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Love spell question.

To: alt.magick,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.lucky.w
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Love spell question.
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 05:44:44 GMT

~Jim wrote:
> > Of course, another difference is that I don't think he has a snowball's
> > chance in hell of having any effect on her at all by playing around with
> > dirt he stole from some graveyard, so it doesn't matter what he does.
> It's
> > simply not going to work
> Hey, I didnt stole anything from anyone.
> FYI, the dirt is in possesion from a staff of mine for 25 years. He took it
> with permission, actually encouraged to took the dirt by the grave
> caretaker. The caretaker told him that he can use the dirt for ALL wishes.
> Some strange weird thing happens related to the dirt. The dirt came from a
> grave of a prince - Prabu Kiansantang, who is also responsible for
> converting Indonesian to moslem. Son of a very powerful and most famous
> ancient Hindu king of Java - King Siliwangi (prabu siliwangi) You can run a
> search on the net for that.
> The dirt, originally was gathered by 9 people each person receive 2 handful,
> magickally shrinked to a handful when taken outside the grave property,
> shrunk again after 25 years into only 1/5 of a glass. Given to me as a
> present. Just the night before he gave it to me, the voice from an old man
> in white robe  (presumebly owner of the dirt whom he met in his "vision" 25
> years ago) tapped into his shoulder at 1.30am while he's sleeping. Saying
> rather roughly,"Sir! Sir! DON'T FORGET THE DIRT!" He woke up and barely
> sleep afterward. I met him in the morning and he gave me the dirt in a small
> plastic bag.
> We assume that the old man quite pissed with him coz he neglected him for 25
> years.
> There's still many jungle, mountains and places out of reach from human.
> Still lot's of mystical fenomena here. All TV station and radio stations run
> a weekly coverage on it. Occasionally, a "ghost" was recorded and somebody
> would get freaked out live on TV.
> Here's an idea which I have learnt as told from my other staff. It was also
> on TV on mystical program run weekly here 3 months ago. This is a get rich
> quick "program"
> I don't think you can do this there (if anyone reading this actually
>  thinking of going to do it)
> Get a bird - "crow" (even better, breed em), make a satay out of it like you
> would a chicken satay. Build a carriage to sell them (like people do in here
> on the street/sidewalk, complete as if you're going to walk around selling
> it. Which you do. But instead of pushing your cart to sell it to people on a
> busy street, you push it to a hounted house, a dark street a forest/jungle,
> anywhere you expect a wondering spirit.
> You walk around yelling "crow satay" (local cart custom) As told (supposedly
> a real story) lots/some of man/woman (spirit manisfestation) will come and
> buy it like a regular customer/human would do. They do not give you the
> money, but when they walk away and you sold out all satay, your drawer will
> be full packed of $100 bills (or the highest notes of currency here) A man
> actually get rich doing this, but he is told as a poor man now since he
> cannot bear the pressure of ghost keep knocking on his door when he is not
> selling em. So, one of the consequence of getting rich this way is that you
> gotta keep selling the spirit crow satay at least once a month on a
> specified night, or they will haunt you until you let go all of your money
> from the sales. This is just a story as told to me.

Thank you, Jim for the detailed description of how graveyard dirt
is collected and used in Indonesia. The story of the crow satay
is wonderful, too. In the USA there are stories about the magical
qualities of crows, ravens, and also buzzards and vultures -- but
i understand what you mean when you say that selling crow satay
here from a cart would not work -- there are not enough
Indonesian spirits over here to buy it! :-)

Magic is often linked to the culture from which it arose -- but
some traditions are found in many cultures. The use of graveyard
dirt from the famous or rich is quite a popular custom here too.
It is ritually "bought" and paid for, as i explained on the web
page you read. I know a man who has graveyard dirt from the grave
of the man who founded the US Navy -- this dirt is powerful for
use in spells of courage and war. I know a man who has dirt from
the grave of a famous (and reportedly friendly and pleasant)
multimillionaire -- which he sprinkles around his shop to attract
customers and wealth.  


cat yronwode

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