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An Effective Amparo

Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 23:53:39 -0500
From: "E Bryant Holman" (
Subject: An Effective Amparo

No curandero would ever work without an amparo. If
you cure a person who has been "mal puesto", the spell,
after leaving the body of the victim, will just go right
into you, and you will either become sick, in grave danger,
or you will just have aches, pains, and a headache. In any
event, it is not worth it, so don't even try!

The best amparo is one that comes naturally, and that is
the fact of being "cruzado": having a very clearly marked
cross on the palm of ones right hand.

After that, an effective amparo is one that is given
to you by a powerful curandero, who would have to be more
powerful than any brujas or hechiceros against whom one
might cross swords, if one were to remove spells from
"patients", or if one were to go about conjuring up spirits
and "opening the windows" to the spirit world.

Barring either of these circumstances, the most
effective sources of amparo are:

1. The Santa Cruz

2. San Miguel Arcangel

3. San Cipriano del Campo Mayor

The most effective use of the Santa Cruz is the
practice known as "persinarse". There are several sayings,
which are repeated to give force to this practice, and then
there is ritual itself.

One crosses oneself, in a motion that the staff goes
from up to down, symbolizing the planting of the cross on
Golgotha, over the bones of Adam, and the crossbar is from
right to left "porque el demonio siempre se arrima por la
mano izquierda" - to show that one moves from the evil to
the good.

First one crosses oneself on the forehead, across
the eyes, with the words "Por la señal de la Santa Cruz"
(Through the sign of the Holy Cross)

Next one crosses oneself over the mouth with the
words "De nuestros enemigos" (From our enemies)

Next one crosses ones heart with the words "Líbranos
Señor Diós nuestro" (Free us Lord our God)

Then one crosses oneself from the forehead to the
midsection and from shoulder to shoulder with "En el nombre
del Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, Amén" (In the name of the
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen), and on the last syllable
of  "Amén" one touches ones heart, and then kisses ones
hand, which is held in the sign of the Santa Cruz.

The sign in which one holds ones hand when one does
this is thus:

The thumb is upright and the forefinger bent, with
the thumb in front as you look at it, forming a cross. The
three remaining fingers are held straight up symbolizing the
three nails. You must only use your right hand.

Here are the saying that are associated with the

"Cruz Santa
Cruz Fuerte
Te convido
En la hora
De la Muerte
Con los clavos Me persino
Y me abrazo de la Cruz
En mi cabecera pongo
A mi verdadero Jesús"

"Holy Cross, 
Mighty Cross
I invite you 
in the hour of my death
With the nails I cross myself
I embrace the Cross
And on my bedstead I
 place my True Jesus."


"¿Porqué nos persinamos tantas veces?
Porque endondequiera nos persiguen nuestros enemigos.
¿La Cruz tiene virtúd para librarnos de nuestros enemigos?
Sí. Tiene virtúd, por haber muerto Cristo en ella.
La primera en la frente
Para que nos libre Diós
De los malos piensamentos.
La segunda en la boca
Para que nos libre Diós
De las malas palabras.
La terceraa en el pecho
Para que nos libre Diós
De las malas obras."

"Why do we cross ourselves so many times?
Because wherever we are, our enemies follow.
Does the Holy Cross have virtue to free us from our enemies?
Yes. It does have [that] virtue, through Christ having died on it.
The first on the forehead
So that God might free us
Of evil thoughts.
The second on the mouth
So that God might free us
Of evil words.
The third on the breast
So that God might free us
Of evil works."


The prayer of San Miguel Archangel:

"San Miguel Arcángel,
defiéndenos en la batalla.
Sé nuestro amparo
contra la perversidad y asechanzas
del demonio.
Reprímale Dios, pedimos suplicantes,
y tú Príncipe de la Milicia Celestial,
arroja al infierno con el divino poder
a Satanás y a los otros espíritus malignos
que andan dispersos por el mundo
para la perdición de las almas.

"Saint Michael Archangel
defend us in the battle
Be our protection
against perverstiy and sorcery
of the devil.
Repress him, God, we supplicants pray Thee,
and you Prince of the Celestial Militia,
fling into hell with your divine power
Satan and the other milign spirits
who go about dispersed in the world
for the loss of souls.

In order to have amparo either before one opens the
"window to the spirit world", or if one fears one has been
hexed, or if one is attempting a limpia and fears that the
spirits that are cast out will go into oneself, one prays
this prayer, with the following acts:

1. Take a picture of oneself, or the person who will
receive the amparo, and place it between to images of San
Miguel - one image above and one below. If no picture is
available, write the person's name on a pice of paper and
subsitute it for the picture.

2. Place a red candle (preferably an actual votive
candle with San Miguel's image on it) over the images and
light it, and pray the prayer.


The use of San Cipriano as an amparo.

1. Place and image of San Cipriano over the name or
photograph of the person who will have the amparo.

2. Light a purple candle, preferably a votive candle
of the saint himself.

Pray the complete set of prayers including the three
creeds each time you perform any cures, limpias, or spells,
especially if you are working with dangerous spirits, like
the Santisima Muerte, for instance.

The complete set of prayers to The Glorious Martyr
San Cipriano Translated from the Spanish by Bryant "Eduardo"
Holman, Special advocate of the those who are bewitched or
are in danger of being so. Also for travelers, those in
prison, and especially for women in childbirth.

In the name of the All Powerful God, Creator of heaven
and earth, of all the saints, martyrs, and confessors, of all
of the Virgins and the blessed, of all of the angels and
seraphins and so many powers and denominations that serve
and praise the Divine Majesty on His high throne, I
supplicate such a sweet Lord, that to me these may be
conceited so many virtues that this prayer contains, so that
the demon is buried away from me in the hour of my death,
through the intercession of San Pedro and San Pablo, through
the obedience of Isaac and Jacob, through Zacarías and that
of Jacob, through the supplications of those who keep vigils
in the praise of the Lord, through the sacrifices and the
martyrdoms of all the Holy Apostles and through the bush
that Moises saw burning, even though the fire consumed it
not, that I may see myself free from all the harm of ghosts
and diabolical visions, the same to many who may pray,
burden or assign to other persons this prayer, as was
promised to your clarified martyr San Cipriano, that those
who occur to him may be see themselves free of sudden death,
of lightning, of earthquakes, of fire and of calumnies, of
evil tongues, of evil thought of visible enemies and if some
person attempts some evil against them, that person will
become shamed and remorseful and publicly declare his guilt.


Omnipotent and eternal God, I supplicate thee through the
humanity and poverty with which thou wert born, through the
painful circumcision, through the copious perspiration of
blood that thou hadst in the Prayer in the Garden, through
thy most holy passion and through the intercession of San
Miguel, San Gabriel, San Juan Bautista, Santo Domingo, San
Sebastián, San Fabián, San Marcos, San Lucas and all of the
saints in the court of heaven, that I may see myself free of
all harm and danger of relapse especially through the
intercession of my beloved and blessed martyr San Cipriano,
that thou mayest concede to me as much as this devotion asks
of thee. Amen.

Here one prays three Credos to the Santísima Trinidad and
then the following. 


Most glorious bishop and martyr San Cipriano, I
supplicate thee through thy most bitter martyrdom and
through the glory that thou dost enjoy in the company of all
of those whom like thee have obtained the most happy and
deserving crown of martyrdom, that thou mayest free me from
the sorcery and enchantments of the infernal dragon, from
sudden death, from lightning and earthquake, from evil
neighbors, from dangerous highways, from robbers, from
prisons, evil tongues, from false testimonies and in the
end, that placed at thy feet and covered with thy vestments
I may be free from all of my enemies both visible and
invisible and that covered with the cloak of Magdalena that
I attain a pardon such as that of that blessed saint that my
soul be purified and my luck be happy. Amen. 


Bishop San Cipriano
Of the greatest field
Free us from all sorcery
And of all sorcerers. 

So immense is thy power
That the Lord conceded to thee
That in the hands of the sorcerer
None can even compare. 

Thou hast promised to succor
Him who is in need
Thou dost heal the enchanted. 

With the greatest brevity
Thou givest liberty
To the unhappy prisoner. 

Of all that which is afflicted
Thou art the celestial consolation
Thou art the stairway to heaven
Of that which to thee has occurred. 

Thou dost give protection to the invalid
Thou givest company to the traveler
And thou art a sure consolation
Top him that acclaims thee constant. 

At all hours and instants
Against lightning and earthquakes
Thy avocation is sweet,
Who has thy devotion
Will never be seen in prisons. 

Thou dost bury the temptations
Which the demon presents to thee
Whom thy prodigies don't decrease
Thou dost free from evil tongue
And from false testimonies. 

Therefor he who is in prayer
Might be carried in thy company,
Thou hast promised that he would be
Free from persecution. 

The woman who is in the affliction
Of her childbirth will pray to thee
And if with faith she invoke thee
Thou wilt mitigate her longing,
Thou dost protect through thy virtue
All who invoke thee. 

The persons who had this prayer and wished to reach
as many virtues as they have conceited, should pray three
Credos to the Santísima Trinidad, and on Sundays a Padre
Nuestro to San Cipriano through the intention of those who
may have been hexed or in danger of being so, and also for
those travelers, prisoners and women who will give birth.
The woman who is in labor will go without danger if she has
lived in the grace of God, since the Lord concedes to us as
many as he finds convenient, always if we labor under the
Holy Law. 


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