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Heptagrams Excerpt

Subject: Heptagrams Excerpt

   Heptagon [INLINE] and [INLINE] Heptagram [INLINE] [INLINE]
     * Seven is a mystic number traditionally associated with Venus and
       more recently with Neptune.
     * It is the number of feelings and of instincts - of the Group Mind,
       of Love, whether that strange, indescribable but pervasive feeling
       of love is towards another person, a pet, oneself or one's God.
     * 'Love' embodies tremendous sexual energy, the emotions of which
       may be directed in various ways.
   It is the inward directing of that emotion, the containment, the 'love
       inside', that is symbolised by the heptagon. It is the love we
       'hold' and can equally signify a deep religious conviction, a
       forming of our God in our own image or an infatuation with another
       . It is feeling contained.
   The 7-pointed star or heptagram is a mystical occult symbol. Like the
       pentagram, it has been called the Witch's Star, also the
       Astrologer's Star.
        Beyond six points, the polygrams all have multiple configurations
            and the heptagram may be drawn in two different ways - an
            obtuse form and an acute angled form; both forms are
            unicursal, here shown together with the third 7-point figure,
            the heptagon.
     * In qabalistic terms, the number '7' is attributed to Venus. It
       relates to Man's mundane feelings and his instincts - to his
       sexuality . It relates to Man's place in the pattern of Nature and
       to his linking with the Group Mind - the undifferentiated Soul of
     * Man's pattern of mundane life is much ruled by the seven day cycle
       of the week. The seven classical 'planets' : Sun, Moon, Mars,
       Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn lend their names to the days of
       the week and may be arranged around the figure of the heptagram.
       [INLINE] Placed around the acute heptagram in the order of their
       apparent speed of movement in the heavens, the 'planets' are
       ordered along the unicursal line in the order of days of the week.
   The heptagram also relates to the seven chakras of the body.
     * These are the energy nodes that rise up the course of the spine
       from the basal node, where is coiled the Kundalini serpent, to the
       point at the top of the head.
     * The mundane well-being of the body and its aura are linked to the
     * The heptagram is symbolic of this balanced, flowing of bodily
       energies and of health. It is a symbol relating to healing and
       dynamic balance of the body physic.
   There are two forms of heptagram :
     * The obtuse form suggests passivity, contentment and attuning with
       nature and its forces; of healthy rhythms and normal sexuality; of
       balanced feelings and satisfied desires; of normal receptivity and
       awareness of the feelings of others.
     * The acute, active form suggests an outgoing interaction with
       nature's forces, making progressive use of them and directing
       sexual energy. It suggests strong feelings and strongly expressed
       desires; likewise perhaps, heightened sensitivity to the emotions
       of others. It is a symbol of the empath and the healer.
   Combining the three seven - pointed figures together, creates a
   beautiful mandala of meditation.

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