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Demon Protection

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.lucky.w,alt.magick,alt.christnet.demonology
From: Fate's Knight 
Subject: Re: Demon Protection (was Demon appearance)
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 03:41:14 GMT

blackman99 wrote:

> PrincessRain:
> >>>> What is indicated to do when one sees a demon at night and cannot speak or
> >>>> scream?
> "is indicated" is the difficult part of this request, because most of the

> literature that I have seen thusfar doesn't take into account the idea of
> being unable to speak or scream aside from protection that will avail
> the mage of a certain god's or spirit's powers at all times. there are
> ways of getting around this, however.

It can be a sign that the demon is powerful enough by force of will to stop one
from speaking, or that through pure FEAR it can stop you from speaking. The best
way to overcome this is either force yourself to speak no matter what, even if it
is screaming wordlessly. Or, you can as stated elsewhere in the post, try to invoke
magickally to protect yourself. It is easy for me; Micha-el is my Archangel and I
can always call on him for help in a fight.
Other than that, the Mark of Thor can be used for great effectiveness as well.
Or, there is the old standy of LBRP, but most things that can take away your
ability to speak will only be slowed down by LBRP, if that.

> Sentinel :
> >>> If you are a Christian then call on Jesus with your mind (he can hear you.)
> >>
> >>James 4:7 "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will
> >>                 flee from you."
> this is the logical option: mental activity in defense. reciting Psalms,
> for example, are well-known protective spells. Muslims would probably
> also suggest certain Surahs from "Qur'an", and as it is dedicated from
> the same deity (ostensibly), this might also be effective.

Other deities can be called (Wolf is also good for this, as is Snake; from a
Totemic point of view).

> there are oils, amulets, bags and other magical objects which may be
> worn for protection against demons. there is a Run Devil Run Oil,
> for example, often worn by Christians. "Fiery Wall of Protection"
> formula is also good against those who assault you, whether they are
> demons or human beings. a little Black Arts Oil mixed in with this
> would specifically protect against demons. formulae and items associated
> with King Solomon (like books, rings, etc.) are especially well-regarded
> on account of his reputation for being able to order spirits/djinn
> around so easily. amulets such as holy medals (like St. Michael
> holding Satan at bay) or St. Martha or St. Patrick (today's his day!)

I would also suggest St. George, St. Bernard de Clairvaux, St. Ignatus (he was a
soldier after all) or any Archangel. If you think that fire is going to be
involved, St. Barbara is a primo choice.

> are sometimes sworn by for the especially reptilian antagonists.
> some suggest that crosses, silver, or holy cards are valuable to
> have on hand as talismans of protection. there is always the "God
> Protects" holy jackknife. many of these items can be found on the
> following web site:
> or at the main page
> there are a number of books describing seals and other types of
> magical protective agents also to be found at:
> most of these can be safely used by the believing Christian,
> as has been the case in hoodoo tradition for decades.

They can also be used by anyone, either because God loves everyone or because os
many people are Christians that it is close to a fact, and you tap into the belief
of billions to stop one demon. Either way, kicks ass.

> >>> If you are not a Christian then you have no protection.
> at least you know of none, this much is clear.
> (Gnome d Plume):
> >98% of the real demonologists in the Western world are pagans,
> >Thelemites, or Hermetic Rosicrucians (more Egyptian Pagan than
> >xitian)....
> what distinguishes a "real" demonologist from a "fake" one?
> how did you determine that all of these were pagans? I'd
> tend to agree but am curious.

What am I?

> >We deal with these entities on a regular basis and most of us
> >have few problems controlling them.
> some don't find what Christians (or others) call "demons" to
> be antagonistic at all based on our alliance and/or support
> for them.

They tend to be antagonistic to Christians. As a friend of mine put it, I seems
like I have a giant  astral "Kick Me" sign on. Demons like to piss off God, we
follow God, God doesn't like to see us hurt ergo demons hurt us, it pisses off God.

> >If she is a Christian then certainly she should call on Jesus,
> or Jehovah or some archangel or something. even a guardian angel.
> some Christians might call on saints, or even hir OWN power as a
> potent Christian mage. I think St. Michael (archangel too!) is
> the usual defender of the magically-faithful.

Yup, and a DAMN powerful one he is too.

> >but a good strong Banishing Pentagram Ritual (G.D. style) would
> >do equally well,
> if you don't mind being coercive and offensive. besides, you're
> unlikely to be able to do such a ritual if you can't move.

Do it mentally, or think thought of "Get Out!!" You'd surprised how often that
alone works.

> >whether she's Christian or not.****
> false. some Satanists would not use this method because it is
> contrary to the support we are providing to the demondim.
> blackman99
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Fate's Knight

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