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Hoodoo and IRS

To: alt.lucky.w,alt.religion.orisha,alt.magick.folk
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Hoodoo and IRS
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 22:57:57 GMT

Christopher Warnock wrote:
> cat,
>  Go ahead and use my legal advice on your website.  I'd be happy if
> helps someone.  I'm professionally interested in both Court Case and 
> Law Keep Away hoodoo.


>     If anyone has used traditional hoodoo (Wicca and neopagan probably
> works, but I've got enough on my plate with just hoodoo) with the IRS,
> either to get a quick refund, avoid an audit or make the IRS go away,
> please post the trick, the result and source of the trick.   I'm very
> interested as I just started doing a tax practice (as a lawyer) again.

I would try some of the old bootlegger's Law Keep Away spells -- Hyatt
lists hundreds, as he was collecting shortly after Prohibition ended --
also, he seems to have had a weirdly skewed interrest in this form of
magic, since he repeatedly drew out informants to tell him their Law
Keep Away spells. I have one from Hyatt online right now (it's in the
foot-track magic section, as it employs the foot-tracks of policemen),
and i believe in my heart it could be adapted to IRS use, if you could
capture the foot tracks of IRS agents. 

More practically, to avoid an IRS audit, INS raid, or a police bust
without having to scoop behind these guys for their foot tracks, i would
use the old "crossed pennies nailed to the threshold" spell. Do you know
this one? Hyatt gives some variants. I was taught it verbally in
Oakland, California, in the 1960s when i was dealing drugs. You nail
down a set of copper pennies using two rusty nails per penny, bending
the nails over to form X marks across the pennies and hold them in
place. The reason this spell works was simple, as it was exploined to
me: "Nail 'em down at the door sill and no cops can enter in because
they're all X'd out; they can't cross over. And if you use rusty nails,
make 'em suffer." In this equation, the cops are aymbolized by the
copper coins. 

How many pennies?  Hyatt gives a bunch of variations, and eventually i
will dig them out and put a few online. I was told, "Four pennies, and
arrange them in a cross" (that is, four crossed pennies arrayed in a
cross pattern).

Facing heads or tails outward? Again, there are variations to be found,
but i was told, "Put them down with the Indian facing out." In those
days, we could still occasionally find Indian Head pennies in change,
but even then that was an archaic instruction and i loved the way it

Why heads up? "So the Big Chief will keep a look-out for you, like a
scout, keep them off your tail." With this understanding behind the
positioning of the coins, i'm not sure that modern Lincoln pennies would
be as effective, for Lincoln, having been a lawyer, would not be too
asiduous in protecting someone from the law!  Indian Head Pennies in
fair condition can be had cheaply at any coin store. 

> Oh, by the way cat, can you tell me how to put an e-mail link, if 
> that's what its called in my postings?  I'd like to be able to have 
> people just click on the link and get an e-mail already addressed to 
> me.

Sure, it's called a "mailto" -- it's just the words "mail to" with a
colon, followed by the email address, all run together in a string --
here's one as a sample:

If you are reading mail or news with a modern browser, when you click on
the mailto, it will open up an email form with the recipient already
specified. Cool, huh? 

Have fun, 

cat yronwode 

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