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Imagination Magic

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Imagination Magic (was where to start?)
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 02:14:55 GMT

50010810 VI! om Hail Satan! Hail Yes!

War on 'High Magick' continues....

Steven King:
> ...crowley in a book i cant recall the name of this minute supports
> the idea of using  as magical tools the ordinary impliments at hand, 
> as an example he gives a description of a rituale he wished to perform 
> half way up the side of a large mountain he was climbing, as he was 
> mountenerrring and not in a temple he did not have the rituale 
> equipment at hand but substituted his flashlight for his lamp his 
> climbing ax as his wand  camp cup for his chalice and a plate for his 
> disc. etc. etc.

why not also do it outside the bounds of TIME? you can summon up the
will and intend the ritual and then *whoosh* it's all done (in your
imagination (astral world))! I mean why bother with time when you
can relegate spatial dimensions to imaginationland *too*? 

Joseph :
> a lot, if not all rituale work can be done "astrally"

oh sure, but what makes it more effective than obtaining mere
'astral' (i.e. imagined) results? Crowley, whom you mention
above, appears to have been a Master of imagining his own
attainments, why not imagine the work *and* the goals? it
can become a clever child's game rather quickly. "I'm an
Adept!" "you don't say? how can you tell?" "I did the Adepti
ritual in my own mind! and now I'm the most spiritual guy on
my whole football team!" "impressive."

>> As I say, I am a newbie and so I can't speak from experience - but, I would
>> like to think that Magick can be learnt and practiced without any books or
>> tools at all.  Somehow, that seems more 'Magickal.'

> speaking from experiance, its possible but, while it is possible to "invent" 
> an entierly new tradition for oneself just as valid as any hoary cult from
> antiquity, books and information in this age are very inexspensive.  

it makes sense that such an invention is possible. after all, why not invent
everything, inclusive of the results, from the ground up? isn't that what
historical mages did too? who is to gainsay you? you could even promote your 
accomplishments that you invented as 'true for you', or invent a nice Fraline
Sprengel and claim it was 'booned to you' and be done with any kind of 
critical assessment or quandry over what constitutes 'spirituality'. what 
matter the method of science, just use the METHOD OF RELIGION, AND MAKE IT 
ALL UP!  Imagination Magic! It's easy! It's fun! and there's no expense!

>i recommend the crowley volume "book 4" liber aba (magick in theroy and practice)
>specificaly the 1994 weiser edition, as, IMO, it is a one volume, complete text
>giving all the info you need to get starteed in your own path, from meditation
>and astral work to ritual cerimoney giving both theroy behind it all and
>practical examples as well as reading lists and examples of how its done. and
>it dosnt insist you become a thelemite or crowley cultist, the man (crowley)
>himself was at pains to express the need for the individual to "find their own
>way" and not to slavishyl copy what has gone before, though at the same time
>not to toss "the baby out with the bath water"

can you quote him to this effect? shouldn't be difficult, he had more
printed perspectives than a poetic hydra.

I don't think he said anything of the sort, but can't be sure.


blessed beast!

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