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My First Limpia

Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 22:36:59 -0500
From: "E Bryant Holman" (
Subject: My First Limpia, or, "Against the Gallina Negra"

I have visited several times now with Carlitos who, as
you know, is a powerful curandero who lives in Gomez
Palacio, Durango. Carlitos is going to instruct me from some
of the ancient books he has, and he is going to help me with
the book on curanderismo and brujeria that I am going to

On Thursday of last week, I spoke to an American couple
who have been here for about four months now - mostly
staying at a place that they believe to be La Esmeralda, a
small community near here across the Rio Conchos from
Ojinaga: but where they actually are is a neighboring
community of San Francisco, or San Pancho as it is popularly
known, which is just over the hill from La Esmeralda.

I told them that I knew San Pancho very well, as I used
to visit there a lot, when I dated a girl from there, Eva,
some ten or so years ago, when I was first working on this
book. I said that I liked the girl, and everything was fine
with her and her family, except that I finally got fed up
with all of them because of their obsession with brujeria,
which seemed to dominate their thinking, to the point that I
finally just left the girl, because I didn't want to hear
any more about it.

The couple said that this was uncanny that I should
mention this, and they had the same impression, and that
this brought up some items that they had not discussed with
anyone else. So, to make a long story short, it is clear
that the woman, Connie, has been bewitched and that her life
is in mortal danger.

They have been staying at the house of a man who has
certain characteristics related, in a way, to schizophrenia
- he talks to himself and repeats things over and over
again.  He rides a burro around, and I have seen him many
times, but I have never spoken to him. The funny thing
is that I took a picture of him on his burro several years
ago, and it is on the background of an old home page of
mine, located at

Recently, Connie said that she saw a mark on this man's
arm - three red dots in the form of a perfect triangle - and
when she asked the man what this was, responded by asking,
"Sabes de las brujas?" Later, Connie saw these same three
marks on her own body, and later on, when she looked they
were gone.

I asked Cuca about this later that day, and she said
that Connie was in mortal danger, that she was going to die.
I asked her if she could cure Connie, and she said that she
could, but then the "mal" would go into her, and she would
be in danger. She said that this was "La Gallina Negra" [The
Black Hen or Black Pullet] - a particularly powerful and
evil type of magia negra. You can look that up on the
internet, on Google, and find references to this, which are
taken out of the Book of San Cipriano, by the way. 
is an example of what I am talking about.

[Actually, the name comes from the 18th century Frech grimoire
"The Black Pullet," in my opinion -- cat]

I asked her if Carlitos could cure her, and she said that he certainly
could - that he was more powerful than any practitioners of La Gallina
Negra. I knew that already, actually. So I told Connie that she didn't
need to worry, that she was going to be all right, but that she had
better not go anywhere, and that she had better be available when
Carlitos got back from Gomez.

What suddenly worried me greatly was when it suddenly occured to me
that this was a Thursday, and that the next day, Friday, was one the
days in which the witches can hear you when you are talking about
them. So, I knew that Connie and her husband, Darren, would talk about
this between themselves, and the witches would hear my name, and I
would be in grave danger. So, it happens that Carlitos had given me
his card and told me that I could call him there in Gomez any time I
wanted to, and that he would be available for me. So I did just that.

At first I tried him at home, and he didn't answer, so I called him on
his cell phone, and I spoke to him, and I told him my situation. He
told me what to do to be protected for now, and that when he got home,
he would provide a protection for me on his own altar there, and I
would be completely safe, with an "amparo". What he instructed me to
do is the following:

Take two images of San Miguel Arcangel, and place one above and one
below a photo of yourself - or of the person who will given the
amparo. Get a red candle (preferably a veladora of San Miguel himself,
which I just so happened to have), say the prayer to San Miguel
(which happens to be on the back of the veladora - that was handy!)
and light the candle and set it on top of the images. 

Later, I talked to Carlitos again, and he said not to worry about a
thing - that he had placed an amparo for me and that when he got to
Ojinaga, he would fix everything. I thanked him for that, and I took
home a novena of San Miguel, and I have started that. Last night I was
on the third prayer.

For my images of San Miguel that I placed my photo between, I used
novenas, since I have a whole lot of them anyway.

Connie and Darren were supposed to come back that evening, but I
didn't see them until the next day, Friday. When they got there, I
decided that, since Carlitos had an amparo for me, I would be safe in
doing a limpia for Connie. So, I did just that.

I gave her a copy of the novena of San Miguel, and told her to look at
his picture, and meditate on that, and to take off her glasses and
baseball hat. Next, I did three persinaciones, and I told her to, at
the point that one usually kisses the cross and three nails that one
makes with one's own hand, that she do that herself - on "amen" she
kiss her own hand. After that, I got a small crucifix and just made
the sign of the cross in the same pattern as one does with the
persinacion, and I prayed the Doce Verdades del Mundo while doing so.
I then pulled the evil ("males") out of her fingertips, and I said,
three times: "Espiritu de Connie, ven y no te quedes", to which I
instructed her to reply "Ay Voy".

After that I annointed her on the head with Perfume de Siete Machos
mixed with holy water, and I asked her to turn around, and, into the
center her back, just below her shoulder blades, I blew one strong
puff, and told her she was ready.

I told her to bring me a photo of herself, which she did later, and I
put it in with mine between the two images of San Miguel, and told her
to pray the prayer on the back of the candle. She asked me if she
should do so in English of Spanish, and I told her either one, and she
chose Spanish.

She said that she felt a lot better: That, up until then, she had felt
a terrible depression, and that this ritual had completely lifted it.
I was glad she felt that way, but I was not so sure myself about the
effectiveness of all of this, and I called Carlitos again later, and I
told him all of the new details. He did not say whether my efforts
were worth the trouble or not, frankly, but he asked what her name
was, and I said "Connie", and he said he would put up an amparo for
her, too, and that she would be safe. Later on, I told her so.

Connie has had sort of like premonitions, which I would say are
probably like communications from her guardian angel, at various
stages in this. And she is sure that she was informed that I am
supposed to begin practicing what I have learned, and that this is
what I was doing here. 

She said that she was pretty sure that the witches were spying on her,
and I told her that they would probably just send ghosts to do that,
but that she would know that they were coming personally to spy on her
if she saw either a small owl - a lechuza - or a ball of light. She
said that she had indeed seen a ball on light - in the room where she
was the night before, up in the corner.

	She also said that she had heard a voice, and that she
could not make out all of the words, but that one word that
was repeated a lot was "regresar" and "regresando". I told
her that the witch was complaining that Carlos was going to
turn their magic back on them ("regresar el mal"). When I
talked to him about that, he said that this was true. He was
very angry because they would have tried to harm me, and
that he was going to punish them. "Estan jodidas," he said.
This is going to be a classic "pleito entre brujos". Cuca
says he is going to take away their power. But I think he is
going to do worse than that.


there is a picture of the traditional gallina negra, a
Spanish breed, which is what one uses in the ritual of
initiation to the secret knowledge of the sect. However,
these hens are not available, and so, the witches here
perform another kind of sacrifice instead, which is so
unspeakable, that I won't even speak about it. But, suffice
it to say, that if you knew what I was referring to, you say
to me - tell Carlos to to his worst!

Connie and Darren are moving to another place. They were
moving today, and they stopped by to see me a couple of
times. Connie's sister in law is a publisher and movie
maker, and Connie is going to help us get our book published
(I say "our" book because I have a feeling that Carlos is
going to contribute so much stuff that I will have to give
him credit, in all fairness).

Carlitos had some input from the spirits that guide him,
concerning the book. They want to make sure this book has
information which readers who have undeveloped "dones"
(plural of "don" - to be clear here) will need. What their
concern is (the spirits, that is) that these people, if they
choose to take up magia blanca, that they have amparo, and
so it is especially important that I include certain prayers
from these very old books, which I must recommend for this


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