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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Eclectic Magick (was Re: Does all magick involve diety worship?)
Date: 20 Jun 1996 03:34:59 -0700

49960620 (taking a break from the Satanist/Neopagan wars :>) (root) asks WONDERFUL questions:
|> ...newsgroup, I see a lot about gods and goddesses, some of which I 
|> recognize from history/mythology.  Well, as my subject states, does all 
|> magick involve worshipping these sort of dieties? (Larry Caldwell)(My Favorite Mockingbird):
|No.  The deity-worshiping magicians are quite plentiful, though.  Some
|even hold by faith that the only way you can do magick is by invoking
|a deity.  

quite.  I think even the Satanists like this form.

|However, only the morbidly obese would invoke a diety.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  that comment was what drove me to post this. :>
|>Not meaning to be offensive, but can an atheist or naturalist 
|>participate in magick??

|Of course.  

atheist - most pagans and mages are actually atheists, neither believing
          in gods outside ourselves (thinking it a psychological
	  trick) nor truly having faith in anything other than materialism

naturalist - many magick-users pretend to love the wild.  however, on
             the whole most of us are just as anti-earth and anti-
	     wilderness through our lifestyles as the rest of the
	     religious and secular establishment
neither of these poses any limitation to an understanding or use
of magick.

|> Can one not be their own catalyst or source of magick?

|I suppose you don't have to be if you don't want to.

now HERE we have the jackpot!  in magick there is the ability to
do it all oneself (it is called 'astral' and is really *imagination*
but we pretend it is some sort of wooeywooey mystical dimension)
or with lots of PROPS!  there's all manner of wands and athames
(that's a fancy word for witch's blade), chalices and cauldrons,
swords and pentacles, talismans and energy-batteries, etc., etc.

you don't have to do anything except manipulate the objects if 
you don't want to.  store up some "magical energy" (don't worry
if you don't believe in it, it works anyway!) in crystal or
better, in a piece of GLASS, then later draw from this "battery"
to do your spells!

AND, you can "tap the energy of the earth" if you like, so you
don't even have to be the source!  they are called "meridians"
or "ley lines", and the comic, fantasy, sci-fi and RPG books 
are just FILLED with beautiful ideas about how to imagine the
working (it doesn't matter how you do it as long as you think
it will work!  great huh??!).

|>Also, I realize that some words trancend definition, but can 
|>somone touch upon what magick really is?


oh come now.  there are LOTS of definitions for magick, and all
of them have something to offer!  see the FAQ for a few and
do some thinking on your own.  come up with a NEW ONE and
present it here.  maybe someone will learn an entirely new
tradition of magick from you simply by you imagining the new
age of occult experience one day while on the way to the store!

the Age of the Adversary is about Fast Food Magick!  
don't just do it, do it the way you *want* to!
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