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Construction of Magical Tools

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.occult.methods
From: (nagasiva yronwode)
Subject: The Construction of Magical Tools (was cross-posts okay?)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 04:39:46 GMT

50001027 Vom Happy Nulatix!

catherine yronwode :
>Since alt.occult.methods is a new newsgroup, i am hoping that it will be
>okay to cross-post some of the practical material that i mention in
>alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic, namely spells. 

tools and techniques, cross-posted or not, sound good to me. if we can
discourage topic drifts into nonpractical subjects, then all the better.
some newsgroups (e.g. alt.magick, alt.pagan.magick) may be more difficult 
to control in that way, so I will be gradual in my cross-posting there. 

>I am also interested in the construction of tools for use in magical
>rituals, and would be interested in hearing what different people do in
>that regard. 

I have often consecrated by candlelight with my own semen at a crescendo
of recorded music, holding the item to my bosom as a christening, up to
the sky as a glorification, or grounding it as a cementation of form and
magical purpose. sometimes I've incorporated elemental consecrations,
especially during a period I studied with Wiccans, but typically this
has not been an issue.

usually I find or am given a magical tool, though occasionally I have
intentionally purchased one or purchased it for one purpose and later
designated it for purposes magical. in the rare instances that I have
actually *made* a magical tool (recommended by many magicians, I'd
add), this has largely been some kind of composition or collage
effort, not fashioning it out of raw materials as is often suggested
by traditional books. I have not found a greater or lesser degree of
power for found or made tools as compared with purchased or gifted. 

I enjoy fabricating mythic or legendary stories behind any particular
tool. I suppose this may tie into my background in role-playing magic
and fantasy fiction. I try to make a story which both conforms in its
rough character to the item's historical past as well as its emotional
quality with regard to my rite and my person. 

typically I give my magical tools names, and I treat the items at that
point as a being or spirit ally, often before their consecration or
christening (the rite being a kind of sealing). from then on I try to
refer to them by their name (which is sometimes also an English word
representing their role in my life, like the ring I named 'Patience'
or the other I called 'Enjoyment').

my most favourite method of obtaining tools for magical use is by
using oft-used ordinary tools. the first magical tool I ever used
with any consistency when coming to ArkaotikA, for example, was the
screwdriver that was consistently utilized in the laboratory for
the mixing of herbs and powders. I'd used it myself a number of times
and as far as I know it has been used for that purpose for a number
of years. it was a kind of 'wand' or directing power of will used
by a handful through the years for innumerable magical formulae.

I really enjoy RECYCLING magical tools, especially when one or more
outlive their purpose in my mind and I find some other purpose for
which they seem suited as a combination. a good example of this was
the red felt triangle given to me at an initiation. I found that
its symbolism was of relatively weak intensity to me, and I later
wrapped the triangle around the shaft of a stylus I'd had sitting
around, using this composite as a ritual pact-signing instrument.

one of the reasons that I typically need to replace magical tools
is that eventually they pass from my hands, whether because someone
admires them and the tool calls to be given away, they escape on
their own to an unknown location, or they are sacrificed in some
glorious cleansing inspired by Kali. :>


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