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Getting Results and Learning Magic

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Getting Results and Learning Magic (was cat Spell Kits)
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 21:36:22 GMT

50010730 VI! om Hail Satan!

rbuehl :
>> If a person is sick they go to the doctor and get a prescription 
>> *i.e. pill kit* to get them better. 

> So you're saying that Cat Yronwode's spell-kits should be subject to
> FDA approval....

my impression is that the idea is that someone who is familiar with
condition problems and who makes remedying items available to those
with a need may package commonly-used items together for the
convenience of the interested customer.

>> As someone who is new to the world of spells and magic, I myself have
>> stocked up on books to try to educate myself.  Many people do not 
>> have that kind of time or the resources to even attempt it. 

> Then they should forget about magick altogether.

no need. they can just practice the Art without attempting to enter
into the Hermetic Ascension Scheme. see below.

>> It is far better that they get instructed or guided by someone who 
>> is aware of exactly what should be happening and what it will 
>> affect rather than going to the guy down the street that will turn 
>> your ex into a frog for a few bucks or rip off artists with 900 
>> numbers promising *miracles* for 3.99/minute.

> How do you know whether the practitioner you go to is a fit person 
> to guide you? 

that would depend in part on whether you are the kind of person who
wishes to replace the guide at some point (i.e. you want to use the
whole for instruction) or if you are looking for someone who can do 
a quick job for you and you can move on with your life without
having to do magic for oneself.

the analogy I'd use is for "Tune-Up Packages" from an auto dealer.
one may easily purchase the points, plugs, filter, et al, from the
mechanic, then ask hir to do the tune-up for one, but this prevents
one from learning about automotive mechanics and about one's vehicle.

it is the *customer* who decides, and the mechanic who makes either
route possible. different customers want different routes to the
same objective.

to take your argument to its logical conclusion within this analogy,
the *real* mechanic-adept-to-be would wish to learn about all the
various means of machining and other technical skills that would
be necessary to *build* the replacement parts, then learn how to
replace them hirself. having someone else provide the parts or do
the work makes learning about it (*IF AND ONLY IF ONE LEARNS BY
DOING* rather than by reading, or other methods) more difficult.

for the first type (learn to replace the guide), a greater degree
of circumspection and observation of the individual is necessary,
because we are attempting to learn from them also and we have to
discover what kind of instructor they are and if we will be
compatible as a student.

the second type (get a job done quickly) may rely on recommendations
from friends, reviewing publications (Consumer Reports), the Better
Business Bureau, or even one's intuitive and/or practical assessment
of the expertise of the individual who is in charge or who is going
to do the job for us (if indeed the two are different).

> You examine how they conduct themselves when they are subject to 
> scrutiny. 

that will tell us one thing, and a valuable bit of information it
may be, but it won't tell us (considering that you appear to be
focussing on the learning-to-replace-the-teacher type) what they
know, whether we will be able to learn from them, or whether there
is some kind of personality conflict going on between us.

> And even then, bear in mind that many confidence tricksters have 
> the ability of appearing not to be confidence tricksters off to 
> a fine art.

agreed. any way of which you're aware to consistently discern
the con from the real thing beyond how they hold up to your
scrutiny? how long have you been using this method? have you
had confirmation from other sources on your results?

blessed beast!

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