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Natural Charms and their Traditional Uses

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Subject: Natural Charms and their Traditional Uses
   Adam and Eve Root
          Powerful for love. Woman carries Adam Root and Man
          carries Eve Root to keep the couple happy and true.
          Brings the blessings of the Celtic Gods, gives Wisdom
          and personal power.
          Wrap a Buckeye in a dollar bill, anoint with King
          Midas oil and carry near money for constant increase.
   Beth Root
          Carry in charm bag to send Evil spells back - removes
   Black Cat Bone
          Carry for good fortune - protection and financial
          Carry in a Red Bag to grant wishes, also blow to the
          four directions when seeking a lover.
   Cat Claws and Whiskers
          Put in a White Bag and place in a car to protect from
          accidents, thieves, mechanical problems and tickets..
   Cat Claws or Snake Head Root
          Protects from slander, arguements, and harrassment
          from enemies.
   Cats Eyes
          Breaks any spells and protects against Evil of all
          kinds, carry in a White bag.
   Camphor Cubes
          For prophetic dreams mix with Prophetic Dreams
          incense and burn before bedtime. Also excellent for
          cleaning ugly vibes out of homes, burn on charcoal
          and carry through home.
   Devil's Shoe String
          Carry in a Red bag for protection, also put in a
          small jar with whiskey and camphor, and when any sort
          of power boost is needed, take out a piece and carry
          or rub on hands.
   Fairy Wands
          Dedicated to Titania, Queen of the Faries, brings aid
          from The Little People and grants wishes.
   Four Leaf Clover
          Carry in your wallet for extreme good luck and
          increase in money.
   Galangal (chewing John)
          For success and favor in court.
   Healing Hearts
          Carry and rub with healing oil for heart and health
   High John the Conqueror Root
          An essential for any charm bag. Carry for love,
          gambling luck, good health, and money.
   Jezebel Root
          Powerful money herb as well as a powerful cursing
   Job's Tears
          3 included. Carry 3 to find a good job. 7 in a charm
          bag for good luck.
   Lucky Horseshoes
          Hang over a doorway to bring Good Luck and Happiness.
   Lotus Root
          Carry to keep thoughts pleasant and clear, attracts
          powerful spirits to give strength and help in all
   Ladies Thumb
          Helps get the one you want.
   Lucky Hand Root
          Carry in a green bag for the best of luck. Also is
          said to protect one from all the harm a hand can do.
   Mandrake Root
          Carry to draw Love, increase Virility, stop all Evil.
   Money Pods
          Carry and money quickly flows to you.
   Nutmeg with Mercury
          These nutmegs are filled with mercury to attract fast
   Orris Root
          Carry to attract a lover.
   Rose of Jerico
          For health, joy and wealth.
   Sand Dollars
          Protects finances from being stolen, lost, or
          frittered away.
   Samson Root
          Strengthens virility - carried as a charm will soften
          others hearts.
   Sharks Teeth
          Adds potency to any charm bag for money
   Snake Skins
          Carry in a yellow bag and anoint with Snake Oil for
          gambling luck.
   Spurge Seeds
          Carry 8 in a White Bag or hand over doorway to purges
          evil spirits, ghosts and poltergists from home or
          person, very strong.
   Star Anise
          A favorite good luck charm kept in home or carried in
          lucky bag.
   St. John's Bread
          Hang over doorway. Excellent protection from evil
          spells and poverty.
   Swallow's Heart
          Very potent love charm.
          To torment someone who has wronged you.
   Wish Bead
          A wish bead. Make a wish on one and toss it over your
          left shoulder into running water to gain your favor
          in 7 days.
   Wish Beans
          Wish beans to carry.
          Gives great occult power to anyone who owns one.
   Witches Burr
          Adds great power to any spell or ritual.
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