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Sacred Waters

To: alt.lucky.w,alt.magick.tyagi
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Sacred Waters (was: Re: Ganges River Water)
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 12:05:38 GMT

In alt.lucky.w, Kevin Filan  wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone else here had experience with
> Ganges River water? I was fortunate enough to be able to
> get some a year or so ago.  I kept it on a shelf, in its
> copper container, until very recently, when I was having
> some problems which suggested oppression (lack of energy,
> general malaise, etc.)
> I opened the vial and did a typical "headwashing" using
> this water... and noticed immediate and dramatic results.
> I felt better almost instantly... and definitely plan to
> get some more as soon as this runs out.  (I found a little
> dab will do ya... this is some powerful stuff.  My head
> cleared up after I hit it with two, maybe three good-sized
> drops of the Ganges water).
> I have never had any particular interest in visiting
> India until this experience (the monicker notwithstanding);
> now I am definitely considering going for a swim in the
> Ganges at the earliest opportunity.

I have never had contact with Ganges water, but the subject of holy
waters in general is one of importance to me . For the past 50 years
both my mother and i have made a practice of attending every holy spring
or stream about which we have been told and which was accessible to us
during the normal course of our travels. She has collected enough
material on such places to write a book, and she got me started on this
subject when i was still a babe in arms. 

I have had many remarkable experiences at these springs and streams --
even with bottled water, such as you describe -- that is, not being
present at the place itself, but bathing in or drinking the water. 

There is quite a lot of healing and blessing power in the bottled
Madonna Water from Italy (sorry, i can't recall offhand the name of the
place of origin, but it has been a holy spring since neolithic times and
was renamed in honour of the Virgin Mary in the Christian era; the water
is sold as a beverage in blue tear-shaped bottles in fancy stores iall
around California). Madonna water is a lightly carbonated mineral water
and its effects are felt when it is taken internally. 

The water from the so-called "Geronimo's Spring" in the center of Truth
of Consequences, New Mexico, is one that i would give a definite top
rating to as well. It REALLY perks you up! It is for bathing, not

For many years, bottles of Lourdes grotto water were avaialble
commerically through Catholic supply houses for use in healing. I
suppose they might still be, but i have not seen them lately. I never
bought one, and now i wish i had. 

The waters of the Dead Sea in Israel are reputed to aid in cases of
psoriasis (an inherited chronic auto-immune disease affecting the skin)
and people travel there from all over the world to bathe there and lay
in the sun. Remissions are said to last for months or even a year -- far
longer than from conventional treatments. There are spas and sanitaria
all around the Dead Sea for psoriatic patients, and it is a major
tourist destination on that account alone. 

Big Spring in Missouri is the spring with the largest volume output of
any in the world. No spiritual or medical claims are made for its
waters, but i found that being physically in the waters, which disgorge
turbulently into a beautiful natural swimming hole, had a very
enlivening effect on me. I think that it is the sheer POWER of the
output of this spring that awakens the senses in this case. 

The river Kennit, formerly known as the river Cunnt (yes, meaning cunt
or female genitalia) in England is said to be a holy stream. It is quite
small in volume and flows from a source called Swallowhead Spring. I
have never tasted or bathed in its waters, but i believe that they are
said to have healing properties in cases of fmemale ailments.  

Of course, these brief mentions only skim the surface of the subject of
holy waters, so to speak, but the topic is one i find of great value, as
it reaches deep into the subjective level of magical and spiritual
Hearing any other experiences along these lines would be of interest to

cat yronwode 

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