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Mystic Oils

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Subject: Mystic Oils

             The purpose of Oils is to direct the Candle to a  proper plane
    of existence. For instance a Yellow Solar Blast Candle needs Oils that
    belong to that sphere; you would confuse matters by putting on an Oil say
    like Dixie Love Perfume, a Passion Oil, when we are inspiring joy and
    happiness. Just as Colors and Incense have their range so naturally do
    Oils. There is also a correct way to dress or Anoint a Candle.
             Starting from the centre, coat the entire TOP HALF. This is
    done by putting some of the Oil in your palm or on your finger and
    rubbing all the way up to the top of the Candle. Then taking some more
    Oil you begin the same process working your way down. The reason for
    this is first you are sending your prayer upward and then you are
    drawing the answer downward. As above, so below. What goes up must come
    down. So as the Candle dissolves into the atmosphere it must come back
    with an answer since it cannot re-materialize itself.

            Oils have been used for may centuries for Magickal purposes, and
    it should be pointed out that a difference does exist between Oils,
    Perfumes, and Incenses. The Oils are mixtures of the extracts from the
    Herbs in their purest form. Perfumes and Essences are dilutions of the
    Oils, and therefore will be weaker in their power. We strongly suggest,
    that only the Oil form be used by anyone who is serious in his/her
    Rituals and Magickal Practices.

                                             More Power To You

                                  { A }

    ABRAMELIN:  One of the Oldest Wiccan Oils to develop the Power of your
                Ritual. Used to induce a trance state when used with Incense.

    ACACIA:     Used as a Holy Oil for Candles and your Altar.

    Adam and Eve:   Anoint the body to bring your lover to you. Have some on
                    your hand when seeing your intended; put some on his or
                    her and he/she will be yours from then on.

    ALGIERS:  Used to induce fast luck for gambling purposes. It has powder
              and Herbs in it. Good only 24 Hrs., but one of the Strongest.

    ALL SAINTS:  This Oil brings success to any Ritual. It is used in
                 conjunction with other Oils, and is also used around your

    All SPICE:  Used around and on your Altar. Has Spiritual vibrations,
                and strengthens any Ritual.

    ALMOND:  Attracts money. Rub some on your money before spending it.

    ALOE:  Used for healing purposes. Good for the skin and Hair. A few
           drops in a Mojo Bag makes it more powerful.

    ALTAR:  This Oil brings Spirits in who will assist you and make your
            work stronger. Place some on your Candles and your Altar. A
            drop on the forehead will assist you in Spiritual work.

    AMERICAN VOODOO:  Brings success to your venture. Rub it on the Charm
                      Or anoint the forehead. Rub on the Voodoo Dolls when
                      working with them.

    ANGEL:  Anoint a red Candle, and it brings Love. When placed on the body,
            it brings people to you. If placed on your intended, it will bind
            him/her to you.

    ANGEL'S DELIGHT:  Same usage as Angel Oil, but stronger for a short
                      period of time.

    ANISE:  Brings good luck. Sprinkle around the home and vehicle. Rub on
            your money before gambling and, if wearing a Charm or Amulet,
            anoint it before gambling.

    ANOINTING:  This is used to obtain Blessings. Anoint the Candles for
                extra Power in the Ritual. When used on White Candles, it
                calls in Spirits to assist you.

    APPLE BLOSSOM:  Add it to your bath, and it will bring success in any
                    venture. If used in a shower, put some on your head
                    and allow the shower to distribute the Oil over your
                    body. Place some on the towel when drying down.

    AQUARIUS:  To be used by Aquarians on their Astral Candles for good
               vibrations. Used to bring an Aquarian to you if a Pink
               Astral Candle is anointed with it.

    ARABIAN NIGHTS:  Brings out the passions of love. Anoint the body before
                     retiring, and it will be a night of passion.

    ARIES:  Used by Aries on their Astral Candles for good vibrations. Used
            to bring an Aries to you if anointed on a Brown Astral Candle.

    ARNICA:  Used to repel evil individuals or Spirits. Rub over your
             doorway and widows; this will prevent their entrance. A very
             Spiritual Oil, with high vibrations.

    ASTRAL:  Used to assist in Astral Travel and meetings. If you wish to
             meet somebody new, anoint your body with this Oil, and after
             seven days, you will meet someone new.

    ATTRACTION:  Anoint Pink Candles to bring him/her to you. If anointed on
                 a Charm or Amulet, it will bring someone new to you. Brings
                 your lover back when placed on a Red Candle. To bring in
                 more money, anoint your wallet or purse, and more Cash will
                 be attracted.

                                  { B }

   BALSAM:  Used to release Hexes and Curses. Rub onto the doors and windows,
            and then the body of the one who is Hexed or Cursed. Anoint four
            Purple Candles and burn in the house every week for additional

   BAT'S BLOOD:  Used to cause tension and disorder. Anoint an Astral Candle
                 of the one you wish to disturb.

   BAYBERRY:  Brings in more money. Anoint the money in your wallet or purse,
              and then the wallet. Sprinkle on the front doorway of your
              business to help it thrive.

   BENEFICIAL DREAM:  Anoint the forehead to get a good night's sleep and
                      induce dreams. Used to get numbers for gambling.

   BENZOIN:  Brings peace of the mind and quietness. Anoint the neck and
             the shoulders.

   BERGAMOT:  Increases the Power of other Oils. Add a few drops of this Oil
              to others for a fast, increase of Power.

   BERRY OF FISH:  Arouses sexual desire of your lover. Rub your entire body
                   before going to bed, it will be a night of passion.

   BIBLE:  Helps to bring success to a Ritual. Anoint the Altar and the Altar
           Candles. Will bring in the Power of the Bible to assist you.

   BLACK ARTS:  Used to put strong Power into your work against others. Can
                be sprinkled in the path of one you do not like, and it will
                cause him/her pain. When rubbed on a doorknob which is
                touched by your opponent, he/she will likely leave you alone
                from then on.

   BLACK CAT:  Applied to Amulets and Mojos to bring good luck. Place a few
               drops in your bath for continued good luck.

   BLACK DEVIL:  Stops unfaithfulness. Rub some of the Oil on the shoes of
                 the individual to be affected. A few drops in the food is
                 also effective.

   BLESSING:  Will bring Spirits to your assistance. Anoint three White
              Candles and burn them as Altar Candles, and you will hold
              them there to help you.

   BOSS FIX:  Sprinkle across the doorway or on his/her chair. Contact with
              the Oil will bring a raise or a promotion, and more money
              to you.

   BUDDHA:  Will bring Spiritual Guidance from Buddha. Anoint the forehead
            while meditating, and you will gain His wisdom.

                                  { C }

   CARNATION:  Brings good luck while gambling. Rub it on the hands before,
               and you will have a good night.

   CALIPH'S BELOVED:  Used to increase love. Anoint the body, and his love.
                      Anoint the body, and his love for you will be
                      Intensified. Anoint an Astral Candle of his and burn
                      it; he will remain with you more and more.

   CAMPHOR:  Mixed with Control Incense, it increases the Power. When
             anointed on Candles it promotes peace and harmony in the home.

   CANCER:  Astrological Oil for Cancerians. When anointed on an Altar
            Candle of your lover, it brings him to you.

   CANDLE:  Used to Bless Candles and other objects. Anoint the objects and
            say the appropriate Prayer or Spell as directed. Can be used to
            increase the Power of other Oils in Rituals.

   CAPRICORN:  Anoint an Astral Candle to obtain success { by a Capricorn }.
               To bring one to you, anoint the Oil on a green Astral Candle.

   CARNATION:  Anoint the head of a sick person to bring about a fast
               recovery. To prevent illness, anoint the throat and ankles.

   CASSIA:  Used to increase your Power of concentration. Anoint the arms
            and ankles before doing any Work for reading.

   CHINESE:  Used to attract money for a business venture. Rubbed on a High
             John The Conqueror root it develops strong attraction for more

   CHYPRE:  Anoint the body for good dealings with others in financial
            affairs. Rub the telephone and cash registers for good and
            increased business.

   CINNAMON:  Add to floor wash to increase business. Rub on the coins in
              your pocket to bring in more.

   CIPRIANO:  Rub on your hands before meeting your intended, then rub on
              his/her clothing. The target will be attracted to you.

   CITRONELLA:  Attracts friends and lovers. Will give increased knowledge
                and reason.

   CITRUS:  Stops unwanted visitors. Rub over door, and anoint an Orange
            Candle for this purpose.

   CIVET:  Rub on the hands for protection from others. If rubbed on the
           Solar Plexus, it brings Spiritual enlightenment. If placed on
           the breasts, it becomes a love attractor.

   CLEO MAY: Lucky Oil for gambling. For good business, wrap a dollar bill
             around a High John The Conqueror root and anoint with the Oil.
             Good luck and good business will be yours.

   CLEOPATRA:  Used by lovers to increase sexual enjoyment; anoint the bodies
               and the bed sheets. To bring back a drifting lover, anoint 7
               Red Candles made of beeswax. Place them in a Circle, and burn
               1 each night at midnight.

   CLOVER:  A love Oil placed on the pillow of your lover. This will keep
            him/her faithful and loving.

   CLOVES:  Place at the base of the neck and back of the knees. You will
            get the one you want. Strong love potion.

   COCONUT:  Used to break Spells...take your picture and place it face
             upward. Rub the Oil over it; this will break all Spells placed
             against you.

   COME TO ME:  Used to anoint the breasts to entice love. When a Red Astral
                Candle is anointed, you can draw the one you want to come to
                you. To bring in money, anoint a Green 7 Day Candle and burn
                it to completion. You will get the money during the time the
                Candle burns.

   COMMANDING:  Used to get another to do your bidding.

   COMPEL:  To gain Power for yourself. Anoint a 7 Day Orange Candle, and
            say out loud your intention. You will gain your objective while
            the Candle burns. To regain money lent out, write the amount on
            a piece of parchment paper, anoint it, fold it up and the burn it.

   CONCENTRATE:  To make the correct decision concerning a problem, anoint
                 the forehead. Meditate, and the right procedure or method
                 will e revealed to you.

   CONSECRATE:  Used to consecrate your tools or materials while doing Spell
                work. This ensures good results and strong ones. Used to
                Bless a Ritual; anoint the Altar and the Circle.

   CONFUSE:  Put several drops in the path of the person hindering or
             bothering you. He or she will have problems, and leave you alone.

   CONJURE:  Used to call Spirits; anoint a Purple Candle, and call on their

   CONQUERING GLORY:  To gain Power over others. Anoint an Orange Candle, and
                      inscribe their name {s} on it. Burn the Candle, and you
                      will have their assistance.

   CONTROL:  Rub on the forehead for peace and quiet. To control another, rub
             the Oil on the shoes of the person or his/her clothing. Anoint
             a Pink Candle, put the person's name on it, and burn it.

   CORIANDER:  Ensures a long lasting love affair.

   COUNTERACTING:  Anoint the wrists and feet to stop all other Spells and

   COURT:  Wear on the forehead, before going into court.

   CROSSING:  Rub on a Voodoo doll or Image Candle for Hexing or Jinxing.
              Sprinkle in your opponent's path, or around the home, so
              that the person must cross it.

   CROWN OF SUCCESS:  Helps gain success in all ventures. Anoint the Candles
                      for strong influence over others. When added to Business
                      Incense, financial help will come to the business.

   CRUCIBLE OF COURAGE:  Stops all Hexes and Inhexes. Rub on the forehead and
                         the body. Wear a violet scarf after a day's wait.

                                  { D }

   DAMNATION:  A Crossing Oil. Place on the person that you wish to Jinx or
               Hex. This will cause great discomfort and distress.

   DESIRE:  Inspires romance, and someone else to want you. Get the Oil on the
            person's clothing, or send him or her a letter with Oil on it.

   DEVIL'S SHOESTRING:  Gives 2 hours.

   DOVE'S BLOOD:  Anoint the feet before going to court. This will help you
                  to win your case.

   DRAGON'S BLOOD:  An Uncrossing Oil. Put into a wash, and wash the floors

                                  { F }

   FAST LOVE:  Will bring him to you rapidly. Anoint his clothes or shoes.
               Put some on your hand, and rub it on him.

   FAST LUCK:  A super mix for gambling and numbers. Rub some on your
               forehead, and you will pick the right numbers.

   FAST SCRUBBING:  Brings money fast; rub on lucky stone or Tiger's Eye,
                    and carry it in your pocket.

   FIERY COMMAND:  Enhances stronger love desires. Put some on your lover,
                   or his/her pillow, and he or she will love you more.

   FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION:  Sprinkle around the outside of your home for
                              complete protection.

   FIRE OF LOVE:  Strengthens love between two, if the Oil is placed on
                  the forehead of each at the same time.

   FINANCE:  Used to increase business, sprinkle around the office or
             building. Place on the cash registers.

   FIVE CIRCLE:  Used to guide the Spirits through the Five Planes to
                 assist you. Helps to get Visions of the future.

   FIVE FINGER GRASS:  Protection from harm Oil. Anoint the car and or
                       boat. Rub the clothing also.

   FLAME OF DESIRE:  Used to bring in the new lover. Wear as a body Oil when
                     you see him, and he will be trapped by you.

   FLAME OF POWER:  Anoint with this Oil as protection from Hexes. Very

   FLYING DEVIL:  Burn with Jinx Removing Incense to ward off all Voodoo
                  and Hexes. Very strong.

   FOLLOW ME BOY:  Used to win court cases. Anoint a Mojo Bag, and carry
                   it into court. To get another to work with you, anoint
                   two White Candles, and bring him to you.

   FLORAL:  A mild mixture used to control him. He will think only of you
            when you are wearing this Oil.

   FORGET ME NOT:  Put the Oil on him, and he will never forget you.

   FRANGIPANI:  Used to attract a new lover. Place on an orange and sit it
                outside your door. Within two days, you will meet someone

   FRANKINCENSE:  Used to anoint for the most highly Spiritual interests.
                  Brings many Blessings.

   FRENCH LILAC:  Used for protection of the home. Sprinkle it all around
                  the interior.

   FRENCH LOVE:  Develops a strong love relationship. Put it on the pillows
                 each night, and wear as an Oil.

                                  { G }

   GALANGAL:  Used to win in court; anoint the hands before entering the

   GAMBLING:  Win at gambling with cards and dice. Rub the hands and
              the shoes.

   GALBANUM:  Brings success in ventures, finding things, and new business.

   GARDENIA:  Protective Oil from stresses of everyday life.

   GEMINI:  Worn by Geminis to increase their Power. Put on a Brown Astral
            Candle to bring a Gemini to you.

   GERANIUM:  Used as a Hex breaker. Mix with Incense and be free of Hexes
              and Curses.

   GET AWAY:  Runs Evil out the door. Put some on your doorknobs, and Evil
              cannot come in.

   GINGER:  Anoint the body, and you will enjoy the day more fully.

   GLORY:  Enhances your character, and makes you feel better.

   GLOW OF ATTRACTION:  A strong Attraction Oil. Place behind the ears,
                        and attract new lovers to you.

   GUINEA:  A strong Protection Oil. Sprinkle a few drops across the front
            of your home. It will stop all Evil from coming in.

                                  { H }

   HAS NO HANNA:  Anoint your body once a day and you will never be without
                  some money.

   HEALING:  Rub on the body and it will be healed.

   HEATHER:  Makes dreams come true. Anoint the forehead, and you will
             dream more.

   HEART:  Strengthens the Power of the heart's desire, and gets you want.
           You must anoint the heart area every day.

   HEMLOCK:  Used when you want to travel more.

   HELIOTROPE:  For Spiritual use, and to direct your life to do good, and
                get the most happiness.

   HIGH CONQUERING:  Wear under the arm when involved in a court problem or
                     debate. You will think more clearly.

   HI ALTAR:  Strong Blessing Oil. Use around the Altar and on Amulets.

   HI JOHN THE CONQUEROR:  Strong good luck. For betting and playing numbers.

   HOLY:  Used to bless objects, or yourself.

   HOLY SATURATED:  Use like Holy Oil, but only when great strength is needed.

   HONEYSUCKLE:  Anoint the cash register, and more money will come in. It
                 will also attract the opposite sex.

   H & H:  Gives protection in the bedroom. Sprinkle it around, and the room
           will always be protected.

   HOT FOOT:  Used to make someone leave. Put on shoes and socks, and he/she
              will move out.

   HYSSOP:  A Blessing Oil, and a protective.

                                  { I }

   INCENSE:  Added to Incense to increase the Power.

   INDIAN GUIDE:  Brings help from your Guides when needed.

   INVOCATION:  Used to invoke Good Spirits, and to keep all Evil away from
                your Altar.

   IRRESISTIBLE:  Anoint the body, and you will attract the opposite sex.

   ISIS:  Anoint the forehead, and call the Old Goddess to assist you.

                                  { J }

   JACINTH:  Brings good luck. Anoint a 7 day Green Candle, and good luck
             will follow you.

   JALOP:  If you want to travel anoint your telephone and a travel offer
           will develop.

   JASMINE:  Used in Love Drawing Spells. You must evoke the Goddess of
             Love, and ask for assistance.

   JEZEBEL:  Anoint your head, and you will always have your way with any man.

   JINX REMOVING:  Anoint the body, and all Jinxes and Curses will be removed.

   JOB:  Wear as a body Oil to get a new job.

   JOCKEY CLUB:  Anoint you mail and the phone when thinking of your lover.
                 This will make your love stronger.

   JOHN THE CONQUEROR:  Promotes clear thinking and good will. Assists you
                        in all Spells. A strong gambling assistant. Added
                        to baths and shower.

   JOY:  Use to change a man's attitude. Makes you enjoy life, and feel

   JU JU:  Protection from Curses. When worn, no Curse or Hex can be placed
           against you. Must be worn daily.

   JUPITER:  Worn by one who wants riches.

   JUNIPER:  A Healing Oil, used by those who have heart problems.

                                  { K }

   KEEP AWAY ENEMIES: Worn as a protection from enemies.

   KEEP AWAY HATE:  Worn at work to stop all hate from others.

   KEEP AWAY TROUBLES:  A good luck Oil, worn for peace and tranquility.

   KHUS KHUS:  A strong love Oil to bring him back.

   KING:  Used to stimulate a sexual interest. Worn on the intimate parts
          of the body, to attract the one that you want.

   KING SOLOMON: Anoint the forehead, to gain Power and Wisdom.

   KYPNI:  Used to obtain success. Anoint any writing or contracts, and
           you will be right.

                                  { L }

   LA FLAMME:  Wear it to get a man who is not to willing. Wear it over
               the heart.

   LADY LUCK:  Used to win at cards, and while picking a Lucky Number.
               Anoint the hand, and then pick.

   LAVENDAR:  Sprinkle on the bed sheets and pillows for successful love.
              Sprinkle around your home for peace and tranquility.

   LEMON:  Used to call Spirits and hold them. Anoint a Blue Candle, and
           call for their assistance.

   LEMON GRASS:  A Healing Oil, rub over the affected area, and it will be

   LEO:  Worn by a Leo for good luck and good health. To draw a Leo to you,
         anoint a Yellow Astral Candle and put his/her name on it.

   LIBRA:  Worn by a Libra for health and luck. To draw a Libra to you,
           anoint a Blue Astral Candle, and write his/her name on it.

   LILAC: Used to call in good Spirits in a seance. Anoint the Candles,
          and they will come.

   LILY OF THE VALLEY:  A Blessing Oil for the most sacred items.

   LOTUS:  Used in magickal Ceremonies to call in the Spirit wanted.

   LIME:  To keep a man faithful, sprinkle some on his clothes.

   LODESTONE:  Brings good luck. Rub on your belt and your money. More
               money will come in.

   LOVE:  Anoint the body, and draw him to you. If both are anointed over
          the heart, the love will be eternal.

   LOVE BAIT:  Used to entice a man into a relationship. Wear the Oil on the
               wrists, and you will draw him in.

   LOVE BATH:  Mix into the bath water, and love will come to you.

   LOVE DROPS:  Apply to the sexual areas, and your lover will always want
                to be with you.

   LOVE BREAKER:  Apply to a letter or card, this will break the love ties.

   LOVAGE:  A strong enducement to obtain a lover. Out it on him or her,
            and the person is yours.

   LOVERS:  Put on both people around the heart area and the sexual parts.
            This will bind you together always.

   LOVE'S FIRES:  Used to generate an interest by another. Mix into Incense,
                  and burn in his/her presence. Wear it and carry it as an

   LUCKY:  A gamblers Oil. Anoint your money and shoes. You will always win.

   LUCKY DOG:  Anoint a Southern John The Conqueror root and win at gambling
               and numbers.

   LUCKY HAND:  Anoint the hands and win.

   LUCKY JOHN THE CONQUEROR: Wear this Oil when going to court, and stop
                             interference from the law.

   LUCKY LADY:  A woman's luck gambling Oil. Put it on your hands and money.
                You will win at dogs and numbers.

   LUCKY LODESTONE:  An Attraction Oil  to bring in more money. Anoint a
                     Green Candle, and then go gambling.

   LUCKY NINE:  A Mixture of nine Oils to bring you luck. Best on the 9th
                day of the month.

   LUCKY PLANET:  Anoint your Astral Candle with this Oil and draw on your
                  Planet to help you win and hold money.

   LUCKY THIRTEEN:  A Lucky Oil good only on the 13th day of the month.

   LUV LUV: To bring someone to you as a new lover and away from someone
            else. Must be put on a Mojo or Conjure Bag, and worn.

                                  { M }

   MAGNET:  Strong Oil. Anoint a Red Conjure Bag to draw your love to you.
            Anoint a Green Conjure Bag to draw money to you. Can also be
            used as a Healing Oil.

   MAGICK:  Put into your bath as a last resort, this is very strong. Used
            for any Spell to increase Power.

   MAGNOLIA:  Used as a Psychic aid. Anoint the forehead, and increase your
              Psychic abilities.

   MANDRAKE:  Good protection Oil. Also used to induce your lover to marry
              you. Anoint a Purple Bag, and carry it on your person.

   MAN TRAP:  A " last resort " Oil to get the man of your dreams. Put
              on a lime, and set it on the Windowsill facing the street.
              You will meet him within 7....

	   ...then handle your
           problems. Good when dealing with contracts and legal matters.

   MARRIAGE:  Rub this Oil on the hair of your lover, and then he will want
              to marry you.

   MARS:  Gives energy, virility and passion to the wearer.

   MARS WATER:  Used in Rituals to increase Power.

   MASTER:  Add to your bath water to keep Evil away. Worn on the body,
            attracts new friends.

   MECCA:  Worn for protection, and against accidents.

   MEDITATION:  An aid for meditation. Anoint the body, and your
                meditation will be better.

   MEMORY DROPS:  Anoint the body to remember things easier.

   MIMOSA:  Used so that you can remember your dreams. Mix into Incense,
            and burn before going to bed.

   MILLIONAIRE:  Wear this Oil, and riches will come to you.

   MISTLETOE:  Used to attract customers and increase business. Sprinkle
               around the store or building.

   MINT:  Brings favorable Spirits to assist you.

   MOJO:  Anoint any Mojo or Conjure Bag and add Power to it. If you need
          a special favor, anoint the wrists and ankles before you talk, and
          ask for the favor.

   MONEY DRAWING:  Anoint a Green Mojo or Conjure Bag and carry it with
                   you. Rub some on your money, and more will come. Must
                   be done every day.

   MONEY MIST:  Rub this Oil on your wallet or purse, and more money will be
                drawn to you. You will also have protection, so that you
                will not loose your money.

   MOSS:  Sprinkle around, an no one will rob you of your money.

   MOUNT:  Place your change in a jar, and anoint with this Oil. You will
           always have coins, and more will keep coming.

   MOSES:  Used to gain more Wisdom.

   MOVING:  Sprinkle around the house of someone that you want to leave. Put
            some across their front walk, and they will move shortly.

   MUSK:  Use on the ands and feet each morning to give strength and
          confidence for the day. Also draws love and affection from others.

   MYBRANE:  Used to break Hexes and Curses. Rub over doors and windows.
             Prevents Evil from coming in.

   MYRRH:  Used to guard against Evil. Mix into Incense and burn it. Also
           for the same purpose.

   MYRTLE:  Use to induce love from an old friend.

   MYSTIC:  Used to become invisible in a group. Used in Spells and
            Ceremonies to gain strength.

                                  { N }

   NAOMI:  Aids in overcoming problems. Anoint the body a, and
              anoint him or her with the Oil. Burn the Candles, and the
              Evil Spirits out.
   NARCISSUS:  Rub on the body for calmness and harmony in the home.

   NATURE:  Put into your bath, and increase your sexual Powers.

   NINE MYSTERIES:  Allows the wearer to gain secret knowledge.

   NOTRE DAME WATER:  Wear for protection against sickness and Evil. Assists
                      is overcoming problems.

   NUMBER 20:  A gambling Oil. Anoint your money. When used in love, it
               intensifies his love.

   NUTMEG:  Releases Hexes and Spells. Anoint an egg and then bury it; all
            Spells will be returned to the one who sent them.

                                  { O }

   OBEAH:  Applied to the temples, allows you to gain secret knowledge. Added
           to other Oils, increases their strength.

   OLIBANUM:  A Holy Oil; when anointed, you have Blessings and protection.

   OCCULT:  A Candle dressing for purity of the Spell or Ceremony.

   ORANGE:  Highly magnetic, and used to draw men to women.

   ORANGE BLOSSOM:  Used to start marriage plans.

   ORIENTAL:  When the heart is anointed, Spiritual aid is received.

   ORRIS:  A Love Oil for the beginner. Brings a man to you, and you
           are in control.

                                  { P }

   PASSION:  Apply to the arms and legs. This will arouse the passion and the
             love of the one that you want. Can be added to the bath also.

   PATCHOULI:  Sprinkle around the home for peace and quiet. Used to obtain
               money for specific reasons only. Anoint a contract or an
               agreement before signing it.

   PEACE:  Sprinkle around the house for continued peace and harmony. Must
           be done each week faithfully.

   PEACE WATER:  Used as a Blessing on Candles and Altars.

   PEONY:  Brings luck to business. Sprinkle around the store or business.
           Peppermint can also be added.

   PEPPERMINT:  Makes things change in your life. Wear as an Oil on the body.

   PINE:  A Sacred Oil used for purification and cleansing. Put into wash and
          do the entire home or business. Brings Spiritual aid in.

   PISCES:  Anoint the body for good luck and health. To bring a Pisces to
            you, anoint a Purple Astral Candle and inscribe his/her name on
            it. Burn it.

   POPPY:  Anoint your money and more will come. When burned in an Incense,
           Spiritual aid is received.

   POWER:  Anoint your Amulets and Charms to give you Power to overcome any
           obstacle. Put some in your bath each day, and your strength will

   PROSPERITY:  Anoint the body every day, and increased wealth and money
                will come to you.

   PROTECT:  Anoint the body and your house for protection form all Evil.

   PSYCHIC:  Anoint the forehead before meditation, and your Psychic
             abilities will come out.

                                  { Q }

   Q: A Love Oil of fantastic strength. Apply to your wrists, and your love
      will come to you. It will arouse the sexual desires, and make love

   QUEEN OF SHEBA:  Used to gain favor from all. Increases the love of your
                    husband, and will hold him.

   QUEEN OF TIBET:  Exotic Love Oil to induce mad passion from your love.
                    Wear on the sexual parts of your body.

                                  { R }

   RAMA DREAM:  Increases your Psychic Powers. Wear on the body, and put
                into the bath water.

   REVERSIBLE:  Used to turn back all Spells against you. Wear on the body,
                and sprinkle on your house and car.

   RETURN:  Anoint the Image Candle of the lost one and inscribe his/her
            name on it. Burn the Candle, and when completed, bury it. He
            or she will return to you in 2 weeks.

   ROAD OPENER:  Use the Oil when applying for a job or asking for a raise.

   ROSE:  A Love Oil to bring him to you and keep him.

   ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION:  Dispels fears and keeps away all Evil. A very
                         Spiritual Oil with great strength.

   ROSE GERANIUM:  A Blessing and Protection Oil for Altars and Ceremonies.

   ROSEMARY:  Used as a protection from Black Magic, Hexes, Curses and
              Spells. Rub over the doors, and on Purple Candles to keep
              all Evil away.

   ROSEWATER:  Anoint the clothing for a good day and good feelings.

   RUE:  When carried on a Red Conjure Bag, no Hexes, Curses or Spells can
         be placed against you.

                                  { S }

   SABBATH:  A Blessing Oil for the Holidays and High Ceremonies. Anoint the
             body and all Candles for the greatest amount of Power.

   SAFFRON:  Used by mediums to increase their Psychic Abilities. Mixed into
             an Incense makes it stronger.

   SAGITTARIUS:  Worn as a Good Luck and good Health Oil. To Attract a
                 Sagittarius, anoint the Oil on a Brown Astral Candle, and
                 inscribe the person's name. Burn the Candle to completion.

   SALOME:  Used to tease a man, and then bring him to you. Wear on the
            clothing, and be in his presence.

   SAN CIPRIANO:  Anoint the ears to bring back a wandering husband. When
                  worn on the back of the hand, it brings Spiritual help.

   SANDALWOOD:  Used as a Healing Oil, anoint the distressed area, and it
                will be healed. For clairvoyance, anoint the eyelids, and
                then meditate.

   SASSAFRAS:  Used when going to court. Wear on the back of the hands. It
               will also stop all Spells and Hexes.

   SATAN BE GONE:  Anoint the home or the person for Uncrossing them. Anoint
                   a Purple Candle and burn during the Uncrossing.

   SCORPIO:  Worn for good luck and health. When attracting a Scorpio, dress
             a Gold Astral Candle, and inscribe the name on it. Burn the
             Candle, and bury the remains.

   SESAME:  Used to release a lover from another.

   SEPARATION:  Placed on the wrists and fingertips makes a person separate
                from the undesired one. Must be done daily.

   SEVENTH HEAVEN:  Strong Love Oil to be used in sexual relationships to
                    obtain the highest sensations.

   SEVEN POWERS:  Used to call the 7 Spirits to help you when in trouble.
                  Anoint a Gold Astral Candle, and ask for their assistance.

   SEVEN CIRCLE:  Used to bring knowledge of the Holy 7 and all other Spirits.

   SNAKE:  Put on the wrist when going to court. If there are money problems,
           anoint a Green Candle and burn it to completion. Place the remains
           in an eggshell, and bury in back of your home. Money will start
           coming in.

   SNAKEHEAD:  Used to deceive others. Anoint your forehead, and others will
               not be able to read your thoughts.

   SPEARMINT:  Place with an Incense, and it will bring Spiritual help.

   SPECIAL FAVORS:  Wear the Oil on the right hand when asking for a favor.

   SPELL BREAKER:  Place in the bath water at least once a week. Anoint a
                   White Astral Candle and burn it to keep all Spells away.

   SPIKENARD: A Cleansing Oil for the body. It cleans away all Evil and evil

   SPIRIT:  Anoint a Purple Astral Candle to call in the Good Spirits. They
            will remain as long as the Candle burns.

   SQUINT:  Put on your mate to stop any wandering or dealing with the
            opposite sex.

   SQUIRT DROPS:  A strong Oil to hold your lover. Put some on his clothing,
                  and he will not have any sexual desires for others.

   STAY AT HOME:  Put some into their bath water and on the soles of their
                  shoes to make them stay at home.

   SUCCESS:  Rub the Oil on money, coins, contracts and all legal papers.
             You will have success in all ventures.

   7 11 Gambling:  Anoint your hands to win fast. Only good for 2 Hr. period.

   SEVEN KNOT LOVE:  Rub on a Seven Knot Red Candle to hold your lover. Burn
                     a knot a day.

                                  { T }

   TABARIS:  A Love Oil to hold him. Rub some on his hair and clothing. As
             long as the Oil is there, he is yours.

   TAME:  Quiets and tames the temper. Rub it on to stop all arguments and
          keep serenity in the home.

   TANGERINE:  Adds strength to all Rituals and Potions. Mix this Oil in,
               and get more help.

   TAURUS:  Wear this Oil for good health and luck. To attract a Taurus,
            anoint a Red Astral Candle and inscribe his or her name on it.
            Burn it, and then bury the residuals.

   TEMPLE:  A strong Oil to sprinkle around and clean up the room and be
            free of any evil influences.

   TEN COMMANDMENTS:  Holy Oil for the Altar and cleansing.

   TIGRE:  A strong Oil to make a beast out of a pussycat. Wear on the
           arms and shoulders daily.

   TONKA:  Used too anoint Tonka beans which are then carried for good luck.

   TRINITY:  Oil used to strengthen any Ceremony.

                                  { U }

   UNCROSSING:  A strong mixture used to Uncross anyone. Anoint the body and
                a Purple Astral Candle. Burn the candle, Call out any Evils,
                and dispel them.

   UNHEXING:  Anoint the forehead and all parts of the body. Say the
              strongest Prayer, and call off any Evil.

                                  { V }

   VAN VAN:  Strengthen the Power of the user. Anoint a Green 7 Knob Candle
             and burn a wish a day with each knob. After seven days, your
             wishes will come to you.

   VANILLA:  Add to Floor Washes to bring good luck into your home.

   VENUS:  Anoint the arms to bring in new friendships and strengthen
           old ones.

   VERBENA:  Removes all Curses when rubbed on the leaves of a Plant kept
             in the kitchen. As long as the plant lives, you are protected.

   VERTIVERT:  Mix with Jinx Removing Incense and burn it. You will be
               given complete protection in your home.

   VIOLET:  Wear this Oil and be modest and then things will come to you.

   VIRGO:  Wear for good health and luck. To bring a Virgo to you, anoint
           a Black Astral Candle and inscribe the person's name on it.
           After it burns, the Virgo will come to you.

   VISION:  Wear on the forehead and mix with Psychic Incense, and you
            will be given the gift of Vision.

   VOODOO:  A Crossing Oil, used to stop your enemies. Anoint a Black
            Candle, and place your enemy's name on it; this will cause
            confusion, and give you strength.

                                  { W }

   WALL BREAKER:  Worn on the neck increases your Psychic Abilities. When
                  burned with Success Incense, it breaks down all obstacles
                  between you and success.

   WALL OF PROTECTION:  Sprinkle around the room and you have complete
                        protection from everyone.

   WEALTHY WAY:  Worn to attract riches and money; anoint a White Astral
                 Candle, and win at the track and on the numbers.

   WHITE GODDESS:  Anoint a White Astral Candle, and call on the Goddess
                   to assist you in whatever way you may need.

   WHITE ROSE:  Anoint the sheets and pillowcases. This helps to keep
                a marriage together.

   WILD DESIRE: A strong Oil to get you what you desire. Wear the Oil on the
                hair each day, and receive your strongest wants.

   WINNER'S CIRCLE:  Place this Oil on your money and win at the track.

   WINTERGREEN:  A strong Healing Oil; also brings success for examinations
                 and tests.

   WISTERIA:  Brings in good vibrations. Put into a Floor Wash and do your
              entire home.

   WITCHES':  Used to stop interference from others; place the Oil on their
               clothing or towels. They will leave you alone from then on.

   WORMWOOD:  Place across the path of your enemy. As he/she crosses it the
              person will have many problems and will leave you alone from
              then on.

                                  { X }

   X Y Z:  Brings good feelings and good health to the entire body.

   XX:  A double Crossing Oil to stop any double dealing in a contract
        or legal matters.

                                  { Y }

   YLANG YLANG:  Used to attract attention to yourself. Good for business
                 reasons and sales. Increase sales and bring better business.

                                  { Z }

   ZODIAC:  Anoint the Astral Candle of your color and attract good
            Vibrations from the Planets to help you.

   ZUIA ZUIA:  Used to Hex an enemy. Anoint a Figure Candle or a 7 Knob
               Candle, and voice your intent for your enemy.

                                                  Blessed Be

                                             { More Power To You }

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