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spell timing by the moon

To: alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.lucky.w
From: Christopher Warnock 
Subject: Spell Timing by the Moon
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 01:47:23 GMT

catherine yronwode wrote:

> wrote:

> > Most people believe that the phase of the moon effects a spell,

> WHOAH. This is not true. Some Americans and Europeans believe this. Be
> careful flinging around "most people" in any spell designed to be used
> by folks reading on the internet, which is international in scope and
> will certainly include people who do not subscribe to your beliefs. If
> you want to encourage the spell to be done during the waxing moon, just
> say so -- straight out -- but don't try to tell people what "most folks"
> believe, okay? :-)

> > so if you do, do this on a waxing moon (if your in a hurry, then do it
> > on a full moon at least if that is the phase the moon is in
> > currently), some say that it also be done on a Friday at 8 PM (both
> > ruled by Venus). And some even go farther to see what sign the moon is
> > in beforehand (I do believe Libra is the best sign for this, I'm not
> > quite sure). In any case, you really should at least pay attention to
> > the moon phase.

> Hey, that's your opinion, but i can tell you that one old woman who
> taught me spell-work said "never do a love spell at night by moon light
> because you'll just get a man who runs around at night like a tom-cat --
> do your love spells right before sunrise instead and you'lll get a man
> as honest and true as the sun."
> So, like i said, if you want folks to do this spell at 8:00 PM Friday
> night with a wxing moon in Libra, just go ahead and say so -- but
> spell-casting is not a group-consensus event, and not everyone will
> agree with your premises.


When you say Americans that does, of course, include some hoodoo
practitioners.   In Hyatt's HCWR at pp. 1914-1930 is an interesting
interview with informant 1445 from Fayetteville, North Carolina, entitled
"She Observes the Astro'mical Signs".

"If yo' wanta use a man's photograph, as well as ah kin undahstan', yo'
take dis photograph. Fust find de signs, astro'mical signs.  Yo know we
have twelve signs an' dose signs have sevens days in de month-yo's a
man, see.  Yo ketch dis sign whilst it in dis man's brain, if yo' want
to change his mind fo' any purpose.  If de sign is on de han' today,
well yo cain't do no business -not until dat sign come back nex' week
till de nex one come..."

    The informant then goes on to say,

    "Well yo' couldn't take no day tuh work it on no man except de sign
was on dat day."

    Hyatt then asks "The day you work it, you have to have the sign for
that day?  You have to have the sign for that day and you draw that sign
on the photograph?"

    The informant answers, "Dat's right"

Under Time and Hoodoo Spell Hyatt also has a section for use of the Zodiac
and Moon.

Of course these are very simplified methods of astrological timing.  If you
only rely on one or two factors you may not really be helping yourself that
much.  If I had to pick just one factor is would be Moon phases.  In
traditional (pre-1700) European astrology and philosophy the Moon rules over
the generation and corruption of all things here on Earth and connects the
sublunary with the celestial spheres.

I wouldn't chose Moon in Libra for a love spell as the Moon is weak as she
is peregrine there, not being in her sign, exaltation or any other
dignity.   Venus in Libra or Taurus, definitely.   Really what's necessary
is to look at many, many astrological factors for a particular time.  In
addition, you really need to look at the natal (birth) charts of the parties

This question inspired me to add a page to my website.  If you want a good
date and time for a love spell, to start a permanent relationship or get
married check out:

This is an almost classic marriage (i.e. 7th house as opposed to a love
affair, 5th house) election.  I recommend it highly.  Venus is strong, Mars
is strong, the Moon is strong and they're all making applying trines from
good houses.  Take advantage of it because this is unusual.

Christopher Warnock, Esq.
for Renaissance Horary & Electional Astrology
& Magical Timing
Renaissance Astrology Website

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