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Kali's Symbolism

To: alt.magick.tyagi
From: (Lemmingnot)
Subject: Re: Kali's Symbolism (was Re: Spells, Magic, Hoodoo and Vodoun ...)
Date: 07 Mar 2000 09:46:59 GMT

>>cf. thrilling at daily news, explosions and murders in media. quickly-
>distintegrating phenomenal systems are very compelling to human beings.<
>Yes . Such behaviur is obviuos and probably explicable . My question was more
>about assertions I have encontered from practitonors who claim that rituals
>perform are specificly designed to INCREASE the amount of entropic
>occuring on this and other levels. These immature psychic tantrums puzzle me.

Disintegration is necessary for evolution of the world and for us as
individuals in order to progress and evolve. Many authors such as Christopher
Hyatt and Nema advocate such actions as the necessary factor in growing.

 Hyatt, (a reknown chaos magickian) describes this in his book, "The
Psychopath's Bible." He ascertains that if we were to grant everybody what they
wanted, then the masses would fail to continue searching and evolving. They
would eventually disintegrate and be replaced by others (or a more evolved
mankind) attuned to the changes of the world. We must all understand that we
are going to die, and are nothing more than the history of future generations.
Either make a mark, or become one of the masses.

According to Nema, in order to attain knowledge of one's true self, we must
peel back the layers of our beings in order to find our true selves. Once
reaching the core of "us," we find that there is nothing. We are nothing more
than a conduit of the energy of the eternal supreme God. This is called the
abyss. You can find further Nema thoughts in her book, "Ma'at Magick."

Enmtropic disintegration only furthers the evolution of our species, as well as
our planet. I find the phrase "immatue psychic tantrums" to be totally
offensive and insulting. But it does reflect the thoughts of some who feel self
righteous in their own views.Be open to the views of others and you may find
yourself evolving.

>>I see no reason to think Shakti (power) is more likely to create than
>destroy, why would you maintain the opposite?<

Creation can only come about as a result of destruction...a destruction of old
beliefs that need new ones to take their place in the annihiliation of the
past. The horse and carriage was a fine mode of transportation, but new ideas
(creativity) led to other ways of travel. Which came first, the need for
creativity in new areas of travel, or the destruction of the old views that
horse and buggy would satisfy our needs? Both creative growth and destruction
are necessary for evolution..

>>I recal a post of jiivanaMahaamanas/ et. al...... in which he described a
darshan with Shiva.
>Even though he impressed me as totaly sincere in the telling of it, I found
>myself thinking "He's been on the L.S.D."  Even I can be sceptical.

Then be skeptical of lots of authors of magickal and self-fulfilling texts.
Crowley and Castanedas come to mind first, but many involved in spiritual
evolution have used LSD to gain access to areas of the brain otherwise
unobtainable. Do you also doubt the Native Americans that sought enlightenment
with the help of peyote?

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