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Innovation and Tradition

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Innovation and Tradition (was Magic and States of ....)
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 06:21:07 GMT

50020307 VI 

"William Tucker" :
> if all we do is copy 

ever? probably true, but I'm unsure. this is a great argument from
the standpoint of the cultural revolutionary, but from the perspective
of the bastion of tradition, copying may be all that is required to
learn the tradition being instructed. it is difficult for me to argue
this with you because I'm not sure what traditions would find me kin.

if the master is worth copying once, is she worthy of consistent
instruction? in what skill? what field? in magic I agree completely
that innovation is valuable and, if one finds success in one's spells
and rituals, this may inspire others to similar results.

> or do as we are directed 

depends again on the relationship between the master and oneself.
if what is being instructed (with a physical craft, I'd agree and
suggest that making errors is its own reward) is someting OUTSIDE 
the rudiments of what is being instructed, then varying from said
instruction may prove troublesome to the lesson.

if I was trying to teach you to follow instructions, then varying
from what I'd suggested would be adverse to our interaction
provided you wanted some kind of didactic instruction. why learning
of magic need take place inside such an environment I'm unsure. it
seems more a matter of formula and diligence than of placement and
poise, outside certain mystical traditions.

> then we never achieve the knowledge behind the movement.....
> find the naturalness within the rigor...

I'm not sure that variation from form (not necessarily the same
thing as copying) or from obedience (again, not necessarily the
same thing as doing as directed) is essential to learning what
you here describe. if it is of any relevance, there are tales of
Samurai who discovered that they had to obey their master in one
instance (when learning the rudiments, rather than the finesse)
and disobey in another (when what had been instructed was failing
to achieve successful results -- cf. "Zen Inklings").

you asked for an elaboration.

I wrote: 
>> critical faculties are not necessary but may be helpful. 

they may allow one to reason oneself out of difficulty or danger.

>> again it depends on the type of magic one is effecting. 

I may require a great degree of critical scrutiny to inscribe
a metal amulet for an upcoming ritual or spell.

>> leaving a glyph on one's door is a different matter 

because it is personal and requires a good deal of focus and
attention to the marking and its timing.

>> than attempting to trap someone in a mirror box 

because the focus is on the victim.

>> or solidifying your light-body, 

critical thought may be exactly the wrong thing for this
activity, because it can weaken or obliterate one's ability
to imagine things that aren't there, like light-bodies.

>> or manifesting a fully-formed thoughtform.


> whatever that means....what's keeping you from exposition here?

brevity, sorry. usually you just have to ask for elaboration and
I am happy to provide it if I can. if I'm just spouting nonsense,
then I may admit my Tom-foolery and ask you to forget it. :>

> Blessed Bunnies......
>   Wm

and slugs

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