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definition--High Magick vs. Low Magick--opinions please

To: alt.magick,alt.magick.tyagi,alt.pagan.magick
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Re: definition--High Magick vs. Low Magick--opinions please
Date: 14 Sep 1997 12:18:56 -0700

49970914 aa2 Hail Satan!

squeegee@your.third.eye (G Leake):
# A local neo-pagan woman did this show on modern western Ceremonial magick,

why shouldn't a ceremonial magician do it instead?

# and she defined high magick as being ritual/ceremonial magick, and low
# magick as shamanic. 

this is one perspective, though I think it is a conflation of categories
typically employed.  this is not to say it isn't valuable, depending on
one's meaning, but generally it is awkward given what is added below.

# She says that is the consensus in the magical community. 

is there such a consensus?  more often I have run across the notion that
"high" magick is any endeavor which attempts mystical/spiritual ends, 
"low" magick (often 'magic') being confined to gross material matters.

we've got two categories we're throwing around here:

		(1) high/low -- sometimes associated with elevation, 
		 as in the case of 'high/low german', 'upper/lower
		 egypt', etc.; sometimes related to classes; 
		 sometimes conforming to a cosmological scheme
		 ('high' => closer to the 'divine'); and sometimes
		 correlating with a class distinction in that
		 it relates to bodily centers or cakras (the low
		 being focussed on worldly, sexual, acquisitive
		 concerns, the upper being intellectual and/or
		 more 'spiritual').

		 typically the individual making the discernment
		 places hirself on the 'upper' end of the spectrum
		 and thus gives support to the notion that 'high
		 magick' is most accurately associated with a kind
		 of taxonomizing, intellectual elitism than anything
		 else.  occasionally you'll get the odd Satanist or
		 or endarkened witch who is hip for the 'low', natch.

		(2) ceremonial-scripted/shamanic-intuitive -- 
		 neither is it a given that the ceremonial is always 
		 a scripted affair, nor is it necessarily true that
		 shamanic rites are completely intuitive, though it
		 does seem to be a prevalent attitude amongst the
		 practitioners of each semi-ambiguous grouping.

		 the terms themselves extend into one another.  
		 there are meanings for 'shamanic' which include
		 what many ceremonial mages do, for example.  and
		 there are rites which some shamans do that should
		 properly be described as 'ceremonies'.  usually
		 those who make this division have simplistic 
		 notions and mean to imply a kind of 'theater-play 
		 versus intoxicated drum-rite' division.

# ...Georg Luck's idea in his book Arcana Mundi ... the ancient Greeks 
# defined theurgia (high magick) as any magic meant for divine union, 
# goetia (low magic) as any magic performed for selfish reasons.
# What do you think?

I think that proceeds from an outmoded paradigm of Ptolemaic, geocentric
cosmology, in which Terra sits within a batch of rotating concentric
spheres, She being the 'lowest' while the uppermost is the most 'divine'
or 'spiritual'.  fairly anti-terran and ascetic per my experience.

generally I find an inversion of this to be more tasty, though both 
models are of course incomplete.  the inversion goes something like this:

	'low' magick is more connected to the divine (material) realm,
	whereas 'high' magick centers on the ravings and obsessions
	with figments of imagination seeded by star-demons aeons ago
	to enslave the human race to their chieftain Jehovah. (nagasiva)
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with a right and a left hand, the right being Christ, the left Satan." - CGJung

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