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LSD-25 and magick

To: alt.magick,alt.pagan
From: R.Michael Litchfield 
Subject: RE: LSD-25 and magick
Date: 12 Dec 1995 00:28:34 GMT

[x-posted to alt.pagan because this is more an exposition on the religous

N. asked me to write down some of my thoughts on the magical 
aspects of LSD and send them to her and v. so here it is;

Its foremost agency in my experience is that one becomes like a 
child. An enhanced child possessed of most if not all of the desirable 
attributes of adulthood but still a child. One enters into a brave new 
world where everything is alight and alive. Our limits are unknown 
because we have yet to test them. Every smell, sight, sound, texture, 
and taste is new upon our soul. We re-enter this marvel of a toy we 
call our world fresh and filled with energy until it seems we may 

If we are in truth gods and goddesses and the universe is our 
playground and textbook than experiencing the world as if it were 
new to us is a potent tool. It recapitulates the choice we make in 
entering into the cycle of life and death. It can reveal to us things 
which have become contemptible children of familiarity in their true 
blazing glory. Even better because we have more advanced faculties 
to appreciate them than we did when we were children. We become 
filled with the childhood energy to run and play and dance with 
delight for the sheer exultation of being. We remember the delightful 
pleasure of being that we become inured to in our day to day lives.

If it is like coming to life again for the first time it is also like
dying out of its assigned turn. We can visit briefly a world that
does not bear the weight of the causality we have believed to exist.
We put aside this story for a while and make up our own small tale.
It allows us to escape from behind our masks of the roles we have 
found ourselves in and choose new ones if we so desire. A short 
period of experimental improvisational theater on the stage that is 
the world. We can step outside who we pretend to be and let 
ourselves be who we are for a while. The forces of history and plot 
are held at bay and while new avenues of venture may be explored.

This Holy sacrament is a tool to celebrate the cycle of birth and death 
to which we have committed ourselves. It can help remind us of the 
unlimited nature of the universe, and as we are the universe, the 
unlimited nature of ourselves. Nothing is written except that which 
has been and it only effects us as much as we allow it to, our will is 
divine and paramount.


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Subject: RLitchfield: Re: LSD-25 and magick
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[from alt.magick: R.Michael Litchfield ]

>In article  
> (Lint) writes:
>   I was wondering if anyone out there has done any research on the 
>use of LSD and the enlightenment of magick and how the two might 
>be connected or how one could enhance the use of the other.  

I tend to  be much more chaotic than ceremonial in my approach to magic
and find that the psychoactives play an invaluable role for me.

LSD tends to have two very different and distinct effects depending upon
your dosage level. Lower dosages, up to about 250 micrograms (~2.5 hits),
 are termed psycholytic in the literature, a word coigned to described
the mind opening powers of the drug. Higher dosages, (250 and up), are
termed psychadelic, which was created to describe the mind manifesting
nature of the drug. 

The two levels are distinctly different,  a person having a psycholytic
experience is going to be functioning in the more or less same reality
with the people around them, though things will often take on a glamour
and be percieved in new ways and in new relationships. A person having a
psychedelic experience in not necessarily sharing the consensus reality,
thier internal universe (or perhaps inter experience of the universe) is
much more powerful and effective than some external "reality".

The implications of these two states on magical practice is profound.
During a psycholytic experience the universe is more or less the same
place it was before you dropped, thus magical action occurs in a similar
manner to the way it normally would. You are however aware of many more
things, a blank wall is not blank but full of the sigils of the universe
in constant shifting prose waiting for you to but understand what it is
whispering to you. However you experience some severe limitations, you
are EASILY distracted, your memory is fractured, your intuition will leap
without your rational mind being able to follow, trying to move from
thought to spoken word becomes an effort of immense proportions, and all
in all your focus is fucked.

A psychedelic experience occurs in a universe all its own. In this new
world change doesn't occur according to will, it occurs according to
whim, including unconscious whim. Magic during one of these experiences
tends to be more about bringing your creation back to your waking
reality, and without any of the possible horrors that grow in those
regions. Fortunantly not much comes back accross during these
experiences, except occaisionally the memories, but those memories can be
potent indeed. To truely know what it feels like to call a dream thing
from the nothing around you makes it much easier to accomplish something
the next time you try it in the real world. Of course there is the vague
lingering question as to whether the world you return to is the world you

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