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Magic, Methods and Ethics

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Magic, Methods and Ethics (was BOOK REVIEW - Before You Cast a Spell)
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 22:08:41 GMT

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thanks for the reviews, Mike, they are often valuable. except Llewellyn.

"Mike Gleason"  [shiftage] re where Carl is going:
# On page 9 of this book the first paragraph tells it all:  "This book does 
# not contain any spells, or any specific instructions on how to cast 
# spells, raise and direct energy, or perform any other kind of magical
# procedure."

that's important, probably the reason for the "Before" in the title.

# Carl's intent is to focus on the spiritual principles of magic....  

are there any, beyond doctrines which people apply to it?

# There is a tendency for some folks to dismiss this author's works as being
# too basic.  Perhaps that is because there is a tendency to want instant
# gratification and instant success in our society.  

the popularization and fictionalizing of magic-as-instantaneous gives
those who approach the subject of magic some predispositions and 
prejudices about magic which may be impossible to satisfy. it is 
for this reason and more that some argue 'magic is all about belief'.

# The author believes, as do I, that magic should be the last weapon 
# in your arsenal.  

this is in the tradition of those who see magic as a limited resource,
stemming from a forbidden or scarce energetic origin, or in some
manner problematic, evil, or harmful at base. a conservationist or
'limited arsenal' mentality predominates. I'd say this is largely at
variance with most folk magic, which is pragmatically-valuable as a
ready-assist at all times by those who persistently employ magic.

# First you should try every mundane approach you can.  

I've heard many Neopagans tell me that they thought this should be
an *accompaniment* to magical practice, but few went as far into
conservatism as Carl and you do here except within trads that were
heavily inhibited or strongly mystically-based.

# Too many Pagans do a ritual to achieve their ends and forget to 
# put any effort into the non-magical approaches.

this was the criticism of the above. note that because this is true
does not mean that the mundane should be exhausted first.

# [Carl] asks [the objectors] to explain why they object to his 
# position or statement....  

because magic isn't so scarce or problematic that it has to be
'the last resort'. it is that kind of thinking that gets the
witch or mage fearful of repercussion, lacking in experience,
and generally unfamiliar with magic in the slightest.

# He stresses the need for each person to take responsibility....

magic hand-wringers sometimes stress this and morality. it is
also what ties some political hand-wringers in knots (what if
I'm *wrong*? I should never vote or support a candidate at all!).

# It is an all too human trait to claim the credit and disavow 
# the screw-ups.  

I'm not sure this is true. this type of rudumentary scientism
seems to operate with other mammals at least.

# ...If you live an ethical life, both in your mundane and your 
# magical life you may encourage others to do so as well.  

only if you're interested in putting forth such encouragement.
in some locales this is considered akin to proselytizing.

# ...he does not oppose payment for teaching....

very big of him. I'm more interested in what he says that backs
up the rules he *does* wish to promote (e.g. magic as last resort).
if it is just that people don't ground their magical activities in
mundane activity, that is insufficient justification for refraining
from practicing magic at all unless and until all ordinary methods
have proven fruitless.

# Before You Cast a Spell  by Carl McColman  (c) 2004  
# New Page Book 143 pages  + Appendices & Index paperback, 
# ISBN 1-56414-716-9 $13.00 (U.S.)

thanks again,


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