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Hoodoo DXM Ritual

To: alt.magick,alt.drugs.psychedelics,alt.drugs
From: Jeffrey Sothen 
Subject: Hoodoo DXM Ritual
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 22:20:59 -0500

This article is from The DXM Zine Issue 15, the 5-Year-Anniversary
edition. In commemoration of 5 years of service to the DXM community,
I am posting one article a day so those of you who are weary of
websites and fancy HTML can read in plain text all the articles we've
compiled. Enjoy!

All information 2003, The DXM Zine and "Gravol."

By the Rite of the Sacred Robo
Rasta Man, 1998.

This is important to follow directions in precise order. If just one
item is substituted the results can not be anticipated and may be
dangerous. This is old time magick. Please do not use lightly. If you
are of light heart please read no further. This is a warning of the
highest degree. The Robo Demons may be unleashed, and it is very
important not to provoke them.
   Like all pure good, there must be a polarized bad. And there is
true evil - a document - that is the exact negative of this one. It is
of pure black magick and is entwined in evil deception - do not use.
This is even worse than altering this ritual.

Building the DXM Altar

First off, you need DXM Altar. It should be constructed of stone, for
stone conveys deep messages in crystalline structures. An old stone is
best - do not use synthetic brick or concrete stone. If you can secure
a stone from an old house's base this will be indeed useful. 
   Lay on the stone a sacred cloth. It is recommended to use lavender
or deep purple, with gilt edges. Under no circumstances use dark or
black cloth. Upon this you will put a glass, made of crystal. This
will be your tool to journey and make contact with the Gods. Use a
clean glass, unscathed, and pour the contents of one bottle of
Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough (US brand) into it. You must not
spill any, or leave any at the bottom of the bottle.
   You have now constructed a basic DXM Altar. It is time for the
ceremony to begin.


You must bathe yourself and remove all impurities. After the bathing,
put on a white robe and kneel before the altar. You must first bless
the altar with the following:

I bless thee
In the name of Robo Tussin
Open up my Mind
So that I shall find
A great Atonenement
The Sublime
An Island in Time
To vanquish my fears
And open my Third Eye
So mote it be.

At this time drink the sweet nectar of the Robo Gods. Drink it whole,
drink it pure. Savor the taste. The thickness will coat your entire
throat. Let it settle all the way to bottom and stay kneeling. Be at
rest with yourself. Let the great syrup run its course into abyss of
the belly. Now it is time to create your doll.

The Hoodoo Robo Tussin Doll

Take the bottle from which you poured the heavenly nectar and
penetrate the sides, near the top. Use steel to do this. Again,
penetrate bottom in two places, about a centimeter in diameter. Take
straw and insert into arm holes and leg holes. Now, and surely last,
take straw and insert down mouth of bottle. This represents
penetrating the psyche. Take time and patience and heed discipline in
your construction. Once finished, move the crystal glass to the back
of altar - put your Hoodoo doll centerpiece on cloth, and kneel down
three times, repeating the following:

Come forth unto me
Bring me your wisdom
Bless me in your way
O Great Wise One
Wash away the day
And bring forth Night
Entomb me in Sweet Delight
So that I may stay
To reap the benefits of Sight!

Open my Mind
Open my Eye
Let me fly
Unto hither worlds delight
Show me the light
Of your ways
Show me the might
Of your wonder
For, within my thoughts asunder
I allow you to guide me
Guide me, Great One
So mote it be
So mote it be.

Stay in position with your palms pressed squarely against the floor,
but create a triangle with your fingers, and rest your Third Eye
region in this triangle. Contemplate. Meditate. Wait.


Stay in this position until you feel the warmth of His Majesty upon
you. You shall feel the magick in your blood arouse your senses. It is
a warm tingling feeling. Do not tense. Let it flow through you. Be One
with your self. 
   And now, when the sensation becomes too great to bare, lay back on
floor or a padded surface such as a bed, with eyes closed, and
concentrate on the blackness beyind your eyelids, and the Third Eye

Great things will be revealed to you.

And you will go on great journeys.

Blessed be.

- Rasta Man

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