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From: "Tom" 
Subject: Re: Names, was (Re: Money Spells (was: Re: Tiriel (was Re: Ritual)))
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 07:03:27 GMT

"AmberBarbara"  wrote in message
> You know, Tom, I never thanked you for posting this bit
> about my saint.  I looked at the pics but I was wary about
> replying because I thought you might be pulling my leg.
> Saint for 9-11 seemed a bit fantastic...

The world is a very strange place.

> The country of Syria?  Sounds like St. Barbara is/was
> needed in Iraq.

I wonder what would happen in there was a concerted effort among Catholics
to petition for her intervention.  Those folks could use a miracle about

> This seems like a good time to mention how much I
> appreciate all the references and links that you post.
> I appreciate the opportunity for learning that comes
> out of your posts.

I'm gratified to hear it.

> Between the re-appearance of this thread and the current
> Names threads I was reminded of a story about how my
> parents fought over what to name me at the time of my birth.
> My mother wanted Catherine and my father wanted Kathleen.
> I wonder how my life would have been different if I had been
> called Kathleen or Catherine and how strangely prophetic it
> was that they chose to name me Barbara.  Except and
> fortunately my father and I are reconciling.  God/dess does
> not need to hit my dad with a thunderbolt or anything like that...

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.  It breaks a karmic circuit.

> I think Catherine is a saint but Kathleen is not...

 "I shall never rest until I am hidden and enclosed in that divine heart
wherein all created forms are lost, and, so lost, remain thereafter all
divine; nothing else can satisfy true, pure, and simple love. Therefore I
have resolved so long as I live to say always to the world that it may do
with my exterior as it wills, but with my interior this cannot be allowed,
because it cannot, it will not occupy itself except in God, nor could it
possibly wish to do otherwise, for he has locked it up within himself and
will discover it to no one.
     "Knowing that with all his power he is continually striving to
annihilate this humanity, his creature, both inwardly and outwardly, in
order that when it is entirely destroyed, the soul may issue with him from
the body and thus united ascend to heaven; in my soul, therefore, I can see
no one but God, since I suffer no one else to enter there, and myself less
than any other, because I am my own worst enemy.
     "If, however, it happens to be necessary to speak of myself, I do so on
account of the world, which would not understand me should I name myself
otherwise than as men are named, yet inwardly I say: my self is God, nor is
any other self known to me except my God.

     "And likewise when I speak of being, I say: all things which have
being, have it from the essence of God by his participation: but pure love
cannot stop to contemplate this general participation coming from God, nor
to consider whether in itself, considered as a creature, it receives it in
the same way as do the other creatures which more or less participate with
God. Pure love cannot endure such comparison; on the contrary, it exclaims
with a great impetus of love; my being is God, not by participation only but
by a true transformation and annihilation of my proper being."  -- St.
Catherine of Genoa

There are others:  Catherine of Siena, of Alexandria, of Bologna, de Medici,
de Ricci, and of Sweden.

There's an interesting Pagan connection to Catherine of Alexandria.  She was
due to be tortured to death on a wheel, but the wheel miraculously broke.
However, the axe that then took off her head didn't break and off to heaven
she went.  In Ireland, her name was attached to a celebration of Lughnasadh
in which a wheel is tarred and rolled down a hill symbolizing the decline of
the sun.  This wheel is now called the "Catherine Wheel".

Catherine of Alexandria, along with St.  Barbara, is among the top fourteen
most helpful saints in heaven, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Kathleen is simply an Irish dialect version of Catherine.

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