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Dream Protection Tools

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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Dream Protection Tools (was Re: I dream of warlocks...)
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 10:30:04 -0800

nagasiva  wrote:
> frank  wrote:
> # One of my friends is constantly dreaming of warlocks attacking her,
> # she wins but the dreams are still recurrent and she wants them to
> # go away...
> dreams are different for different people. for some they are just
> another dimension and are treated in the same manner as is the
> waking world. for others it is a psychological problem which must
> be addressed by reconfiguring the life of the dreamer (i.e. like
> psychotherapy).

Some people have lots of "adventure" dreams, which they distinguish from
"portentous" dreams. Always check against what you've recently been
reading, talking about, or seeing (e,g, films, video games) before
assuming that a dream is a "message" from beyond. Sometimes it's just
last nights converstaion!

> # In her dreams she is helping people against this warlock and she
> # can always push him away for a few but she doesn't know how to
> # eliminate it.
> the warlock is not just an "it". see the warlock in the dream as
> a person and the warlock's weaknesses and motivations may become
> more apparent.

Good advice. 

> # She is also a witch.
> this makes her prone to fits of over-imagination.
> # Right now it's only affecting her dreams but we don't want
> # this warlock to take shape now do we!!!!
> unlikely unless your friend is seriously unstable.

All snideness aside, i recommend trying to talk with or ask questions of
any dream-being who re-appears and is threatening. I'll give an example
from my own experience, to show you how this works: 

For many years i was troubled by dreams in which i was being chased by
"the black dog of death" -- he would come snuffling and growling after
me, and just scare me to death! I always woke up in a panic before he
caught me. 

I realized that the image of this dog was influenced by a children's
book a baby sitter had read to me when i was eight years old -- an
illustrated story of a Hans Christian Anderson tale which featured a
"dog with eyes as big as saucers." I studied "black dog" imagery and its
meaning in historical and mythological terms. I also decided to remain
as aware as possible in my dreams and seek answers. I was determined to
uncover the mystery of these nightmares.

My first step in the dreams themselves was to force myself to stop
running away when the dog began to chase me. As the terror unfolded, i
stood my ground as long as i could. Eventually, i began to turn and look
at the dog, instead of just screaming and waking up. If i stood still,
he would come up to me, snuffling and growling -- but i would still
awaken in terror. 

Finally, after many of these nightmares, i made contact with the dog --
and the result was incredible: 

In this dream the dog was accompanied by his son, a younger, smaller
dog. They were loping after me and i was running. I jumped into a taxi
to try to escape them, but they jumped on behind and soon were IN the
taxi with me! I was terrified, but i managed to ask the dog, "Why are
you chasing me?" 

"You're sleeping in an awkward position and you can;t breathe," he said,
in a rough, doggy voice. "That snuffling you hear isn't us, it's you
struggling to breathe. We want you to wake up now so you'll roll over."
He was so SINCERE, and his big doggy eyes were so friendly! 

I woke up at once. 

The drwams never troubled me again. 

> # Can anyone help me get rid of it. It's the first time it
> # happens to me.  And I know you've been quite helpful to me
> # in the past.
> protective, purification spells would work best here. power
> objects and rites of protection engaged just prior to bedtime
> would be my suggestion. take mary jane77's suggestion about a
> protective circle right before bedtime for example. some in
> the neowitchy community like those ceremonial things.
> otherwise you could do some research and obtain some kind of
> protective herbs or tinctures to make a pillow upon which to
> sleep or a potion to drink just prior to bedtime.
> I would recommend something from the hoodoo tradition if I had
> my spell and curio list handy, but it is at the office and I am
> but an egg. I'll x-post this such that a root worker might lend
> a hand.

Here's an old hoodoo herb-spell of sleep-protection: Place Althaea
leaves and Angelica root in a white bag or handkerchief and put the
packet under your pillow for protection from bad spirits. 

Here are some non-herbal hoodoo spells of sleep-protection: sleep with
an open pair of scissors under your pillow. Sleep woith an open Bible
under the pillow or at the foot of the bed. Sleep with a flour sifter at
the head of your bed. (The latter is to cause roaming bad witches and
evil spirits to have to count the mesh in the sifter -- it's related to
the typical witch-or-vampire-must-count-fallen-pins-or-straws trick to
keep witches off.)
> my own recommendation would be to create what I would call a
> 'magical battery' of power. consecrate and empower a weapon like
> a knife (some Wiccans like to call them 'athames') and become
> very adept in using it to throw into the ground or at a log or
> something not dangerous to others. then take it with you into
> bed in its sheath and into the dream. use this to fend off and
> chase away the warlocks.

The Tibetans and Nepalese have a specific type of dagger that is ONLY
used for protection from evil spirtis and warlocks -- it's called a
phurbu. It has a triangular blade surmounted by a demonic skull-head.
You can buy small phurbus at almost any store that sells Asian artifacts
such as bells, dorges, and the like. The most common material they are
made of is copper. Place the phurbu under your pillow for protection
while you sleep or, if you can, go to sleep woth it in your hand; it's
not sharp so it won;t cut you if you lossen your grip while asleep. 

> alternatively get a magical friend or tutor to enter your dream
> and assist you in some way. this has worked for friends of mine.
> nagasiva


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