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Hermetic Self-Destruction Ritual

To: alt.magick.moderated, Thelema93-L
From: (Hsi Wang Mu)
Subject: Hermetic Self-Destruction Ritual
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 15:54:05 -0500

Summary: This is a ritual for self-destruction in a Hermetic flavor.
Keywords: suicide, lightbody, hermetica, ritual


Do as you please, for that is my Law.

Hermetic Self-Destruction Ritual

By Hsi Wang Mu


This ritual is designed as an advanced working for those who have
successfully developed their Body of Light and are ready to commence
the sacred journey beyond the mundane world.


Beyond the possible necessities of having contacted and communed
with the Holy Guardian Angel, developing one's Body of Light to
absolute perfection, and resolving all material world affairs,
the following items will be necessary:

Poison (suffient to effect a slow but sure death)

Bottle of ticks (ravenous and lively)

Scalpel (seriously sharp)

Ice Pick (rusty)

Bolt Cutters (light but effective)

Acid (pref. Aqua Regia or some more potent concoction)

Chain Saw (the lighter the better)

(optional) Firecrackers (illegal in some states)


The Invocation of the Angel

Such an invocation of one's Holy Guardian Angel is considered dangerous
and unusual to some adepts.  Nevertheless, it is vitally important that
the unification of Self and Angel has taken place by the time a ritual
such as this is effected.  Even if this be the first and last occurence
of the event.

Use the means best suited to your particular relationship.  There are a
few popular versions (by Crowley, others).

The Visualization

In comfortable repose, begin visualizating the consolidation of your
Body of Light into an adamantine substance.  If you are an adept in the
field of Chinese Alchemy, this is the time to prepare to ingest the Pill of
Immortality (and of course this is therefore a more suitable Tool to use 
than the Poison).  See the perfect formation of undefiled Spirit
beneath the dross and utter limitation of your flesh.  Know that this
Prison, this Tomb, this Carcass, the Vehicle for the Manifestation of
your Consciousness has served well but will now be eliminated for the
release of your Eternal Soul (which you have appropriately prepared).

The Christian Creed

It is here that the Poison shall be utilized, explained very carefully
within the Gospel of Mark: "They shall speak with new tongues; they
shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it shall
not hurt them."  Some mages would of course wish to precede the Creed
with the handling of deadly snakes such as do the Appalachians, and
in fact this can be a very inspiring alternative to the ingestion of
Poison if the right types of the deadly snakes are used (those whose
poison is not too quick-acting).  It is appropriate also to precede 
the Working with a banishing if this is your need.

Before ingesting Poison or consuming the Pill or being struck by the 
Minions of the Twofold Daemon, repeat the following:

I believe in One Secret and Ineffable LORD
 and in one Star in the Company of Stars
 of whose fire I am created,
 and to which I shall now return.

I believe in one Father of Life,
 Mystery of Mysteries, in His name, CHAOS,
 the sole vice regent of the Sun upon the Earth
 and in one Spirit, the nourisher of all that breathes.

I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all,
 and in one Tomb of Flesh wherein I was shackled 
 and from which I shall be released,
 Mystery of Mysteries, in Her name, BABALON.

I believe in the Serpent and the Lion,
 whose power lifts me up and allows me
 to set this Tomb of Flesh aside for
 the Pure Body of Light now present,
 Mystery of Mysteries, in Its name, BAPHOMET.

I believe in one Gnostic Catholic Church of Light,
 from which I draw this Body,
 and out of which I am baptized a Master of the Temple,
 Holy of Holies, the Last Sacrifice,
 the Word of whose Law is THELEMA.

I believe in the Communion of Saints,
 that mystical and perfect Deluge of Blood,
 poured forth unto the Cup of Babalon
 from the hearts of the faithful,
 the unrestriction of which is AGAPE.

And forasmuch as meat and drink are transmuted
 in me daily into the Tomb of Flesh, 
I believe in the Miracle of the Mass,
 confessing one Baptism of Wisdom
 whereby I accomplish the Ascension.

And I break these chains forever,
 one, individual, and eternal, I am that I am.
{administer Poison/Pill/Predator}

Babalonian Working

After the Poison-Pill has begun to work, yet before complete
incompacitation, draw forth the bottle of ticks and select 5.
Place these on the following body parts while reciting the

{place one on the perineum and one on clitoral hood or penis glans}

Blessed be my sex,
 for it informs my gender and allows for the experience of ecstasy

{place one on the belly button}

Blessed be my stomach,
 for it contains that by which I shall live and die

{place one just above the clavicle bone}

Blessed be my throat,
 for it allows me to Speak the Mysteries unto the cosmos

{place one at the third eye}

Blessed be my mind,
 for it inspires me to end the torture of the flesh

The Issuance of the Sword of the Will

At this time take up the Scalpel in thy right hand and proceed
to perform the following incisions and recitations:

{stab the scalpel into the forehead}

Thou art!

{slice down the center of the face, perhaps .25 inches into skin,
 (just drawing blood), down the throat and to the belly}

The Prison!

{stab the left shoulder}

And the Sorrow!

{slice across the chest, deeply, then stab the right shoulder}

And the Pain!

{stab through the genitals}

Forever Abominations!

The Banishing of the Body of Darkness

Now that the Sword of the Will has been inflamed, heed well the
words of the Master: "Upon the blade... is inscribed the Word
of the Law, [ThELEMA].  This Word sends forth a blaze of Light,
dispersing the dark clouds of the Mind."

Now the ritual banishings begin.  First the rusty Ice Pick, then
the Bolt Cutters, in quick succession before the Passion of the
moment leads to forgetfulness.

{Take up the Pick and gouge out thy eyes, stating:}

If Thine eyes offend thee, gouge them out!

{Take the Cutters and slice out thy tongue, mouthing:}

For the Avenging Angel HUA shall slice out mine tongue and I shall
 be struck dumb for ever and ever, perfecting the Fourth Power!

{Uncork the Acid and pour it into thine ears, then over thy hands,

And Thou art Lord alone, and there is none beside Thee.  Thou dost
 what Thou wilt with Thine beauteous Speech, and these fragile and
 useless membranes canst only but sully its measure.  Who dost
 submit themselves to Thee and fragment the pitiable Tomb, unto
 such an one Thou art propitious.

The Dispersion of the Elemental Quarters

Quickly, before the Gnosis ensues and you are thrust through
the Veil into the Dimension of Light, start the Chainsaw (should
be running already or electric-start) and, sitting down,
visualize the following as you perform the following actions:

Visualize the element Air dissolving into Pure Light.
 {Saw off your left arm.}

Visualize the element Earth dissolving into Pure Light.
 {Saw off your left leg.}

Visualize the element Fire dissolving into Pure Light.
 {Saw off your right leg.}

Visualize the element Water dissolving into Pure Light.
 {If you are able, saw off your right arm.  If not, have
  no fear, for the Right Hand of God is most potent.}


If consciousness persists (and especially if one arm yet remains),
use a candle to light firecrackers and throw them down your throat,
just as they are about to explode.  Visualize shooting stars,
forever blotting out the Body of Darkness and its Abominations.

THUS shall we achieve the Holy Order of Perfect and Pure Light.
THUS shall we divest ourselves of this Horrid Tomb of the Flesh.
THUS shall we ascend into the Absolute Heaven of Our Lord.



Of course nobody would be so foolish as to think themselves ready for
such an advanced working as this!  BEWARE!  The wilderness is overrun
with briars and the first Obstacle upon the Path is the Pride of the
Advanced!  Let this be your warning and your Salvation.

Free love, right now!

Hsi Wang Mu

Copyright (C) 1995
tyagi nagasiva

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