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Santisima Muerte

Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 07:58:54 -0500
From: "E Bryant Holman" (
Subject: Santisima Muerte

The major prayer to the Santisima Muerte.

Do not attempt to do any magic with the Santisima Muerte unless you
prepare yourself completely first, have an effective amparo, and
you are prepared to perform the complete ritual and pay the manda
afterwards. This prayer is just for scholarly purposes only, shall
we say. 

I say this because, first of all, it won't work if you
don't perform it correctly. 

Second of all, if you conjure a spirit such as this with
lack of seriousness of purpose, you will be tormented for having
wasted her time. 

And thirdly, if you "open the window" to the spirit world in such 
circumstances with no amparo, any ghost or demon can get you, and 
you will be at their mercy.


Jesus Christ the conquerer, who on the cross was conquered, conquer
(name of person), that he be conquered with me in the name of the
Lord if you are a fierce animal tame as a lamb, tame as the flower
of rosemary; you must come; you ate bread, of him you gave me and
through the most strong word that you gave me, I want that you
bring me (name of person), that he be humbled, defeated at my feet
to complete what to me he has offered. Santisima Muerte, I beseech
you lovingly inasmuch as Immortal God formed you with you great
power to over all mortals so that you might place them in the
celestial shere where were may enjoy a glrious day without night
for all eternity and in the name of the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit, I pray and I beseech you that you deign to be my
protectress and that you concede all the favors that I ask of you
until the last day, hour and moment in which your Divine Majesty
commands to take to before your presence. AMEN.


original Spanish:

Jesucristo vencedor, que en la Cruz fuiste vencido, vece a fulano
de tal, que estE vencido conmigo en nombre del SeOor si eres animal
feroz manso como un cordero, como la flor de romero; tienes que
venir; pan comiste, de El me diste y por la palabra m.s fuerte que
me diste, quiero que me traigas a fulano de tal, que estE
humillado, rendido a mis plantas a cumplir lo que me ha ofrecido.
SantIsima Muerte, you te suplico encarecidamente que asI como te
formU DiUs inmortal con tu grande poder sobre todos los mortales
hasta ponerles en la esfera celste donde gozaremos un glorioso dIa
sin noche por toda la eternidad y en el nombre del Padre, del Hijo
y del EspIritu Santo, yo te ruego y te suplico que dignes ser mi
protectora y me cocedas todos los favores que yo te pido hasta el
'ltimo dIa, hora y momento en que su Divina Majestad ordene
llevarme ante su presencia. AMEN.


This is only one of five prayers that are necessary for the
complete prayer ritual. This one is called the "Oracion de la Santa
Muerte". The other four are 
   the "Jaculatoria", 
   the "Oracion para atraer al espiritu de la persona", 
   the "Oracion al Angel de la Guarda de [person's name] llamandolo", and 
   the "Oracion de la Sabila".

Other saints that are mentioned in "Oracion al Angel de la
Guarda..." are San Cipriano, Santa Elena, Santa Marta, Caridad de
Cobre, and the Virgen de Covadonga.

Santa Elena de la Cruz is invoked in her own right as a spirit who
helps women gain control over their men, using the power of the
three nails that affixed Jesus to the cross. One nails the third
nail, symbolically, in the heart of the person one intends to
charm. This is very common practice and a lot of people have this
prayer memorized.

The sabila is the aloe vera plant. This is an interesting concept,
that a plant might be considered to have a spirit, and that this
spirit can be invoked or conjured. This is definitely an Indian
belief, and I say that based on the interviews that I have had with
Tarahumara Indians about their own set of beliefs, which includes
that in the power of the spirits of medicinal plants, such as
peyote, for instance.


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