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Franz Bardon and his teachers.

To: alt.magick
From: (Gnome d Plume)
Subject: Re: Franz Bardon and his teachers.
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 02:55:36 GMT

On 27 Apr 2002 14:06:42 -0700, (Richard
Laufenburg) wrote:

>Franz Bardon and his teachers.
>The Czech magician Franz Bardon (born Dec 1, 1909 in Troppau (-Opava),
>Moravia  died July 10.1858) made a big impact on the German occult
>scene since the 1950's when his books first appeared in Germany. Soon
>his books were translated into English and since then his influence is
>growing more and more in the English speaking world
>Many of his followers are asking: Who were Franz Bardon's teachers?
>There is a lot of speculation out there about this question. One can
>obviously see the influence of Paschal Beverly Randolph in Bardon's
>first book: Initiation into Hermetics (For ex. Magical mirrors, fluid
>condensers etc).
>Paschal Beverly Randolph was a nineteenth century, black American
>spiritualist, Rosicrucian, and sex-magician who travelled extensively
>in Europe, the near and middle east. His most famous book is: "Magia
>An other name that comes up a lot as one of Bardon's teacher is Rah
>Omir Quintscher.

*****I've heard this fellow referred to as "Quinchel" (s.p.?) He was
apparently in a Nazi prison camp with Franz (see *Frabarto*). ***** 

>Who was Rah Omir Quintscher? Not too much is known about this person
>at this time. But undoubtedly more about this magician will be made
>public in the not too far future, especially since his books are now
>being made available in photocopied versions on the "grey" German book
>So far I can only quote what is published in the very well
>researched:"Lexikon des Geheimwissens (Lexicon of the secret
>knowledge)" by Horst E. Miers. This book is published in Germany by
>the Goldman-Verlag, ISBN No: 3-442-12179-5
>The "Lexikon" says about Quintscher that Rah Omir Quintscher is a
>pseudonym for Friedrich Wilhelm Quintscher who was born Oct.3, 1893 in
>Nassen, Germany and died May 8, 1945 in Seichen/Jauer, Silesia (now in
>Poland). Other pseudonyms that he used were Ram Ophias, Chakum Kabbali
>and "Fredo von der Welt".
>The"Lexikon" further states that Quintscher was the founder of the
>Orden der mentalischen Bauherren (Order of mentalistic builders). He
>also founded the: Arbeiter Freimaurerbund (Workers Fremason's league),
>Afrikanische Bauherren (African builders), Johannisbrueder (St. John's
>brothers) and many other groups. For a short while Quintscher was also
>a member of the Fraternitas Saturni.
>Some books that Quintscher authored are: Denu val gumas, das ist die
>Magie des Willens oder das sagenhafte Geheimbuch der Bauherren (Denu
>val gumas, this is the magic of the will or the legendary secret book
>of the builders).
>An other, book which he published under the name Rah Ophias is: Das
>Buch der magischen Praktik (The book of the magical praxis).
>Also according to the "Lexikon", Quintscher worked also with Dr.
>Mussalam a pseudonym for Franz Saettler PhD who was born March 7, 1884
>in Bruex (Bohemia) and died around 1942. Mussalam is an Arabian word
>meaning: "intact". Mussalam the founder of the Adonismus (Adonism) and
>the "Adonistische Gesellschaft fuer das deutsche Sprachgebiet
>(Adonistic society for the German speaking territories)." Mussalam was
>the grand master of that society. According to the "Lexikon"des
>Geheimwissens the Adonistic Society was a sexual-magical organisation
>founded May 1, 1925 by Mussalam. They declared themselves as the
>European sister organisation of the oriental order Nizam el Khat.
>According to the "Lexikon" part of the Adonistic teachings are
>transmitted by Franz Bardon in his works.
>Dr. Mussalam travelled a lot in Orient. After the First World War he
>met there oriental esoterist who admitted him into their lodge
>organisation as Brother Mussalam Chakum. Chakum is a chaldean word
>meaning: initiate. The Chakums are the initiates in the mysterious
>temple-city Bit Nur in the legendary Nuristan. To the Adonists Bit Nur
>is the oldest holy shrine in the world of mankind.
>The "Lexikon" also mentions that Franz Bardon belonged to the circle
>around Karl Winfurter in Prague. Apparently Franz Bardon was
>Weinfurter's master student. Weinfurter was a Czech Mystic. If you
>like to know more about Weinfurter's teachings you can get a book from
>Kessinger Publications in Kila Montana (they are on the net). The name
>of the book is: Man's Highest Purpose. ISBN

*****Very good information. To this add Dr. Georg Lomer *Seven
Hermetic Letters.* Apparently he was the actual author of *High Magic*
included in *Frabato.*  Dieter Ruttenberg also suggests that Rudolph
Steiner was an influence on Bardon. *****

Good Magick!

Gnome d Plume

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