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Demon-Summoning, Mysticism, and Egos

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Subject: Demon-Summoning, Mysticism, and Egos (was Transformative ...)
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 07:18:19 GMT

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Hail Satan!!

Poke told me:
>You missed the point. 

not really, I was intentionally driving the subject 
toward something more relevant than personal bickering.

>When someone assumes the lofty position of one who has 
>transcended his "Ego" 

news to me. some date/thread-title? our power was out.

>and then beats his colleague with an ego-stick, 

that seemed more like an analysis which befitted Buddhist
temperaments to me. this is an important point in Hermetic
contexts (ego and what happens to it). 

>it completely negates his position. 

I think his position has been bolstered several 
times in this very newsgroup by similar interactions, 
including in your interactions with me. :> I also wonder 
about goetic arts and what results from each style of 
practice. the difficult thing is knowing how tempering 
therapy of this sort actually might be in any particular 
case. without controls, we have to consider other factors. 

>This was a favorite ploy of the acidhead gurus in the 1960s. 

that sounds pretty dangerous. you think he's trying to 
work up a psychedelic army to overthrow the establishment? :>
thanks for calling it to my attention. I thought we were
having a discussion about egos, mysticism, and demons.

>[Sir IF!] makes it even worse when he rants public death curses 
>at people he thinks have too much ego! 

google quote? damn! I missed out! Sir IF! I had no idea. 
I provide death spells, but he rants public death curses?
this I gotta see.

wow, and you're sure of his motivation, too? it isn't because
he's familiar with terms like ego and how they relate to the
use of 'I' in communications? wants to learn from deconstruction
of communication-styles and how they might demonstrate results?
the random usenet posting is evidence of overall composure, 
but only minimal in quantity. Sir IF might have in his way been
asking why it was that your posting contained what it did.

>This reminds me of my roaring at the late David Jackson, 20 years
>ago, that: "If you don't conquer your ego . . . etc., etc." David 
>sank down on his knees and let me go on and on, until I realized 
>I was making a fool of myself. 

I thought this was about Buddhism and Goetia, ritualizing Tibetan
Buddhism and summoning the Solomonic Bad Guys. or was that pagan
gods? is a daemon a spirit and a demon a bad spirit? or is all of
this theopolitical bullshit unimportant compared with consistency 
in aim and demonstrated therapeutic result? demons as psychological 
agents are of a different character than individual ontological beings.

>[Sir IF!] makes a fool of himself every time he does this, but he 
>doesn't seem to learn. 

we're all ignorant. what does mastering demons feel like? 
how can one be sure that there is success in this regard? 
writers of fiction like Hardy (demon-summoning/possession)
and Asprin (humourous will-battles and mythadventures) are
clever expression of perspectives on the subject. there are
books on possession, of course, and some spirit-directories.

how are demons created that need to be mastered, anyway? 

I mean, are you sure that it isn't on account of the writing
of The Lemegeton, the Lesser Key of Solomon, from the personal 
knowledge and imagination of the author(s), that these 'demons' 
would ever exist in any real sense?? or are they all locatable
in other sources? is this like the Necronomicon Spellbook?  
something one might use in case of emergencies to quell voices?

are demons created by traumatic experiences in childhood and
military service? if so, perhaps a projection upon random
imaginary constructs might be helpful as long as the association
between the interior and grimoiric demons didn't fragment. 

how many different therapueutic models are there from modern 
psychologists that demonstrate positive results? I'd think 
that the best way to proceed would be to examine the variety 
of members of the class of demon-summoning systems and see if
any of them yield reliable psychospiritual improvement in the
aspirant. maybe hostile or harsh demonic styles would be spicy, 
explosive, but if they didn't produce valuable results in some
consistent manner, it would be imprudent to continue them long.

discussing them rationally would seem at odds with maintaining
the associating these psychotherapeutic constructs. the use of
a historical contact method for demons (i.e. one lattice upon
which to explain and make possible spirit contacts of a wild
and possibly adversarial type, however facile -- one might as
well select Fallen Angels from the Books of Noah and Enoch,
like Semihaza, or Azazel or Iblis -- or some system created by
any number of authors and film-makers) as a therapeutic canvas 
upon which to project one's interior revolutionary agents 
seems to be a *very* common unconscious activity in the world 
of religion, in which social adversaries are associated with 
cosmic foes (see Keen's marvellous "Faces of the Enemy").

personal integration conducted in the guise of making contact 
with ontological forces antagonistic to you in some way seems
like the steep road to healing. exciting and vivifying, 
it may become quite entertaining.

blessed beast!

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