn to be just to the lower side of that disturbing border.  Neither the Intelligences or the Spirits should be used for serious ritual unless the need is very great and the preparations have been quite carefully made.  This point marks the borderline between the higher mind and the subconscious.  It is not wise to enter deeply in this area without supervision.  The will is easily overthrown at times in this level of work. This is dangerous.  Don't work this material into ritual unless you have someone by to watch in case of need.
   The name "Malkah" is often extended by several additional descriptive words<>, but this is unnecessary.  This name is also applied to Malkuth in some studies of the Tree of Life, where it is intended to represent a metaphor related to the Tetragrammaton.
   These names seem to have been known since the 12th century.



Key      Name in      English           Approx. English         Planet:
Number:  Hebrew:      Pronunciation:    Meaning:

3 & 32.  HB:ZZAL or   Zaziel            Destroyer               Saturn

4 & 21.  HB:HSMAL     Hismael           The Spice of God, or    Jupiter
                                        The Likeness of God, or
                                        The Poison of God

5 & 27. HB:BRTzBAL or Bartzabel         Solder of God, or       Mars
        HB:BRTzABAL                     Son of God's Army

6 & 30.  HB:SVRTh     Sorath            The Banished, or        Sun
                                        The Turned Away

7 & 14.  HB:QDMAL     Kedemel           The Early God, or       Venus
                                        The God Before

8 & 12.HB:ThPThRThRTh Taphtartarat      Violently Spat Upon,    Mercury
                                        or Violently Spitting

9 & 13.  HB:ShD       Schad Barschemot  Demon Son of the Fame   Moon<13>
         BRShMa'aTh   Ha-Shartatan      of the Serving Ones

        <<13>> This is all one Hebrew name.  Spelling tends to vary, and some
          sources add HB:HShMVDAY, Ha-Schemodaei, the Chief of the demons in
          the Talmudic legend of Solomon.  This name is often rendered
          "Asmodaeus" in the West, and as "Iblis" among Islam.

   These "Spirits" are quite a bit more than just questionable, as can be seen by their names.  The source of these names is probably prior to the 12th century.  Their use on talismans is common.  It is by no means clear which is lower, Spirits or Intelligences; but both are often used in the same places.  Most writers consider the Spirits to be Demonic, even if only the lesser demons.  This places these "Spirits" among the less dangerous of the Qliphot, HB:QL-PVTh, the "Shells" or demonic waste matter of the Assiah world.  There are several seals drawn alphabetically from the names of these "Spirits".



Key      Name in   English           Approx. English         Sephira
Number:  Hebrew:   Pronunciation:    Meaning:                & Planet:

1     HB:ThAMAL or   Thamiel           Duality in God          Kether

2     HB:ChGAYDAL or Chaigidel         Confusion of the        Chokmah
      HB:a'aVGYAL                      Power of God

3.    HB:SThRAL or   Sathariel         Concealment of God      Binah Saturn

4.    HB:GMChKVTh or Gamchicoth        Devourers               Chesed Jupiter

5.    HB:GVLAB or    Golab             Burning Bodies          Geburah Mars

6.    HB:ThVGRYRYM or Togaririm(n)     Those Who Bellow Grief  Tipheret Sun
      HB:ThGRYRVN                      and Tears

7. HB:Ha'aRB ShRPAL or Harab Serapel   Ravens of the Burning   Netzach Venus
    HB:a'aRB ZRQ                       of God

8.    HB:ShMAL or    Samael            The Desolation of God,  Hod Mercury
      HB:SMAL                          or The Left Hand

9.    HB:GMLYAL      Gamaliel          Polluted of God         Yesod Moon

10.   HB:NAMVTh      Nehemoth          Whisperers              Malkut Earth
            or       or                  or
      HB:LYLYTh      Lilith            Night Spector

   The Hebrew spellings in the above are mostly reconstructions with alternatives.  Nonetheless, it is believed that the majority of the above are at least suitable if not perfect.
   These names are sometimes called the "adverse Sephiroth" instead of the Demonic Orders.  A.E. Waite makes this later point in his "Holy Kabbalah", page 256.  As "adverse Sephiroth", these names would simply refer to the negative or destructive opposites of the regular Sephiroth Kether through Malkuth.
   As Demonic Orders, these names refer to the Assiah Qliphoth.  They are to be treated as lower and more dangerous than the Spirits of the planets.  Visualizations of such things would involve "moaning and groaning specters of nature in half-human forms dimly seen", and such doubtful stuff.



Thamiel.  Thamiel represents duality whereas Kether represents unity.  Thus Thamiel is the division of that which is perfect only in unity.  As a demonic order name, the Thamiel were the HB:ThMAL before their "revolt".  HB:ThMAL signifies, "Perfection of God".  These angels sought to become more powerful by adding an Aleph to their name.  They then became the HB:ThAMAL, "Duality of God", an order of the lesser demons.  In the lowest state of their "fall", they become the HB:TMAAL, "the Polluted of God".
   The cortex or outer form of the Thamiel is called Cathariel, HB:ChThAVRAL, "the Broken" or "Fearful Light of God".

Chaigidel.  These are the confusion of that great power which, as Chokmah, goes forth at the beginning to give the vital energy of creation to the processes of Binah.  The cortex of the Chaigidel is called Ghogiel, HB:GChGYAL, "Those Who Go Forth into the Place Empty of God".

Sathariel.  Even as Binah is the great revealing one who bestows the structure of the Absolute onto the created, its opposite, the Sathariel, conceal the nature of The Perfect.  The cortex or outer form of the Sathariel is called the order of Sheireil, HB:Sha'aYRAL, "The Hairy Ones of God".

Gamchicoth.  Chesed is the source of bounty both in idea and in substance to the lower forms.  Gamchicoth is the order of "Devourers" who seek to waste the substance and thought of creation.  The outer form is the order 
of Azariel, HB:AZRYAL, "The Binding Ones of God".

Golab.  Geburah is a going forth in power to rule in strength.  The order of Golab is composed of those who burn to do destruction --  even on themselves.  The outer form is the Usiel, HB:AShYAL, "The Ruins of God".

Togaririm.  Tiphereth is the place of great beauty and rejoicing.  The Togaririm build ugliness and groan about it.  The cortex of the Togaririm is called the Zomiel, HB:ZMHAL, "The Revolt of God".

Harab Serapel.  Netzach is the openness of natural love.  The Harab Serapel are the Ravens of Death who reject even their own.  The outer form is Theumiel, HB:TVMAL, "The Fouled Substance of God".

Samael.  Hod is the complex working of the will of the Absolute.  Samael represents the barren desolation of a fallen and failed creation.  The outer form is the Theuniel, HB:TVNAL, "The filthy Wailing Ones of God".

Gamaliel.  Yesod is the place of the final forms that become matter in Malkuth.  The Gamaliel are the Misshapen and polluted images that produce vile results.  The outer form is the order of Ogiel, HB:AGAL, "those Who Flee from God".

Nehemoth.  These are responsible for frightening sounds in strange places.  They excite the mind and cause strange desires.

PAGES 40-45


Key      Name in   English           Approx. English         Sephira
Number:  Hebrew:   Pronunciation:    Meaning:                & Planet:

1.  HB:ShTN VMLK   Satan and Moloch  Adversary and King      Kether

2.  HB:Ba'aLZBVB   Beelzebub         Lord of the Flies       Chokmah
            or        or                    or
    HB:ADM BLYa'aL Adam Belial       Wicked Man

3.         --      Lucifuge          One Who Flees Light     Binah Saturn

4.  HB:a'aShThRTh  Astaroth          One of the Flock        Chesed Jupiter

5.         --      Asmodeus          The Destroying God      Geburah Mars

6.   HB:BLPGR      Belphegor         Lord of the Dead        Tipheret Sun

7.     HB:Ba'aL    Baal              Lord                    Netzach Venus
            or      or                  or
    HB:ThVBL QYN   Tubal Cain        Maker of Sharp Weapons

8.    HB:ADRMMLK   Adrammelech       Powerful King           Hod Mercury

9.    HB:LYLYTh    Lilith            Night Spector           Yesod Moon

10.    HB:NHMH     Nahema            Groaning                Malkut Earth

   The list of demonic orders had some rather unpleasant members, but these are the ultimate of the Assiah Qliphoth.  Most of the names here referred to as "Arch Devils" are either names of old gods (Astarte, Baal, Moloch) that were competitors to the Hebrew Jehovah, or they are traditional night demons and monsters from ancient or later Christian legend (Lilith, Nehema, Asmodeus, Satan, Lucifuge, Belphegor).  A few (Adrammelech, Tubal Cain, Naamah) are the names of people mentioned in the Old Testament.

Satan and Moloch.  Two demons are attributed to the adverse Kether to stress the view that the demonic opposite of Kether is duality instead of unity.  Satan is the most familiar name for the modern devil, although in the Old Testament this name signifies a sort of "Attorney General" for Jehovah rather than any sort of Christian Devil.  Moloch or Malech is the common semitic word for "king".  Baal-Moloch is the name used for the high god generally.  This last name has come to be associated with the god of the Philistines.  Renegade Hebrews are accused in several places in the Old Testament of burning their children alive in sacrifice to Moloch or Melech in a valley near the walls of Jerusalem.  Leviticus: XVIII, 21: "And thou shalt not give any of thy seed to set them apart to Molech (Moloch)..." Leviticus: XX, 2: "Moreover, thou shalt say to the children of Israel: Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones."

Beelzebub.  Both Satan and Beelzebub are mentioned in the New Testament as great rulers of devils and demons (not the modern Christian concept).  One theory states that the name Beelzebub is derived from Siriac words meaning "The Lord of Calumny", but a more probable Siriac derivation is "Bridegroom" or "Lord of the Bride".

Adam Belial.  The name Belial is often used separately as a demonic name.

Lucifuge.  This is a Latin name.  "Lucifuge" is probably a name made up to replace the name "Lucifer", "Light Bearer".  People seemed to be more at home with the idea that the "Devil" flees from light (Lucifuge) rather than with the remembrance that, "before the fall of the angels," he was the bearer of the light before the throne of God (Lucifer).

Astaroth.  This is the name of the goddess Astarte, the Ishtar of the Babylonians and perhaps also the Isis of the Egyptians.  The Hebrews took this name for a word describing idols of female deities, as they also took the word "Baalim" for describing idols of male deities.  First Samuel: VII, 3-4: "And Samuel spoke unto all the house of Israel, saying: 'If ye do return unto the Lord with all your heart, then put away the foreign gods and the Ashtaroth from among you, and direct your hearts unto the Lord and serve Him only; and He will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines.'  Then the children of Israel did put away the Baalim and the Ashtaroth, and served the Lord only."
   Since Astaroth and Ishtar are much the same in older religions, it may be of interest to see an incantation of the goddess Ishtar.  This particular example comes from clay tablets found in the library of the Assyrian king Ashur-banipal (circa. 650 BC).  There is a striking resemblance between this incantation and the Christian prayers to the Virgin Mary.
    "I pray unto thee, lady of ladies, goddess of goddesses!
    O Ishtar, queen of all peoples, directress of mankind!
    O Irnini, thou art raised on high, mistress of the Spirits of heaven;
    Thou art mighty, thou hast sovereign power, exalted in thy name!
    Thou art the light of heaven and earth, O valiant daughter of the Moon-
    Ruler of weapons, arbitress of the battle!
    Framer of all decrees, wearer of the crown of dominion!
    O lady, majestic is thy rank, over all the gods is it exalted!
    Thou art the bestower of strength!
    Thou art strong, O Lady of victory, thou canst violently attain my
    O Gutira, who art girt with battle, who art clothed with terror,
    Thou wieldest the scepter and the decision, the control of earth and
    Holy chambers, shrines, divine dwellings, and temples worship thee!
    Where is thy name not heard?  Where is thy decree not obeyed?
    Where are thine images not made?  Where are thy temples not founded?
    Where art thou not great?  Where art thou not exalted?
    Anu, Bel, and Ea have raised thee on high; among the gods have they
          made great thy dominion;
    They have exalted thee among all the Spirits of heaven, they have made
          thy rank pre-eminent.
    At the thought of thy name the heaven and the earth quake,
    The gods tremble, the Spirits of the earth falter.
    Mankind payeth homage unto thy mighty name,
    For thou art great, and thou art exalted.
    All mankind, the whole human race, boweth down before thy power.
    Thou judgest the cause of men with justice and righteousness;
    Thou lookest with mercy on the violent man, and thou settest right the
          unruly every morning.
    How long wilt thou tarry, O Lady of heaven and earth, shepherdess of
          those that dwell in human habitations?
    How long wilt thou tarry, O lady of the holy E-anna, the pure
    How long wilt thou tarry, O lady, whose feet are unwearied, whose knees
          have not lost their vigor?
    How long wilt thou tarry, O Lady of all fights and of the battle?
    O thou glorious one, that ragest among the Spirits of heaven, that
          subduest angry gods,
    That hast power over all princes, that controllest the scepter of
    That openest the bonds of all handmaids,
    That art raised on high, that art firmly established --  O valiant
          Istar, great is thy might!
    Bright torch of heaven and earth, light of all dwellings,
    Terrible in the fight, one who can not be opposed, strong in the
    O whirlwind, that roarest against the foe and cuttest off the mighty!
    O furious Ishtar, summoner or armies!
    O goddess of men, O goddess of women, thou whose counsel none may
    Where thou lookest in pity, the dead man lives again, the sick is
    The afflicted is saved from his affliction, when he beholdeth thy face!
    I, thy servant, sorrowful, sighing, and in distress cry unto thee,
    Look upon me, O my lady, and accept my supplication,
    Truly pity me, and harken unto my prayer!
    Cry unto me 'It is enough!' and let thy spirit be appeased!
    How long shall my body lament, which is full of restlessness and
    How long shall my heart be afflicted, which is full of sorrow an
    How long shall my omens be grievious in restlessness and confusion?
    How long shall my house be trouble, which mourneth bitterly?
    How long shall my spirit be troubled, which aboundeth in sorrow and
    O ... Irnini, fierce lioness, may thy heart have rest!
    Is anger mercy?  Then let thy spirit be appeased!
    May thine eyes rest with favor upon me;
    With thy glorious regard, truly in mercy look upon me!
    Put an end to the evil bewitchments of my body; let me behold thy clear
    How long, O my lady, shall mine enemies persecute me?
    How long shall they devise evil in rebellion and wickedness,
    And in my pursuits and my pleasures shall they rage against me?
    How long, O my lady, shall the ravenous demon pursue me?
    They have caused me continuous affliction, but I have praised thee.
    The weak have become strong, but I am weak;
    I am sated like a flood which the evil wind maketh to rage.
    My heart hath taken wing, and hath flown away like a bird of the
    I moan like a dove, night and day.
    I am made desolate, and I weep bitterly;
    With grief and woe my spirit is distressed.
    What have I done, O my god and my goddess?
    Is it because I feared not my god or my goddess that trouble hath
          befallen me?
    Sickness, disease, ruin, and destruction are come upon me;
    Troubles, turning away of the countenance, and fullness of anger are my
    And the indignation and the wrath of all gods and men.
    I have beheld, O my lady, slaughter, turmoil, and rebellion.
    Death and misery have made an end of me!
    My need is grievous, grievous is my humiliation;
    Over my house, my gate, and my fields is affliction poured forth.
    As for my god, his face is turned elsewhere;
    My strength is brought to naught, my power is broken!
    But unto thee, O my lady, do I give heed, I have kept thee in my mind!
    Unto thee therefore do I pray, dissolve my ban!
    Dissolve my sin, my iniquity, my transgression, and my offense!
    Forgive my transgression, accept my supplication!
    Secure my deliverance, and let me be loved and carefully tended!
    Guide my footsteps in the light, that among men I may gloriously seek
          my way!
    Say the word, that at thy command my angry god may have mercy,
    And that my goddess, who is wroth, may turn again!
    The darkness hath settled down, so let my brazier be bright;
    Thou art the ruler, let then my torch flame forth!
    May my scattered strength be collected;
    May the fold be wide, and may my pen be bolted fast!
    Receive the abasement of my countenance, give ear unto my prayer,
    Truly pity me, and accept my supplication!
    How long, O my lady, wilt thou rage and thy spirit be full of wrath?
    Incline thy neck, which is turned away from my affairs, and set
          prosperity before thy face;
    As by the solving waters of the river may thine anger be dissolved!
    My mighty foes may I trample like the ground;
    And those who are wroth with me mayest thou force into submission and
          crush beneath my feet!
    Let my prayer and my supplication come unto thee,
    And let thy great mercy be upon me,
    That those who behold me in the street may magnify thy name,
    And that I may glorify thy godhead and thy might before mankind!
    Ishtar is exalted!  Ishtar is queen!
    Irnini, the valiant daughter of the Moon-god, hath not a rival!"

    "Prayer of the Raising of the Hand to Ishtar."

    "This shall thou do ... a green bough shalt thou sprinkle with pure
          water; four bricks from a ruin shalt thou set in place;
    a lamb shalt thou take; with sarbatu-wood shalt thou fill the censer,
          and thou shalt set fire thereto; sweet scented woods, some
          upuntu-plant and some cypresswood.
    shall thou heap up; a drink-offering shalt thou offer, but thou shalt
          not bow thyself down.  This incantation before the goddess Ishtar
    three times shalt thou recite, ... and thou shalt not look behind thee.

    'O exalted Ishtar, that givest light unto the four quarters of the

   The above invocation to Ishtar is from "The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East", Ed. by Charles F. Horne, Vol. I, pp. 422-427.

Asmodeus.  this name is half Hebrew and half Latin.  Asmodeus is often mentioned in the literature of demonology.  The name can also be translated as "The one adorned with fire" and written HB:AShMa'aDY.

Belphegor.  The replacement of Tiphereth, the sphere of the vitalizing Sun, with a place holding Belphegor, the lord of dead bodies, is most striking.

Baal.  A word which means "Lord", much as Adonai means "Lord".  The word "Baal" or "Bel" has become restricted in its usage to signify a "Lord of Darkness" while Adonai has come to signify an alternative name to "Jehovah".  In biblical times, both the words "Baal" and "Adonai" were often incorporated into people's names.  The Old Testament usually uses "Baal" to signify an idol or the god of the Philistines, but the word is also used occasionally where Jehovah or Adonai would seem to be the subject.

Tubal Cain.  This is a descendent of Cain, according to Genesis, IV, 22: "And Zillah, she also bore Tubal-cain, the forger of every cutting instrument of brass and iron; and the sister of Tubal-cain was Naamah."  According to one legend, Tubal Cain made love to his sister Naamah and the demon Asmodeus resulted from the union.  The association of Tubal Cain, the first maker of weapons according to the Old Testament, to the sphere of Mars, the god of war, is a very simple one.

Adrammelech.  This name is found in Second Kings: XVII, 29-31: "Howbeit every nation made gods of their own, and put them in the houses of the high places which the Samaritans had made, every nation in their cities wherein they dwelt.  And the men of Babylon made Succoth-benoth, and the men of Cuth made Nergal, and the men of Hamath made Ashima, and the Avvites made Nibhaz and Tartak, and the Sepharvites burnt their children in the fire to Adrammelech and Anammelech, the gods of Sepharvaim."  In the above passages the name Adrammelech is spelled with only one Men: HB:ADRMLK.  The name "Ashima" may later have been taken as Asmodeus.  Several of the names from this passage were adapted by H.P.Lovecraft as names in his horror stories and fantasies.  In Lovecraft's mind, Cuth became "Cthulhu" and the other names became blended with fragments of Egyptian and other Semitic words to give "Yog-Sothoth", "Azathoth" and "Dagon".  Dagon is actually mentioned in several places in the Old Testament.

Lilith.  This is the grand lady of all demons.  According to some legends, she was the sexual partner of Adam before the creation of Eve.  when Eve came into the world, Lilith was shut up beneath the sea.  After Adam and Eve were driven from the garden of Eden, Lilith was released from her imprisonment.  She wanders about the world like some sort of vampire, ever trying to destroy the children of her rival, Eve.  The demons are sometimes considered to be the children of Lilith.  Lilith is said to be the woman who comes to men in their dreams.  Samael comes to women as a man in their dreams.  The name Lilith is found in the Old Testament, but is usually translated as "night-monster" or "screech owl".  Isaiah: XXXIV, 13-14: And thorns shall come up in her palaces, nettles and thistles in the fortresses thereof; And it shall be a habitation of wild-dogs, an enclosure for ostriches.  And the wild-cats shall meet with the jackals, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; Yea, the night-monster (Lilith) shall repose there and shall find her a place of rest."

Nehema.  Nehema is traditionally a demon and the sister of Lilith, possibly a remembrance of the Egyptian Nephthys and Isis.  It is conceivable that Nehema is the same as Naamah, HB:Na'aMH, the sister of Turbal Cain.

PAGES 46-48


Key      Name:           Symbol:                               Planet:

32 (3)   Aratron       :        :      :       :               Saturn
                       :     .--+-- -- +--     :
                       :-- --.--.      .-- -- -:
                       .-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --.

21 (4)   Betor            .-- -- -.                            Jupiter
                      :   :       :          :   :
                    --+-- +-- -- -.          :   :
                      :   .-- -- -- -- -- -- +-- .
                      .-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -.

27 (5)   Phalec     :   :   :      Fire    :   :   :           Mars
           or       :   :   :      Saturn  :   :   :
         Phaleg     :   :   .-- -- -- -- --+-- +-- .
                    :   .-- -- -- -- -- -- +-- .
                    .-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -.

30 (6)   Och             :        :        :                   Sun
                         :        :        :
                         :        :        :
                         .-- -- --+-- -- --.

14 (7)   Hagit       .-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- .                Venus
                     :   :  :          :  :   :
                     :   .--+-- -- -- -+--.   :
                     :      :          :      :
                     .-- -- .          .-- -- .

12 (8)   Ophiel    :   ______           :  _____               Mercury
                   :  /     /     or    : / o  /
                   : /__:/___________   :/__:/________
                   :  / :           /   : / :        /
                   /-- -.-- -- -- -/    /   .-- -- -/

13 (9)   Phul          :       :  :        :                   Moon
                       :       :  :        :
                       :       :  :        :
                       .-- -- -+--+-- -- --.
                               '  `

   This last set of correspondences to the seven planets and the Sephiroth is a bit of a mystery.  The Names given here are in an unknown language (perhaps Greek?) and the symbols or seals that accompany the names are equally strange.  E.A.W.Budge, in his "Amulets and Talismans", page 391, says that these characters represent the positions of the planets in the Zodiac.  It is not obvious how this works.
   These Olympic Planetary Spirits may be considered the counterparts of the "Spirits of the Planets" (see page 37 of these Correspondences), but there is much reason to suspect that they represent something else.  The Olympic Spirits are found on the same manuscripts with the bulk of the correspondences already taken up for the planets and Sephiroth.  These Olympic Spirits seem to have been known before the 12th CENTURY.

   The section of seven and ten-fold correspondences of names and hierarchies will conclude with a 3,000 year-old selection from the clay tablets of Ashr-banipal's library.  This is also taken from "The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East"; pages 230 to 232.

            "The Seven Evil Spirits"  (translated by R.C.Thompson.)

    "Raging storms, evil gods are they
    Ruthless demons, who in heaven's vault were created, are they,
         Workers of evil are they,
    They lift up the head to evil, every day to evil
         Destruction to work.
    Of these seven the first is the South wind ...
    The second is a dragon, whose mouth is opened ...
         That none can measure.
    The third is a grim leopard, which carries off the young ...
    The fourth is a terrible Shibbu ...
    The fifth is a furious Wolf, who knoweth not to flee,
    The sixth is a rampant ... which marches against god and king.
    The seventh is a storm, an evil wind, which takes vengeance,
    Seven are they, messengers to King Anu are they,
    From city to city darkness work they,
    A hurricane, which mightily hunts in the heaven, are they,
    Gusts of wind rising, which cast gloom over the bright day, are they,
    With the Imkhullu, the evil wind, forcing their way, are they,
    The overflowing of Adad, mighty destroyers, are they,
    At the right of Adad stalking, are they,
    In the height of heaven, like lightning, are they,
    To wreak destruction forward go they,
    In the broad heaven, the home of Anu, the King, evilly do they
         arise, and none to oppose.
    When Enlil heard these tidings, a plan in his heart he pondered,
    With Ea, exalted Massu of the gods, he took counsel.
    Sin, Shamash, and Ishtar, whom he had set to order the vault of
    With Anu he divided the lordship of the whole heaven,
    To these three gods, his offspring,
    Day and night, without ceasing, he ordained to stand,
    When the seven evil gods stormed the vault of heaven,
    Before the gleaming Sin, they set themselves angrily,
    The mighty Shamash, Adad the warrior, they brought on their side,
    Ishtar, with Anu the King, moved into a shining dwelling, exercising
         dominion over the heavens,

       (nearly ten lines lost at this point)

    Day and night he was dark, in the dwelling of his dominion he sat
         not down.
    The evil gods, the messengers of Anu, the King, are they,
    Raising their evil heads, in the night shaking themselves, are they,
    Evil searching out, are they,
    From the heaven, like a wind, over the land rush they,
    Enlil saw the darkening of the hero Sin in heaven,
    The lord spoke to his minister Nusku,
    'O my minister Nusku, my message unto the ocean bring,
    The tidings of my son Sin, who in heaven has been sadly darkened,
    Unto Ea, in the ocean, announce it.
    Nusku exalted the word of his lord,
    To Ea, in the ocean, he went quickly,
    To the prince, the exalted Massu, the Lord Nudimmud.
    Nusku, the word of his lord there announced,
    Ea in the ocean heard that word,
    He bit his lip and filled his mouth with wailing;
    Ea called his son Marduk, and gave him the message:
    'Go, my son Marduk,
    Son of a prince, the gleaming Sin has been sadly darkened in heaven,
    His darkening is seen in the heavens,
    The seven evil gods, death-dealing, fearless are they,
    The seven evil gods, like a flood, rush on, the land they fall upon,
         do they,
    Against the land, like a storm, they rise, do they,
    Before the gleaming Sin, they set themselves angrily;
    The mighty Shamash, Adad the warrior, they brought on their side.'"

                  (the rest is lost)

Adad............The god of Storm.
Anu.............The god of Heaven.
Enlil...........A god of Storm.
Sin.............The god of the Moon.
Shamash.........The god of the Sun (also the Hebrew word for "Sun")
Ishtar..........Goddess of Love, Fruitfulness and War.
Ea..............The God of the gods.
Marduk..........The savior god.



   This selection of magical names attributed to the four elements will be kept brief.  There are almost as many systems of attribution for the elements as there are texts on Ritual Magick.  This greatly complicates the study of the elemental words of power.  In addition, the four elements are often attributed to the four directions of North, South, East and West.  Some systems of ritual are based more on direction over the surface of the Earth and the qualities of the prevailing winds than on Astrological and Alchemical theory.  Others include a nearly equal mixture of directional and elemental symbolism.  In the material which follows care has been taken to select a set of correspondences which fits easily with what has been introduced before.  The bulk of these correspondences are to be found in Crowley's "777", Regardie's "Golden Dawn" and similar works of the Golden Dawn tradition.  Those who wish to obtain an idea of the thinking of the Greeks on the subject of the four elements are advised to consult Plato's "Timaeus" (5th century B.C.).  all matter was systematically grouped into categories of the four elements and their mixtures until the advent of modern chemistry.  The four elements are still retained in modern physical science as categories for conditions of matter if not for types of fundamental chemical substances.  Earth is now called "Solid".  Water is now "Liquid".  Air is now "Gas".  Fire is now called "Plasma", ionized gas.  In the medicine of medieval Europe, there were four fluids or "Humors" held to exist in the human body.  These humors produced good health when in proper balance and various physical and mental disorders when out of proportion.  Practices like blood letting were introduced to remove excesses of certain elemental humors and to restore health through restoration of proper proportion.  Only 170 years ago these practices were considered standard in European medicine.  They are still common in some parts of the world.  The humors are: Yellow Bile = Fiery, Blood = Airy, Phlegm =

 Watery and Black Bile = Earthly.  A very scholarly book on the subject of the elemental humors and elemental psychological categorization is "Saturn and Melancholy" by Klibansky, Saxl and Panofsky.

   The material below continues the study of the Elemental correspondences started on pages 6 and 7.

PAGES 50-53



Key        Letter:     Letter      Element:       Symbol for
Number:                Name:                      Element:

31        HB:Y          Yod          Fire            Fire
23        HB:H          Heh          Water           Water
11        HB:V          Vau          Air             Air
32bis     HB:H          Heh          Earth           Earth

         (from the last four Sephiroth)

Key         Name in      English           Approx. English         Element:
Numbers:    Hebrew:      Pronunciation:    Meaning:

31 (7). HB:YHVH TzBAVTh  Yahweh Tzabaoth   He/She is Splendour     Fire
23 (8). HB:ALHYM TzBAVTh Elohim Tzabaoth   The Male & Female       Water
                                           Deities are Splendour!
11 (9). HB:ShDY AL ChY   Shaddai El Chai   Almighty God Lives      Air
32bis (10). HB:ADNYM LK  Adonai Melekh     Lord King               Earth
              or           or
          HB:ADNY HARTz  Adonai Ha-Aretz   Lord of the Earth

   The other Sephiroth have elemental associations also, but the last four are traditionally used to supply names for the material elements on the Divine Level.  This means that the names on pages 26 through 40 for Key numbers 7 through 10 can more-or-less be used for the elements.  This is not the most satisfactory method in all cases.  Other sets of names are more often used.
   The other Sephiroth also have elemental correspondences:  Kether-- Fire; Chokmah-- Fire; Binah-- Water, Chesed-- outwardly Water but inwardly Fire, Geburah-- outwardly Fire but inwardly Water, and Tiphereth--  Air.  These are to the Sephiroth and not the the planets.  This is one of the many points where the correspondences between different sets of things breaks down.  Thus, the Moon is of a watery nature; but the Sephira of the Moon, Yesod, is Airy.


Key      Name in    English          English               Element:
Number:  Hebrew:    Pronounciation:  Meaning:
             (from the Lesser Pentagram Ritual)

31       HB:ADNY    Adonai           Lord                  Fire
23       HB:AHYH    Eheieh           I am                  Water
11       HB:YHVH    Jehovah          He/She is             Air
32bis    HB:AGLA    Agla             Thou art Mighty       Earth
                                     Forever O'h Lord

             (from the Greater Pentagram Ritual)

31bis    HB:AHYH    Eheieh           I am                  Spirit
31bis    HB:AGLA    Agla             Thou art Mighty       Spirit
                                  Forever O'h Lord
31       HB:ALNYM   Elohim           Gods (male & female)  Fire
23       HB:AL      El               God (male) is mighty  Water
11       HB:YHVH    Jehovah          He/She is             Air
33bis    HB:ADNY    Adonai           Lord                  Earth

   One reason for this variation in association of Divine names with elements stems from the Divine names being assigned to the Atzilut level.  As such, these names are above the material elements and may manifest through each element differently in different situations.  Other associations are more rigid.


Key      Hebrew  English          English            Element:
Number:  Name:   Pronunciation:   Meaning:

31     HB:MYKAL  Michael          Like God           Fire
23     HB:GBRYAL Gabriel          Mighty One of God  Water
11     HB:RPAL   Raphael          Healing of God     Air
32bis  HB:AVRYAL Uriel            Light of God       Earth

   These belong to the Briah level of mental operation.

ANGELS RULING THE ELEMENTS (According to the Rabbinical literature)

Key      Hebrew  English          English            Element:
Number:  Name:   Pronunciation:   Meaning:

31     HB:ShRP    Saraph           Burning One        Fire
23     HB:ThRShYS Tharsis          Ship               Water
11     HB:ARYAL   Ariel            Roarer of God      Air
32bis  HB:KRVB    Kerub            Cherub             Earth

ANGELS OF THE ELEMENTS (Found on talismans described in the "Greater"
                        "Key of Solomon", Mathers edition)

Key      Hebrew    English          English            Element:
Number:  Name:     Pronunciation:   Meaning:

31     HB:ARAL     Aral             Fire of God        Fire
23     HB:TLYHD    Taliahad         Joyful Bleat of    Water
                                    a Lamb
11     HB:ChSN     Chassan          Ornament           Air
32bis  HB:PVRLAK   Phorlakh         One Who is Sent    Earth
                                    to Dig

   There are very many angelic names associated with the four elements.  The two above sets of names belong to the Yetziratic World.

HEBREW NAMES OF THE ELEMENTS: (Alternate names also exist)

Key      Hebrew  English          Element:
Number:  Name:   Pronunciation:

31     HB:ASh    Asch             Fire
23     HB:MYM    Mem              Water
11     HB:RVCh   Ruach            Air
32bis  HB:ARTz   Aretz            Earth

   These constitute the level of Assiah in pure form.


Key      Type of Elemental  Corresponding      Element:
Number:  Spirit:            King of Spirits:

31       Salamanders        Djin               Fire
23       Undines            Nichsa             Water
11       Sylphs             Paralda            Air
32bis    Gnomes             Ghob               Earth

   This table of elementals lists the popular western names for categories of creatures according to the elements.  There is a sense in which dogs, cows, deer, etc. are Gnomes; birds and butterflies are Sylphs;  Fish and dolphins are Undines and dancing flames are Salamanders.  These terms are usually reserved for the little spirits of folklore: fairies, elves, kelpies, leperchons and the like.  Such things occupy a position similar to the Spirits of the Planets, but somewhat more positive and more complex.

THE ELEMENTAL DEMON KINGS (Named for the directions.  Many variations):

Key      Name:       Element:      Direction:

31       Paimon      Fire          South
23       Ariton      Water         West
11       Oriens      Air           East
32bis    Amaimon     Earth         North

   In this list of Demon Kings, direction is more important than elemental association.  If a different set of elemental-directional correspondences is used, these names remain with the directions noted above and the elemental correspondences change.

ELEMENTAL PRINCES OF DEVILS (According to Francis Barrett in "The Magus"):

Key      Hebrew    English         English           Element:
Number:  Name:     Pronunciation:  Meaning:

31     HB:SMAL     Samael          Poison of God     Fire
23     HB:a'aZAL   Azael           Might of God      Water
11     HB:a'aZAZL  Azazel          The Scape-goat    Air
32bis  HB:MChZAL   Mahazael        Vision of God     Earth

   These names are not by any means trustworthy.  Barrett has a probable misspelling of the last, and Chet (HB:Ch) has here been substituted for Heh (HB:H) in Barrett's version.



   The systems of correspondences to the signs and other divisions of the Zodiac present a complex problem.  Unlike the systems based on the planets and elements, systems based on the Zodiac have no discrete natural symbols.  The planets and elements are separate things, at least in principle.  This means that separate names can be assigned with no confusion as to where the influence of one starts and another stops.  The Signs of the Zodiac are not separate, but run directly into each other.  Even the exact positions occupied by the signs in the sky is not universally agreed upon.  Some say that they are all of equal extent, others give differing sizes.  The starting point is different for the Zodiac in Indian Astrology from the starting point in European Astrology.  The Zodiac of Astronomers differs in position by about 30 Degree from that of most Astrologers in the West.  Finally, the Zodiac is capable of being divided up into different size sections: the decans, quinances, degrees and irregular divisions dating from the Roman era and beyond.  Each section can be said to have a planetary ruler.  Sections inside larger divisions may or may not be ruled or dominated by the ruler of the larger division.  All this has given rise to a considerable variation in the methods whereby the powers of the Zodiac are handled.
   In the treatment which follows, the twelve signs of the Zodiac are considered to be each of thirty degrees extent.  Divine, Archangelic, Angelic and simple constellation names will be assigned to each of the signs.  These are taken from traditional lists.  The Decans, or division of ten degrees, are considered to be under the rulership of the Divine, Archangelic and Angelic names of the larger thirty degree constellation division.  The Decan ruling Angels are also from traditional sources.  There are very old sets of "magical images" available for each decan and degree.  The five-degree divisions (Quinances) are considered to be under the rulership of the including Decans.  Angelic names are assigned to the Quinances from the Shemhamphorash as constructed from three verses in Exodus.  There have been several systems of assignment of names to the 360 degrees and to other divisions, but these are less commonly used in the West and are not consistent in assignment in the several different sets.  This process of assigning names of spirits to the many different divisions of the Zodiac is much more fully developed in India than in Europe, but there are extant lists in Grimories.


   These are the twelve banners of the name Jehovah.  This is to be found on page 22 of these "Magical Correspondences".  All twelve of these names are said to be various forms of the obsolete Hebrew verb "to be".  Pronunciation is not certainly known, but here is a rough approximation: Aries(15)-- Jehovah; Taurus(16)-- Jehho; Gemini(17)-- Joheh; Cancer(18)-- Hohie; Leo(19)-- Hojeh; Virgo(20)-- Hehieo; Libra(22)-- Ohjeh; Scorpio(24)-- Ohhie; Sagittarius(25)-- Oieheh; Capricorn(26)-- Hieho; Aquarius(28)-- Hieoh; Pisces(29)-- Hehoi.



Key      Name in   English         Approx. English              Sign and
Number:  Hebrew:   Pronunciation:  Meaning:                     Month:

15    HB:MLKYDAL   Melchidael      King of the Hand of God      Aries 
16    HB:ASMVDAL   Asmodel         Hawk of the Storehouse       Taurus
17    HB:AMBRYAL   Ambriel         Mother of the Corn of God    Gemini
18    HB:MVRYAL    Muriel          Water and Rain of God        Cancer
19    HB:VRKYAL    Verchiel        Very Gentle One of God       Leo
20    HB:HMLYAL    Hamaliel        Abundance of God             Virgo
22    HB:ZVRYAL    Zuriel          The Binding up of God        Libra
24    HB:BRBYAL    Barbiel         Son of God's Prospering      Scorpio
25    HB:ADNKYAL   Adonachiel      Lord of the Mark of God      Sagittarius
26    HB:HNAL      Hanael          Indication of God's Presence Capricorn
28    HB:GBYRAL    Gabirel         Might of God                 Aquarius
29    HB:BRChYAL   Barchiel        Son of the Living God        Pisces

   This list of "Archangelic" names is more often referred to as a list of the "Angels that rule the months".  The list is found in the writings of the natural magicians of the sixteenth century.  The names are slightly different on different lists.  In a few cases, names from this list have been classified in lists of the fallen angels.  This may arise from errors in Hebrew spelling or it may be an accurate association.  In any event, these names seem innocent enough if taken as rulerships of the Signs and the Months starting the signs.  The association of these names to the months seems to be stronger than to the signs.  Most of the names seem to be descriptive of agricultural and meteorological cycles during the year.  Some names seem to refer more to the nature of the corresponding sign, but the signs in their turn have agricultural relevance.  It may be theorized that these names are intended to describe agricultural conditions and activity proper to the months.  Some seem to fit the seasons better than others.  This may provide a clue to the geographical place where these names were first used.  Different parts of the world exhibit different growing seasons.



Key      Name in   English         Approx. English              Sign:
Number:  Hebrew:   Pronunciation:  Meaning:

15    HB:ShRHYAL   Saraiel         Ruling of God                Aries
16    HB:ARZYAL    Aratziel        Firmness of God              Taurus
17    HB:SRAYAL    Saraiel         Sullen of God                Gemini
18    HB:PKYAL     Pachel          Flask of God                 Cancer
19    HB:ShRTYAL   Saratiel        Cutting of God               Leo
20    HB:ShLThYAL  Selethiel       Boon of God                  Virgo
22    HB:ChDQYAL   Chedeqiel       Thorn of God                 Libra
24    HB:SAYTzYAL  Sayziel         Going Forth of the Measure   Scorpio
                                    of God
25    HB:SRYTYAL   Saryetiel       Extending of the Rebelion    Sagittarius
                                    of God
26    HB:SMQYAL    Samqiel         Vomiting Forth of the        Capricorn
                                    Poison of God
28    HB:TzKMQYAL  Tzakmeqiel      Brightness and Foulness      Aquarius
                                    of God
29    HB:VKBYAL    Vakabiel        Increase of the Concealment  Pisces
                                    of God

   This list of "Angelic" names is found in the writings of Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie.  The names translate into meanings that are more suggestive of Demonic names than of Angelic names.  This list is probably drawn from a much older source; but, at this writing, information is lacking.  The negative quality of many of these names may reflect the limiting effects of the signs rather than anything more serious.  This list may be used, but only with caution. These names should not be used for invocation unless the user is very confident of their basic nature.  Use in evocation is not as serious a problem so long as the Divine and Archangelic names are worked first.

HEBREW NAMES FOR THE SIGNS:  These are listed on page 4 of "Magical

PAGES 57-58


Key      Name in   English         Approx. English              Sign &
Number:  Hebrew:   Pronunciation:  Meaning:                     Decan:

15     HB:ZZR      Zazer           Extending Border          0-10 Deg. Aries
15     HB:BHHMY    Bahhemei        Silent Sound             10-20 Aries
15     HB:STNDR    Satander        Radiance in Adversity    20-30 Aries
16     HB:KDMDY    Kadmedie        Half-filled Container     0-10 Taurus
16     HB:MNChRAY  Manachraie      Bestowal of Vision       10-20 Taurus
16     HB:YKSGNVTz Yaksagnotz      Rapid Suppression by     20-30 Taurus
17     HB:SGRSh    Siegrash        Baseness and Poverty      0-10 Gemini
17     HB:ShHDNY   Shahadnie       Confirmed Suffering      10-20 Gemini
17     HB:BYThVR   Betor           In a State of Seeking    20-30 Gemini
18     HB:MThRAVSh Mitraos         The Dead See the Sun and  0-10 Cancer
                                    Are Strong
18     HB:RHDa'a   Rahadea         Tremble with Knowledge   10-20 Cancer
18     HB:ALYNKYR  Elinakier       God is Known             20-30 Cancer
19     HB:LVSNHR   Laosanhar       Desire the Thorn of the   0-10 Leo
19     HB:ZCha'aY  Zachaay         Remove the Ruinous       10-20 Leo
19     HB:SChYBR   Sachieber       Vile is Purified         20-30 Leo
20     HB:ANNAVRH  Annaorah        Breath Trembles with      0-10 Virgo
20     HB:RAYHYH   Reayahyah       God Beholds God (Pos.    10-20 Virgo
                                    fig. for "Countenance
                                    Beholds Countenance")
20     HB:MSPR     Mispar          Number                   20-30 Virgo
22     HB:TRSNY    Tarsani         Fresh Thorn               0-10 Libra
22     HB:SHRNTz   Saharnaz        Tower of the Hawk        10-20 Libra
22     HB:ShHDR    Shehdar         Goat of the Age          20-30 Libra
24     HB:KMVTz    Kamotz          Much Oppression           0-10 Scorpio
24     HB:NYNDVHR  Hiendohar       Weak Child of the        10-20 Scorpio
24     HB:NThRVDYAL Natarvadaiel   Tremble and be Filled    20-30 Scorpio
                                    with God
25     HB:MShRATh  Masharat        Divided Sign              0-10 Sagittarius
25     HB:VHRYN    Vahrin          God Overcomes            10-20 Sagittarius
25     HB:ABVHA    Abuha           Father of Interjection   20-30 Sagittarius
26     HB:MSNYN    Masnin          Tribute of Posterity      0-10 Capricorn
26     HB:YSYSYH   Yasisyah        God's Swallow (or        10-20 Capricorn
                                    twittering sound)
26  HB:YSGDYBRVDYAL Ysgadibarodiel Adore the Chosen and     20-30 Capricorn
                                    Sufficient of God
28     HB:SSPM     Sasfem          Mouth of a Moth (prob.    0-10 Aquarius
                                    fig. for "The Mouth
28     HB:ABDRVN   Abadron         Forsake Victory          10-20 Aquarius
28     HB:GRVDYAL  Geradiael       Strangeness and of God   20-30 Aquarius
29     HB:BHLMY    Biehalmi        Flow Rapidly              0-10 Pisces
29     HB:AVRVN    Auron           Light Overcomes          10-20 Pisces
29     HB:STRYP    Satrip          Giants Roam              20-30 Pisces

    These "Angelic" names are said to rule the decans of the Zodiac.  The list is given in Crowley's "777" and in Regaride's "Golden Dawn".  Some of the names are spelled differently in Hebrew on different lists.  The translations offered above bear slight but occasional resemblance to the general meanings that have been attached to the Decans in Astrology, but it is probable that this list of names is actually derived from some incantation or other Hebrew text.  The progress and connectivity in this list is strongly suggestive of a passage of mystical literature cut up into names.  For more information on the Decans, their planetary rulers and images, see Crowley's "777".  In using these names, the names of the including signs of the Zodiac should be evoked first.  Also, the names of the planetary rulers may be used with these names.  The planetary rulers of the signs are well known.  The planetary rulers of the decans, in the form derived by the Order of the Golden Dawn from Ptolemy's "Tetrabiblos", are cycled in the order Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon, starting with the first decan of Leo and going in regular cycle through the rest of the decans.  There is one exception to this regularity.  Mars rules the last decan of Pisces and also the first decan of Aries. All this is listed in Crowley's "777" in the section detailing the meanings of the minor cards of the Tarot.  Regardie lists this also, but with some typographical errors.

PAGES 59-62

Key   Name in   English    Latin Key    English Meaning of Hebrew   Sign and
No:   Hebrew:   Pronun.:   Word:        (Questionable value):       Quinance:

15   49-VHVAL   Vahoael    Maximus      Many interjections of Grief  0- 5
                                         Made to God                Aries
15   50-DNYAL   Daniel     Clemens      Judgement of God             5-10
15   51-HChShYH Hacheshyah Laetabundus  Silence of God              10-15
15   52-a'aMMYH Amamyah    Altissimus   Join with God               15-20
15   53-NNAAL   Nanael     Verus        Pray to God                 20-25
15   54-NYThAL  Niathel    Regnator     Wail at the Portent of God  25-30
16   55-MBHYH   Meboahyah  Aternum      Havens (Harbors) of God      0- 5
16   56-PVYAL   Poiel      Erector      Mouth of God                 5-10
16   57-NMMYH   Namamyah   Protector    From God                    10-15
16   58-YYLAL   Yeielel    Animus       Howl to God                 15-20
16   59-HRChAL  Harachel   Oriens       The Crushing of God         20-25
16   60-MTzRAL  Matzarel   Justus       Distress from God           25-30
17   61-VMBAL  Vambel      Benedictus   Repeated Entrance of God     0- 5

17   62-YHHAL  Yahhael     Amabilis     God is the God               5-10
17   63-a'aNVAL Eaniel     Laudabilis   The Sufferers of God        10-15
17   64-MChYAL Mahiel      Mercator     (The What and Who of God)   15-20
17   65-DMBYH  Dambyah     Deprecabilis (Flowing Blood of God)      20-25
17   66-MNQAL  Menqel      Assistens    Libation Bowl of God        25-30
18   67-AYa'aAL Aniael     Dator        Remove the Woe of God        0- 5
18   68-ChBVYH Chabaoyah   Bonus        Hide Within God              5-10
18   69-RAHAL  Raahel      Praemium     Vision of God               10-15
18   70-YBMYH  Yabmyah     Deus         Wedded to God               15-20
18   71-HYYAL  Hyaiel      Multus       (God and Man Exist)         20-25
18   72-MVMYH  Momyah      Requies      Blemish of God              25-30
19    1-VHVYH  Vahavyah    Exaltator    Cry unto God Who is God      0- 5
19    2-YLYAL  Yaliel      Auxiliator   (Thankful of God's Presence) 5-10
19    3-SYTAL  Saitel      Spes         Roaming of God              10-15
19    4-a'aLMYH Alamyah    Salus        Vigor of God                15-20
19    5-MHShYH Mashyah     Quaestus     Pledge of God               20-25
19    6-LLHAL  Lalahel     Annunciatus  That Which is Not is Not    25-30
                                         of God                     Leo
20    7-AKAYH  Akael       Longanimis   Weary of God                 0- 5
20    8-KHThAL  Kahtiel    Adorandus    Weariness of Signs of God    5-10
20    9-HZYAL  Haziel      Recordabilis Seeing of God               10-15
20   10-ALDYH  Haladyah       ...       Yonder is the Strife of     15-20
20   11-LAVYH  Lavyah      Exultabundus Desireless Nature of God    20-25
20   12-HHa'aYH  Haaoyah   Opportunus   Wood of God                 25-30
22   13-YZLAL  Yzalel      Decantatus   Deliverance of God           0- 5
22   14-MBHAL  Mabhel      Sublevator   Emptiness of Things Before   5-10
                                          God                       Libra
22   15-HRYAL  Hariel      Ens          The Mountains of God        10-15
22   16-HQMYH  Haqamyah    Advocatus    The Standing Corn of God   15-20
22   17-LAVYH  Lavyah      Dominator    Absence of Desire Before    20-25
                                          God                       Libra
22   18-KLYAL  Keliel      Justitia     Vessel for God              25-30
24   19-LVVYH  Loyah       Exauditor    Desire of God                0- 5
24   20-PHLYH  Pehalyah    Ervens       Shining Mouth of God         5-10
24   21-NLKAL  Nalekel     Fortis       Unto Thee, God              10-15
24   22-YYYAL  Yeyayel     Dexter       (Three-fold Power of God)   15-20
24   23-MLHAL  Molahel     Custos       Command of God              20-25
24   24-ChHVYH Chohvyal    Expetendus   Breathe the Woe of God      25-30
25   25-NThHYH Natahyah    Mirabilis    The Cutting of God           0- 5
25   26-HAAYH  Haayah      Invacandus   Behold God                   5-10
25   27-YRThAL Yarahel     Salvator     Archery of God              10-15
25   28-ShAHYH Shaahyah    Festinus     Contemplate God             15-20
25   29-RYYAL  Riel        Sanator      Rain of God                 20-25
25   30-AVMAL  Aumel       Adolescentia (Hum) of God                25-30
26   31-LKBAL  Lakbel      Solus        Journey in the Circuit of    0- 5
26   32-VShRYH Vasharyah   Rector       Many Masters of God          5-10
26   33-YChVYH Yahoyah     Cogitabundus God and God                 10-15
26   34-LHChYH Lachyah     Expectatio   Freshness of God            15-20
26   35-KVQYH  Koqyah      Deprecatio   Explode Forth in God        20-25
26   36-MNDAL  Menkel      Gloria       Cease Strife Before God     25-30
28   37-ANYAL  Anael       Facies       Ship of God                  0- 5
28   38-Cha'aMYH Chamyah   Refugium     (In the Midst of God)        5-10
28   39-RHa'aAL Rah'el     Advitor      Friend of God               10-15
28   40-YYZAL  Yeyazel     Propulsator  God Causes a Start          15-20
28   41-HHHAL  Hahehel     Liberator    (Three-fold Plan of God)    20-25
28   42-MYKAL  Michael     Custos       Like God                    25-30
29   43-VVLYH  Vaolyah     Matutinus    Attached to Nothingness      0- 5
                                          in God                    Pisces
29   44-YLHYH  Yalahyah    Doctor       Howl at Nothingness in God   5-10
29   45-SALYH  Salyah      Compatiens   Measure Out the Law of God  10-15
29   46-a'aRYAL  Eriel     Operator     Watchfulness of God         15-20
29   47-a'aShLYH Ashalyah  Magnificus   Labor on Errors in God      20-25
29   48-MYHAL  Mihael      Revalator    (The Who & What of God)     25-30

(Latin Key Words taken from "The Kabbalah" by Ginsburg, p. 136)

   The preceding 72 angelic names are a great and ancient mystery of ceremonial Magick and the Qabalah.  They constitute the "Schemahamphorasch", the great divided name of God.  This is a different matter in several ways from all the other names that have been presented in these Correspondences.  The 72 names are derived from three consecutive verses in the Hebrew text of Exodus.  These verses consists of exactly 72 letters each.  The first of these verses, Exodus XIV, 19, is written right to left in the normal fashion of writing Hebrew.  The second of these verses, Exodus XIV, 20, is then written beneath the first backwards, from left to right.  Beneath these two is written the third verse, Exodus XIV, 21, in the normal order again, from right to left.  This gives a list of 72 columns of letters with three letters in each column.  To each of these three letter columns is added two additional letters.  These additional letters are Aleph-Lamed, HB:AL, or Yod-Heh, HB:YH; El or Yah, two names of God.  This gives the 72 names that are used to form the list on the preceding pages.  There are other ways to form the Schemahamphorasch and there are other lists of names that are drawn upon for this practice.  This method is mentioned in several sources including "Semiphoras and Schemhamporas", a 17th century work reprinted and available widely in a quite odd anthology called "The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses".  These names are also to be found in Barrett's "The Magus", I. Regardie's "The Golden Dawn", Crowley's "Liber 777", and Kircher's "Oedipus Aegyptiacus".  Lists of these names usually contain errors of one sort or another.  This is often intentional.  I have made no intentional error here, but it is a simple matter for anyone to check these names with the aid of a copy of the Masoretic Text of the "Torah".
   The process whereby the names "El" and "Yah" are selected to complete these names is not generally known.  It is possible that "EL" is used to indicate Male and "Yah" to indicate Female bias in the names, but there are other plausible reasons for picking one ending over the other.
   The names are attributed to the five-degree divisions of the Zodiac starting with the first division of Leo and continuing around the Zodiac in much the same fashion as do the Decans.
   In a few cases, there are rather startling correspondences between the names of the Quinances and the names assigned to the including Decans.  This raises a question about the origin of the names of the Decan Angels.  Clearly the names of the 72 Quinances are a random seeming sort of thing.  That the names of the 36 Decans should have any relationship to these Quinance names is remarkable.


   Crowley, in his "777" makes an assignment of the 72 Demons of the Goetia to the Quinances, taken from the "Lemegaton" or "Lesser Key of Solomon".  These names may be considered to constitute a sort of adverse Schemahamphorasch, but they are greatly corrupted.  The Goetic names are often spelled in widely differing ways.  Some of them are clearly Hebrew words that have been transliterated into European languages.  Others are of unknown origin. The Hebrew spelling that was attributed to them by Dr.Rudd is patently inaccurate.


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