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use of hotfoot powder and other defensive magick questions

From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: use of hotfoot powder and other defensive magick questions
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 19:04:21 GMT

blackbriar wrote:

> firstly, i have a case manager who is supposed to be helping me get
> disability.  the system is screwing me over.  she has no idea what her
> clients' rights are, and has made no attempt to find out, even though
> she has been presented with ample opportunity.  people are not getting
> the benefits they are entitled to because of her, and it has had a
> devastating effect on my life and probably the lives of other clients
> as well.  i've tried to change casemanagers; the others kept going on
> maternity leave right when i needed them most.  i've made numerous
> complaints to her supervisor and her supervisor's supervisor.  
> nothing. this woman's ignorance, bad advise and misinformation is 
> wreaking havoc in the lives of people who have come to her for help.  
> i want her to loose her job, at least until she can do it responsibly.

A simple spell like burning a black human figure candle carved with her
name and dressed with Crossing (Jinxing) Oil or with Hot Foot Oil would
be the traditional hoodoo way. Protect yourself with slippery elm bark
(to prevent slander and back-biting) and with hyssop herb (to atone for
any harm your trick causes to her). 

> i've a number of spells to gain employment, but nothing to cause
> someone to get fired or suspended.  i've done some research on this,
> but want to learn a little more before i act, however it's becoming a
> pressing need, as my family is starting to suffer from the loss of
> income resulting from this woman's stupidity.  i decided it would be
> best to begin with a mild crossing formula, altered slightly for
> causing trouble with employment.
> how do i do that?

For yourself, try Uncrossing (Jinx-breaking) and follow it or combine it
with Steady Work (Trabajo) -- for instance, use the oil to dress a
candle burned on your name with your request for employment. Gravel root
and salt are said to be effective when looking for a job. Carry them in
a bag, Try to get some Steady Work powder on any forms, resumes, or
aptitude test papers you must fill out and, if possible on the

> i figured maybe adding a jupiter-related herb, - say, clove - to the
> basic formula.  advice, anyone?

Clove is used for money-drawing and for love. Gravel Root is more
traditional for seeking employment, however. Alfalfa is used to prevent

> my other question is about the proper use of hotfoot powder.  this is
> for another situation.  so far the information i've gathered tells me
> hotfoot powder is more for causing temporary discomfort than serious
> harm.  is that true?  

Not really -- Hot Foot Powder causes people to leave, to wander -- and
this may have a significant and permanent impact on their lives. Think
of the Robert Johnson Blues song, "Hellhound on My Trail," where he
attributes to Hot Foot Powder the fact that he cannot live in any one
place for long (and in truth, he did not). Details about Hot Foot Powder
and this song as an indicator of its proper use may be found at my Lucky
W Amulet Archive web page on Hot Foot and Crossing formulae. The URL is

> [snip] until now, i've never had a single problem with the daycare
> center, in fact, except for this, it's excellent.  [...] i don't want 
> to hurt the daycare center or the rest of its
> staff, but i do want wendy to feel the sting of the grief she's caused
> me and damie. getting an appology is not enough, although i don't want
> her fired.  i am planning on speaking to her supervisor this 
> afternoon.
> it occurred to me that hotfoot powder might teach her the lesson i 
> want her to learn.  

For this situation, Hot Foot Powder is not what i'd recommend -- it'd
probably cause her to leave her job. Its other names, Get Away Powder
and Drive Away Powder and Moving Powder, may make its use more clear. 

Try Cast Off Evil (to rid her of her bad habits) or Crossing (to punish
her) instead. 

> i thought of sprinkling some on her desk.  i don't want
> it to come in contact with the children in the center, who are all 
> very sweet, so i don't want to put it in her chair since some of the 
> kids sit there.  but nobody else touches her desk.

In hoodoo, there is an old adage -- "a trick only works on the person it
was put down for." That is, if you focus your will and attention and
speak your desire / request / curse as you lay down the mess, then it
will only work on the one it was intended to affect. Your use of
personal linkages (name-paper, bodily concerns like hair, or such) will
help cement the connection. 

Traditionally, "poisoning through the feet" is a good way to get at
folks, therefore it is common to lay down powders in carpet or at the
the doorway. Another handy plan is to put powders on door or drawer
handles, where they'll touch them with their hands. In families, a
well-known method of laying down such a trick is to put a little on the
oil in a person's comb or hairbrush. 

> how do i go about using the powder?  can i sprinkle it fom my hands, 
> or rub it on my hands and touch her, or should i avoid touching it at 
> all myself?  

Walk backwards while sprinkling and take an odd number of steps. Some
folks from the Caribbean like to put a bit of powder in the palm of
their hand and blow it. NThere is no urgent need to touch her directly,
although that is always effective. See my (FREE) Lucky Mojo printed
catalogue for further details on common methods of powder sprinkling and

> can the powder be charged to only affect her, so that if one
> of the children accidently came in contact with it they wouldn't be
> hurt in any way?  or should i only try using it in say, a poppet or
> candle spell and keep it away from the daycare center altogether?

As noted above, in hoodoo, a trick is said to only work on the person
it's laid down for. In neo-paganism, there is a cultural difference of
opinion, obviously, which holds that accidental touching can affect an
innocent bystander. 

Good luck -- and one other thing you might consider is performing a
simple "Guardian" spell for the daycare kids versus the bad care-taker.
I have placed one such spell online called Fiery Wall of Protection. As
presented, it is extremely strong (some might say vicious) against the
wrong-doer, but it can be easily modified to merely minimize the
unwanted person's influence or to cause him or her to reform from error.
Look for it online in the section of protection spells at the Lucky Mojo
Free Spells Archive at
If you have any questions about how to modify the Fiery Wall of
Protection spell to lessen its impact on the wrong-doer while still
promoting the welfare of the children, just post your comments here and
we can discuss it. 


cat yronwode 

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