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oil recipes

To: alt.lucky.w,alt.occult.methods,alt.magick.tyagi
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: oil recipes
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 01:25:29 GMT

young one  wrote:
>  Joseph B. Wilson  wrote:

> > young one  wrote:

> > > what's a good book for oil recipes? 
> > > or even a url would be nice.

> > Here's my recommendations:
> > The anointing or dressing oils used in spells are easily made.  
> > Their name usually indicates their purpose.  You can develop your 
> > own formulas by selecting ingredients directly related to your 
> > purpose .

> > Take about a quarter of a  cup  total of the herbs in your formula 
> > and put half of that amount in the top of a double boiler.  Pour 
> > in a little more than enough light vegetable oil such as almond 
> > oil, sunflower oil or grape seed oil to cover them, and then 
> > simmer them under very low heat for two hours. Strain the oil 
> > through cheesecloth squeezing as much of it out of the herbs as 
> > you can, and discard the spent herbs.  Put the other half of the 
> > quantity of herbs in the top of the double boiler and pour the 
> > strained oil on them and simmer for another two hours.  Again 
> > strain the oil through a cheesecloth and store in a dark glass 
> > bottle in a cool place. It is good to have a little bit of the 
> > herb left in the oil.  If you are making an oil for a negative 
> purpose, use mineral oil instead of vegetable oil.

I would onbly add that some herbs are too delicate to simmer that long
and are better handled by merely letting them soak in cold oil for a
(longer) amount of time. One of the best Black Tobacco Oils i ever got
was made by soaking black Latakia tobacco in Almond oil for FIFTEEN

And that brings up another concept: stock oils. The Black Tobacco Oil i
mentioned above was constantly renewed and depleted by the man who made
it, much as one might use sourdough starter in making bread. When i got
a supply of it from him, i continued to treat it in the same way, as a
"starter" for the making of more Black Tobacco oil. I have been working
with it for three years now, taking some out to use, adding more tobacco
and oil as i use it. 

This method of working with oils is generally only employed with the
"brown" oils -- Tobacco, John the Conqueror, Lodestone, etc. It is not a
very good method for use with the florals or light-green herbal oils. 

As for mineral oil, yes, as Joseph points out, it is generally used for
negative formulae, in part because such formular often are based around
mineral and mineral-salt ingredients, such as suplhur. 

One notable exception to the "mineral oil for nagativity" rule is
Lodestone Oil a.k.a. Magnet Oil. Lodestone is a mineral and thus it
works best in a base of mineral oil, but it is used for attraction and
the drawing of luck in money and love affairs. 

> > Look at the traditional use or purpose of herbs in such places as
> > and
> >

Or buy my new book "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic," which lists 500 herbs
and their traditional magical ascriptions in the hoodoo tradition. :-) 

Or go to the web page i maintain on "Recipes for Potions Used in
Spellcasting" -- at
for a bunch of formulae contributed by numerous authors working in
several different magical traditions. 

(Seriously, thanks for the mention, Joseph!). 

> > I know this doesn't tell you specifically what to put together to 
> > make a specific oil, but I don't work that way. I kinda like to 
> > keep my specific recipies to myself.

I keep my recipes private, too. The items i have placed online on that
collaborative "Recipes" web page i mentioned above are protected by
copyright. They also represent a deliberate and very difficult choice on
my part to let some of my treasured recipes be seen, without
relnquishing my copyrights to them. I did this as a matter of mental
self-discipline, simply because it was *difficult* for me to do it.
Having done it, to the extent that i did, i stopped. I shall not be
putting further recipes online. I am not sure i gained anything from the
exercise... and i have had so much trouble from people plagiarizing my
material from my other web pages, that i have become unsure that the web
has much of a future as a method of communication. 

> thanks for that. after my initial post of this, i saw some of the 
> offerings at cat's site. i'll try your methods for any recipes that 
> i may get. the method sounds a bit like brewing beer :)

I agree. Making oils for magical use is a lot like cooking or brewing.
And making Four Thieves Vinegar is a lot like making salad dressing!  

cat yronwode 

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