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Introduction to Magick

Subject: Introduction to Magick

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   Before we can answer questions like "is magick 'real'?" "does it
   'work' and if so, how?" we must first ask, "What is magick?" As you
   read and progress, the nature of reality as we tend to conceive of it
   and the language that we use to describe it becomes questionable; it
   will become apparent why I put the words "real" and "work" in
   These are the primary questions that the sum of these essays seek to
   answer. This is no easy task. Although it seems to address very broad
   and abstract matters, it must be answered in very specific and
   concrete ways, even (especially) if you have already accepted the idea
   that magic is real, unicorns and fairies exist, and Satan himself
   lives in a duplex just down the road. By constantly questioning the
   nature of existence, we open ourselves to higher states of
   consciousness, broader ranges of perception, and deeper modes of
   reality. The goal of mysticism is to transcend the noise of mundane
   consciousness in order be released into higher states of existence and
   deeper modes of reality. The goal of magick is to be functional in
   deep enough modes of reality to allow actions taken in those states to
   unfold through all levels of existence. Most magick and occult systems
   reflect some variation of this dynamic, although often in different
   terms with emphasis on different aspects of the process.
   There is a seemingly endless amount of books already written on these
   and other related topics. The reading list(s) in this text should be a
   good starting point. One could and should pursue this line of research
   endlessly. If you run out of references or sources of information,
   chances are that you are looking in the wrong places and/or have given
   yourself too much credit for the little knowledge that you do possess,
   ignoring the subtle yet integral layers of symbolically encoded
   meaning which are characteristic of occult works. Go back and read it
   If so much has already been written on the subject, why write more? I
   claim no special knowledge beyond that which is already available and
   easily accessed.
   Individual authors interpret and write about concepts in accord with
   their favorite metaphors and biases. Ten authors on the same subject
   can give you ten different stories, all of them valuable in their own
   right for their own reasons. But one can search endlessly for a good
   reference and come up with nothing that they find to be accessible,
   emotionally or intellectually. This is what gives value to works such
   as Israel Regardie's interpretations of Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton
   Wilson's extrapolations on Timothy Leary's ideas, and Allan Watts'
   interpretation of Zen for Westerners. However, I would not hasten to
   rank myself in with such figures as mentioned above, as I often find
   that they usually overstate the obvious much more eloquently than I! I
   strongly suggest that the serious student research as many of the
   aforementioned topics and authors' works as possible.
   Bearing all this in mind, read on with an open mind, a light heart,
   and as Robert Wilson so delicately states, "A cast iron, shock proof
   bullshit detector!"

   I would like to thank and acknowledge several people and entities,
   including the following:
   Michael Pfieffer, The Ordo Templi Orientis in general, especially the
   Masters and some of the Brothers of 93 Lodge, Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, Quinta
   Essentia Camp and recently LVX Oasis, and all independent researchers
   and practitioners of the Western Mystery Traditions who have chosen to
   carry on their work with or without the auspices of accepted
   I would like to pay particular homage to the late Aleister Crowley for
   obvious reasons. All who still do not acknowledge his contributions to
   western magick and culture simply have not done their homework.

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