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To: alt.magick,alt.magick.serious,alt.magick.chaos
From: "David Cantu" 
Subject: THE ZO╦TIC GRIMOIRE OF ZOS - First Formulae
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 19:31:51 GMT

The following is from "Zos Speaks", edited by Kenneth and Steffi Grant and
is by Austin Osman Spare.
Scanning this document killed my scanner!

The Formulae of Zos vel Thanatos
First Formula: Of the White Sabbath - as first told me by a Witch
ARGUMENT: Actually there is neither a Black nor a White Sabbath: the ethical
criterion of all acts is whether they are anti-social or so motivated. Where
two or more of a kind of equal matu-rity and inclination enact for
consummation, then, if harm they do it is only to themselves - which I
doubt - and far less harmful than the practices of those who mutilate or
deny their bodies in the name of a culture or a religion. The latter are
invariably prophets or propagators of sterility,144 whereas the one outward
tenet of Witchcraft is silence to "unlike others". The Sabbath is an
inverse-reversion for self-seduction, an undoing for a divertive conation.
Sex is used as the technique and medium of a magical act. There is not only
erotic satis-faction; the sensualist is made detached and controlled until
final sublimation; his whole training is submissive and obedient until, by
cold amoral passion, he can transmute con-trol and divert him- or herself
where desired. The Witch so engaged is old, grotesque, worldly and
libidinously learned and is sexually attractive as a corpse; yet she becomes
the entire vehicle of consummation. This is neces-sary to transmute the
personal aesthetic culture. Perversion is used only to overcome moral
prejudices or conformity; the mind and desire must become amoral, focussed
and made entirely acceptive so that the life-force is free of inhibitions
prior to the control. Thus, the Sabbath becomes a deliberate sex-orgy for
the purpose of materialization: the Great Reality of'as if (wishful
thinking). Sex is fully exploited: he who injures none, himself does not
injure. Finally: a culturally accepted criterion has destroyed more
affective affinity than any other belief; but he who transmutes the ugly
into a new aesthetic has something beyond fear. For the ethical pragmatist I
can assert that this formula has never harmed me; on the contrary, by
improved health and self-control it has made me tolerant, understanding and
compassion-ate. It inspires and promises more than probability as possible,
and is the only thing that has made reality magical and the magical,
reality. Pleasure is in us and around us... now I beckon and it cometh unto
FORMULA: This is always secret, communal and periodic; an enforced
consummation for almost unlimited wish-fulfilment by lengthy voluntary
abstinence, repression and sacrifice until release by mass sexual
saturation, for one purpose: the exteriorization of a wish by a great saving
and a total spending. The hypereroticism induced by this grand-scale
hysteria or saturnalia has an essentially sado-masochistic basis. Previous
to the ceremony each celebrant has his or her allotted part, although it
usually ends promiscuously and chaotically. The initiates are trained singly
in their own parts and in the responses expected of them. They play a
passive role, for the promise of untold ecstasy. The Witches take the active
part throughout: thus the sym-bolic levitation by besom-handle. There is a
meeting-place and an elaborate ritual which is an extensive hypnotic to
over-ride all inhibitions. Thus, smell, hearing and vision are seduced by
incense and mantra (incan-tation and the ritual-ceremony), while taste and
touch are enhanced by the stimuli of wine and oral acts. After complete
sexual satiation by oral, anal, or urethral means, there appears an
exteriorized hallucination of the predetermined wish which is magical in its
reality. No one can say precisely whether certain things happen or not,
although each person may have very different and equally vivid experiences.
Some form oflevitation seems common to all. My own experience of many
Sabbaths is that there is consummate exteriorisation and that subsequent
memories are of reality. All excessively sadistic acts are usually
symbolised by genuine Witches, but what simula-tion there is is common to
most erotic rites. The whole ceremony is based mainly on invert-ed orthodox
religious services.
'Fornicatus benedictus! Almighty Ashmodeus, existent of Chaos, ominous be
thy name, thy kingdom come through me on earth. Lead me into all temptations
of my flesh so I may trespass greatly into thy ways by my desires: for thou
art all sex-seeking unity, thou mighty genitalia of creation that knoweth no
satiation - grant thou my wish, for thou art all power, ecstasy and
actuality. Amen!' A small talisman arabesque of the major erotic zones is
passed around and kissed by all.145 Then follows a short perverse communion,
then a symposium with suggestive exhibition-ism, libidinous stories and
abreaction of sexual fantasies - developing into the real thing.
THEORY OF FORMULA: Differentiation is the stimulus of recreation, hence
perversions and contra-practices are used to that end. Ceremony and Ritual
are the matrices of form and order, the thesis being that by the act of 'as
if the wish is fleshed when magically charged. The act of exuviation is by
transference to the powers of elemental automata as delegated by the
obsessive mind. Thus reality may obtain, and for a while serve its own
purpose. The ecstatic moment is used as the fecund instant of
wish-endowment, for at that period of reality, the Will, Desire, and Belief
are aligned and in unison. Faith is a form of compulsory autohypnosis which
may build up and enter belief. The great believers have no need of faith -
and we are all convinced by the flesh of things.
THE AFFIRMATION CREED I believe: 'I become the potentialities where I made
effort... the funambulatory way between ecstasies: The acceptance of all
things, in entering all doors and the by-passing: Unto myself only the law I
make - the good and evil I affirm: The relatability of all things to ego,
the apotheosis of Knowledge in ecstasy: In the Gods and eternal flesh as all
truth: That my way is the only way for me, however devious: That... which I
have enveloped from me, shall come forth as a potent elemental to my aid.
And I believe without reservation in the preservation of my concepts as the
media of Ego, from which all things ultimately become. Amen.'

PRAYER OF COMMUNION We who are about to partake of each other, shall walk
past all amorous sicknesses and deaths, for we are within the magical
A ni en We who proudly make unto ourselves every graven image, shall have
great copulations and are allowed to love our Gods, for we know the Sacred
Amen We who do not crucify - nothing shall hurt us that is of the 'Nature':
neither our comings and goings from the womb, for we have the Key to all
Amen In this sacred moment (here occurs the symbolic eating of flesh and
blood) we forget our enemies: therefore let our dead children sleep. And let
our dead loves arise, so they too may watch and enjoy our ecstasies. Let
their animation be power to our memories and so resurge all ecstasy, for in
this day there shall be no inhibitions.
Amen Thou insatiable peripheral quadriga of sex.

Thou lambent spirit of Erh!
Thou hast kindled the sacred fire from dead ashes, so my torch lightens all
darknesses. Thou hast become the fulcrum of my will. Everlastingly in Thee I
know not respite: Except in the sensuous impact of flesh, there are no
meanings. Thou hast awakened me into eternities. Thou makest all things
beautiful unto the grotesque. Whom thou succour hath no sterility. I am
reborn and reborn into desirous becomings: I have recreated my Soul by
birthing pleasure. Through Thee my will, desire, belief and word become the
law That carries me into the Catastrophic beyond becoming: Thou the emissary
of Neither-Neither! Ever Silent Watcher! Thou hast shown me the new
sexualities And all the mysteries of the Threshold! Only Thee I adore in my
Soul and my everlasting body. Alpha-Omega - Amen!

0 mighty Rehctaw!
Thou who exists in all erogenousnesses
We evoke Thee!
By the power of the meanings arising from these forms I make
We evoke Thee!
By the Talismans that speak the secret leitmotif of desire
We evoke Thee!
By the sacrifices, abstinences and transvaluations we make
We evoke Thee!
By the sacred inbetweeness concepts
Give us the flesh!
We, who shall suffer all ecstasies
Give us the will!
By the quadriga sexualis
Give us invariant desire!
By the conquest of fatigue
Give us eternal resurgence!
By the most sacred Word-graph
We invoke Thee.

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