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Satanic Mano Poderosa

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From: (SOD of the CoE)
Subject: Satanic Mano Poderosa
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 09:16:23 GMT

apologies for any duplication: technical difficulties.

Magical Record 5/5/00 NULatix

A Satanic Mano Poderosa
		boboroshi, SOD of the CoE

I had been in a ritual all evening long, listening to favoured music
(Yessongs), working on organizing the warehouse, and coming to
know once again the place which recorded music has for me in my
magical rites. I knew that something was going to happen this
evening, considered the possibility of a demon summoning, but
knew that the signs were not right for this.

at 11:30 ArkaotikA Time I remembered that this evening, Nulatix,
was the best time for Black Arts, and considered spending the
evening reconstructing a bottle of Black Arts Formula Oil. having
ascertained that a third of a bottle remained, I looked around for
its components and discovered that one of these, Patchouli, was
on order, and so I would not be able to make the Oil. it was at
this time that I conceived of the construction of a Power Hand --
a conjure bag or magical talisman which could be carried for the
purpose of adding to my power (personal, magical). I reviewed
the Laboratory jars and bottles, the drawers of curios and
talismans in the Showroom, and selected those items which
seemed most appropriate to me for a bolstering of power.

I gathered the following materials: Mustard Seeds (Black), pinch; 
Dog Hair (Black), lock; Devil's Shoe Strings (9); Blood Root; Devil Pod;
Rattlesnake Rattle; Badger Tooth; Black Panther Penis Amulet; Black
Pepper Corns (9); Mullein Leaves, pinch; Dragon's Blood, pinch;
Demon Statue, small; Mojo Bag, green; a Skull and Crossbones Charm;
a Black Offertory Candle + matches; vial of Black Arts Oil, (dressed
with Black Arts Oil) Workshop Wand (a screwdriver which is heavily
used in the Laboratory)
I sewed the Skull and Crossbones Charm onto the green Mojo Bag,
tied a knot in its string, and laid out the various elements on a piece of
paper on the work bench. around the herbs, seeds,  minerals and hair, 
I placed the Devil Pod, Rattlesnake Rattle, Badger Tooth, Penis Amulet,
and, at the top of the radial arch that these formed around the piece of
paper, I set the Demon Statue.

at midnight I doused the lights in the lab, took up the Workshop Wand 
and lit the black candle. then I began to chant "Om Kaliya, Ha Satanas"
as I wove the bag in my mind using the flame of the candle as a
binding thread, moving with the Wand from the flame to each of the
elements for the bag and back. then I dressed the inside of the bag
with Black Arts Oil, soaked the Dog Hair in the vial, and mixed it
with the crumbling Mullein Leaves. moving on, I dressed the rest of
the solid, individual objects such as the Devil Pod, Badger Tooth,
Rattlesnake Rattle, and lastly, the Demon Statue, continuing my
soft chanting. I observed and recalled the power of these items in
my mind as I dressed them and replaced them on the paper before me.

then I began placing the items in the bag, beginning with the Dog Hair
and Mullein Leaves, moving to the Seeds, Root, Corns and Dragon's
Blood. at this time sri catyananda called to me from the next room,
and then came looking for me as I placed the curios into the bag.
when I had placed the last into the bag, she asked me what I was
doing. I responded that she must have heard me chanting Her name,
and that I was making a mojo bag. after showing her what was in
the bag, she suggested that I might want to add the $2.00 bill that
I had sigilized and placed under a lodestone which I was using to
train money (just after starting it we also found a source on
Chinese and Japanese business luck -- Beckoning Cats -- and when
they arrived we had the best business day in our history). I agreed
that was a great idea and, after obtaining it, adding a few more
sigils on the bill, and dressing it with Black Arts Oil, I folded it
(away *and* toward me, rotating it clockwise) and placed it in
the bag, tying it closed. pinching out the black candle flame, I
put the Wand away and retired for the evening.

my feeling about this bag is that it will draw power from its
general environment and redirect it toward for my use. for this
reason my inclination is to show its contents to any who have
an interest, their curiosity and reaction adding to the bag's
ability to assist me. later I considered that I may wish to give
the mojo bag a name, and I remembered that the typical name for
it is a "hand". immediately I thought of 'Hand of Power', or in
Spanish, the Mano Poderosa. this could be interpreted as the
hand of one's god(s) affecting assistance in the life of the
dedicated. I am dedicated to Kali, and understand Satan to be
an essential element of Her potency. my intent is to add items
to the bag as I find them worthy (I've already considered the
addition of a seal, for example), and deposit them elsewhere
when they have completed their stay in the Mano.

I intend to carry this bag with me all the time, to draw to it 
and from it the power I desire for personal and magical
effectiveness in my social and ritual dealings with the
world around me. it is the first mojo that I have so carried
other than the Lovers bag which I carried when apart from
sri catyananda after we fell in love. the other bag that I
made (Dream Vision Bag) I only occasionally use at night,
and I think I'll have to get a necklace string for it so that
it does not get lost while I sleep (last night I dressed that
bag and placed a photo of sri catyananda's shadow in it so
that I might dream of her -- last night she was not in my
dream and the bag had fallen from my hand).

hereafter I will analyze the contents of the Satanic Hand of
Power based on my interpretations of the Lucky Mojo labels and 
catalogue that describe these items (written by sri catyananda).
the Rattlesnake Rattle seems to most perfectly represent the
'theme' or purpose of this Hand. its general effect is to be as
a Ward or Talisman and Battery, protecting and bolstering me
in times of adversity and environs of challenge (comparable
to the effects of a Balinese or Chinese demon mask and Vajra
or Tibetan thunderbolt combined).

	Badger Tooth -- money luck (I associated it with fierce defense)
	Black Panther Penis Amulet -- strength/success for stealth/strategy
	Black Pepper Corns (9) -- drive away adversity
	Blood Root -- wards against adversaries
	Demon Statue -- (I associate this with aggressive protection)
	Devil Pod -- protection verses adversaries
	Devil's Shoe Strings (9) -- protection verses crossing
	Dog Hair (Black) -- breeds familiarity with infernal spirits
	Dragon's Blood -- ward off adversity; money luck and love luck
	Mullein Leaves -- influence on enemies; summoning of demons
	Mustard Seeds (Black) -- causes confusion to enemies 
	Rattlesnake Rattle -- courage, personal mastery, luck
	Mojo Bag, green -- money and general luck
	Skull and Crossbones Charm -- protection against adversity

blessed beast! 
Satanic Outreach Director,
Church of Euthanasia (
-- ; ; 
emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

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