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Chocolate Rites

To: nagasiva temp address 
From: Margaret Mary-Theresa Brown 
Subject: Re: Chocolate Rites
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 13:10:43 -0400 (EDT)

I did.  I post mine on groundhog day aka st.bridget's day aka feb 1st.

Mine is a combination of enochian plus 49 Gates of Binah/Sorrow, a shot at
the Golden Dawn origin myth, and a few other things. 

Never saw this one before.

- Peggy -

                 Order of Chocolate Contemplatives
                           the O.C.C.
Once again the high holy days of the Order of Chocolate Contemplatives
(O.C.C.) are at hand. 

The O.C.C was founded in 1893 when my great-grandmother opened an
old trunk in her aunt's attic and discovered secret documents and
recipes recorded by the mysterious Fraulein Verboten.  These docu-
ments describe an ancient order whose purpose is to find enlightenment 
through chocolate, a task that its current members pursue with diligence,
with guidance from their Secret Chefs on the astral pan.  Initiates
explore all the psychological, sensual, mystical and psychoactive
properties of this profound subsance.
If you wish to join the O.C.C., dip yourself, or a part of yourself
in liquid chocolate and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of chocolate-
ness.  You may also post to alt.magick regarding the history of chocolate, 
its psycho-active properties, its relationship to Candlemas or Yule, 
favorite recipes, or your own experiences exploring chocolate's exquisite 
pleasures.  These articles will be collected in the Chocolate Chronicles.  
This is also a time for renewal when old members of the O.C.C. are 
encouraged to proclaim their love of chocolate in the same way described 
The high holy days of the O.C.C. start on February 1st and go on for 14 
days, culminating on the 14th of February, a day long associated with love 
and chocolate.  The groundhog is the animal guardian of the O.C.C. and
chocolate groundhogs are always in good taste.  St. Valentine is the
patron saint and also one of the Secret Chefs.  On the final holy day, 
St. Valentine's day, chocolate is  celebrated in a special way the entire 
day long -- in thoughts, word, deed and ingestion.  Many (chocrats) opt for 
a sensual finale, while some (chocdoves) for a more meditative and sublime 
chocolate experience.  The chocrats also prefer popular chocolate 
treats whereas the chocdoves go for imported, pricey brands.  Despite
these superficial differences all are pursing the celebration of chocolate,
and I hope that the factional sniping will not occur this year.  Whatever
your style of celebration it will work provided that you celebrate chocolate 
with chocolate.
Many new initiates ask about sex-chocolate.  Information on this is
not publicly available for your own safety.  Also, members of high rank
are bound by oaths and cannot discuss it.  General information is in
the book _Secrets of the German Sex-Chocolate Magickians_, so the
curious can read this.  Please do not inquire further.

First, if you start late, go ahead and do several days at a time mentally
in order to catch up, but only eat the prescribed 1 piece of chocolate
per day, until the 14th, otherwise you could blow-out your chakras and
digestive system.  Lectures aside, this is not a time for gluttony.  
Chocolate can really knock your socks off and should be treated with care.
Feel free to circulate this, in its entirety, whereever you wish.

 ANIMAL:    Groundhog
 ELEMENT:   Earth
 SIGN:      Taurus 
 POWER:     Law
 ARCHANGEL: Uriel/Ariel
 CHOCOLATE TYPE: Nuts and carmel and/or other ingredients mixed in.  
                 Mine for the surprises.  Brownies with chocolate bits 
                 and nuts are good for new initiates.  Nothing too 
                 risky.  Chocolate is strong enough, as is. 
MEDITATION: Life is good.  Life is a beautiful, sensual experience.
            The two main secrets to life are put before you:
              1.) Life is what happens when you think of something else.
              2.) Sometimes the only (or easiest) thing to change about
                  a situation is your perception of it.
            Thinking about this will give you insights to make your life 
            more enjoyable.  Experiment with different energy patterns in
            your daily life.  If you're an assertive go-go-go sort of person
            lay back and go with the flow and watch how people respond.  If
            you're usually laid-back then rev up a little and see what 
            happens.  Learn to use both ying and yang to your best advan-
            tage.  Reinforce your revelations with savory chocolate to make
            them stick.  The purpose here is to use your energy most effect-
            ively to make your life as happy, and pleasurable as possible.
       diety,         virtue
1      Bmilges        limits his words
2      Barnafa        is content with his lot in life
3      Benpagi        knows his place
4      Belmara        uncomplaining acceptance of suffering
5      Balceor        trust in the sages
6      Blisdon        good naturedness
7      Bynepor        patience
 ANIMAL:    Fish
 ELEMENT:   Water
 SIGN:      Scorpio
 POWER:     emotion
 CHOCOLATE TYPE: Chocolate dissolved in a liquid.  Chocolate mousse is
                 especially good.  Mugs of hot chocolate are good too
                 (but no instant please).  For more advanced members,
                 try chocolate liqueur or chocolate in coffee.
MEDITATION: Consider howto flow through life with as much pleasure
            and as little pain as possible.  For each action there
            is an equal and opposite reaction, so take care to do
            yourself a favor and *not* invoke your nemesis.  Consider
            howto make your life simpler on all planes.  Then take the
            next step and learn to have not just neutral experiences,
            but positive ones!  Every act, idea, interaction, feeling,
            sensation, can bring you positive energy.  Learn to find
            chocolate everywhere and learn to give it freely.  Take the 
            highest and lowest -- turn everything into expressions of 
            love and appreciation and give back the same in return.
       diety,         virtue
1      Bonefon        moderation in frivolity
2      Bermale        moderation in conversation
3      Bragiop        moderation in sleep
4      Blintom        moderation in pleasure
5      Bazpama        moderation in worldly affairs
6      Bvtmomo        moderation in business affairs
7      Babalel        knowledge of scriptures
 ANIMAL:    Snakes 
 ELEMENT:   Fire
 SIGN:      Leo
 POWER:     will
 CHOCOLATE TYPE: Milk chocolate.  Nothing in it.
 MEDITATION:  Here we first encounter the scandalous past of our
              holy substance -- its affiliation with the cruel and
              hot southern gods.  All you've heard about their cruelty
              and their relationship with chocolate is true.  But fear
              not!  They were practicing the dark side of chocolate.
              They were mixing chocolate with fire and emotion.  Emotion
              needs to be cooled, in water.  Its far more effective to
              mix chocolate with fire and WILL.  Therefore, the key
              word for this week is WILL.  Use the strength you've 
              discovered in chocolate and filter your thoughts and
              words with purpose.  Imbue every act with meaning.
              Throw things out -- useless ideas and possessions.  This is 
              a good time to end any relationships that suck out your 
              vitality.  You are not the same as you once were, you are 
              now changed -- stronger and better.  Treat people with
              respect and restraint.
       diety,         virtue
1      Bnagole        deliberation
2      Brisfli        discussion with students
3      Branglo        debate with colleagues
4      Bernole        attendance on scholars
5      Basmelo        purity
6      Befafes        joy
7      Bobogel        humility
 ANIMAL:    Birds
 SIGN:      Aquarius
 POWER:     Inspiration and creativity
 CHOCOLATE TYPE:  Pure dark chocolate.
 MEDITATION: This is your final point of ascent.  Focus on the highest
             non-verbal enjoyment you have of chocolate and the
             chocolate teachings.  By now you should be seeing chocolate
             everywhere and in everything.  Look and you shall see.  Feel
             the joy of chocolate in everyone and you (m)eat.  You are now
             approaching the brink of ecstasy.  If you have started any
             projects, now is a fortuitious time to complete them.  If you
             are procrastinating about something, start it now -- you'll
             feel much better.  This is a time to resolve old difficulties,
             conflicts, feelings and ideas.  If you have trouble doing this,
             visualize all your problems in a pot with chocolate, melting
             away, then goto bed early and sleep purposefully on the 
             troubles.  In the morning you'll see the answer.  This is also
             the time to consider the *opposite* of all you've contemplated
             in the prior weeks.  Think of when and how to use the opposites.
             Finally, go through the prior 4 weeks of work, contemplating
             what you learned and invoking the deities of the days and the
             archangels of the weeks to give you strength and guidance. 
             Sleep on what you've learned.
       diety,         virtue
1      Basledf        reverence
2      Bmamgal        awe
3      Blumapo        intuitive insight
4      Besgeme        understanding
5      Bapnido        orderly speech
6      Bornogo        attentive listening
7      Baligon        study
The final day:  the 14th of February
      On the final day, revel in all you've learned.  Celebrate in your
own style.  You are on the brink of enlightenment and ecstasy now.  Ask
the deities and Secret Chefs to give you purity and strength.  Do whatever
is necessary to push yourself over the edge. Today and today only you can
eat as much chocolate, whereever and however you like. :)

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