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'Current' Problems in Magic

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.pagan.magick,alt.magick
From: 333 
Subject: 'Current' Problems in Magic (was Alex presents ...)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 07:37:02 GMT

50021221 VII Happy Solstice! (just past Lunatix to boot! Light and Dark!)

Alex Sumner:
>> The idea that in the original GD the Hierophant in the 
>> Neophyte Temple represents Osiris is flawed, because 
>> there is a mistake in the Z1 document 

the GD Current has had its share of flaws. shall they 
be seen as precious keys, or indicators of corruption?

>> to wit: Aroueris, who is the god-form of the Hierophant 
>> moving about the Temple, is -not- Osiris. He is Horus, 
>> as anyone who has actually researched Egyptian Mythology 
>> knows. Hence, the Z1 document unwittingly describes a
>> system where in one sense, the Hierophant already is Horus! 
>> Had Crowley himself realised this, I suspect he would never 
>> have come up with this "Horus takes his seat in the east in 
>> the Equinox of the Gods" business. ({ Secret Chief }):
> Oh man.  And we might have avoided that stupid 'Aeonic' 
> model of history, too.  Wow....

could we omit the scripture too?

>> The idea that there is a thing called the "GD Current" 
>> which defines what is real GD and what not GD is flawed, 
>> because the idea of there being such a thing as a "magical 
>> current" at all is not a GD concept! Prior to the middle
>> of the 20th Century or even later, the concept of "magical 
>> current" did not exist at all. So-called "magical currents" 
>> are a peculiarly modern invention which are used by 
>> Egotistical magicians to establish and maintain their own
>> elitist personality cults, now that they realise that they 
>> can't enforce loyalty through any oaths of secrecy. "We 
>> don't need you, all the information is already published." 
>> "No! I have a Magical Current flowing through me, and if 
>> you stop worshipping Me, I will disconnect you!" 
>> BOLLOCKS to the lot of it.
> SOMEBODY FINALLY SAID IT!  Gloria in excelsis Deo!  Aum. Ha.

there are so many problems with it, it is comparable to the
Neopagan and New Age "energy" which describes subjective
sensations during ritespells. the relevant challenges include:

	* can this "Current" in some way be identified and
	  distinguished except as metaphor from some other
	  of its kind with any consistency? if so how and
	  by whom? shall we use a Curr-O-Meter or some 
	  device invented by Hermetic magicians? (let's
	  get (E)LRon!)

	* granted an absence of confirmation, what is the real
	  difference between the use of the term "Current" and 
	  the terms "tradition" or "liturgy"?

	* folding it all up into cults, what methods are there 
	  to ascertain when a Current begins and ends, by whom 
	  it is being transmitted, and to resolve conflicts of 
	  opinion about what Current some cult is practicing?

oaths of secrecy serve to enforce loyalty as long as people wish
to remain members. with the proliferation of information, it is
becoming apparent that orders are better for educational 
supplement, group-based ritualist social connections, or perhaps
individual ascenscion schemes put into the form of a society (on
account of its grandiose titles associated with administration).


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