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History -- Magi

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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 16:43:37 -0700 (PDT)

49980421 aa2 Hail Satan!

for your perusal and review.

blessed beast! 
From: Yahya M 

The frankincense caravan routes of antiquity led up the Red Sea to Syria.
Frankincense was exported from Southern Arabia to Egypt and Rome, and no 
doubt other places as well.  Anywhere in Syria it would have been 
available.  The point of frankincense in the Christ mythos seems to me 
not so much the commercial distribution of it as the symbolism of Jesus 
being a Hierophant; gold symbolizing kingship, and myrrh symbolizing 

Speaking of the Magi, I have been wondering why the hereditary priest 
caste of the ancient Iranian Medes (corresponding to Kohanim, Brahmins, 
& Druids) should have become the epitomes of wonder-working mysticism 
for the ancient Mediterraneans.  This was the origin of the word 
"magic," and the "Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster" was a magician's 
manual of ancient Rome--not actually Zoroastrian at all, but it traded 
on the exotic resonance of the name.  I have not found any evidence 
that the magical practices of the ancient Greeks or Romans had the 
slightest thing in common with the Zoroastrian religion!  Probably the 
average Roman had little or no idea of actual Zoroastrianism, so the 
void in his information could be filled in by all kinds of wild 
fantasies.  After all, the Zoroastrians were mystics of the 
mysterious Orient (Rome had no direct contact with India or China, but 
they did deal with Iran), and the Magi had long been tripping on the 
mythical psychedelic haoma.  In the Christ mythos they got associated 
with astrology, but the original astrologers came from the other 
mysterious Oriental land, Chaldea (Iraq), which at the beginning of 
the Christian era was part of the Sassanian Empire.  So to an ancient 
Greek or Roman, the mystical/astrological thaumaturgists came out of
this somewhat hazy idea of the magical Orient.  

The reputation of the Magi persisted even stronger in Islamic Iran, 
as you can see in the poetry of Hafiz, where the "Pir of the Magi" 
symbolizes the Sufi shaykh, and in the metaphysics of Mulla Sadra, 
where the ancient "Pahlavi sages" are given credit for first 
understanding the symbolism of Light as Being.

beh may sajjadeh rangin kon garet pir-e moghan guyad
keh salek bi khabar na-bud ze rah o rasm-e manzel-ha

Stain your prayer mat with wine if the Magus tells you to,
for such a traveler knows the road, and the customs of its stations.

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