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˙ will, law, and such like

To: ˙alt.magick,alt.magick.chaos
From: ˙ (RM HARDY)
Subject: ˙Re: will, law, and such like (9406.anrkaos.rmh)
Date: ˙49940624

Quoting: |peter li'ir key ( 

|˙contrary to what is stated here, will is not necessarily about anarchy.
  I would say that will is inevitably about Anarchy, but anarchy is not
necessarily about chaos. Anarchism is very broad, from Stirner's "free
association of egoists" and anarcho capitalism, to libertarian socialism/
social ecology which are concerned very much with co-operation of_free_people.
"Anarchy is order" to quote Proudhon.

|˙doing what you one wills is not equal to controlling your fellows.
|˙i doubt, if will exists, that will would be about control, per se.

  Neither seek to control, nor allow yourself to be controlled. 
  By seeking to control others, you will bind yourself in a reciprocal
relationchip to them. The despot must always live in fear of the knife in
the back.
  The essence of will is power from within,_not_than power over.

|˙the tao teh ching isn't about control.  it is perhaps a statement about
|˙the nature of things, but about setting examples?  control?  i don't 
|˙think so.
|˙teh encompasses the notions of power, virtue, rightness, propriety,
|˙and nonresistence, among other things.

  From a taoist point of view, control would be gained by releasing it,
and lost by trying to gain it. Wei wu wei. Teh as both power_and_ non
resistance- oppose force by yielding, redirect it back at the aggressor. 

|˙you have (whoever this 'we' you speak of are) not shown that individual
|˙will must and does conflict with other people's will.

  Evolutionarily, providing resources (vital ones-e.g_food_, not money)
are not severely restricted, co-operation is a much more efficient
strategy than competition. 

|˙will need not be curtailed, but perhaps lust may be?

  Would not lust be curtailed by freeing the will? (I presume, by lust,
you do not mean the normal animal desires, but those abnormal ones bred by

|˙>Invariably, however, no matter how strong or clever you are, there exists
|˙>always the possibility of meeting an intelligence or force that is greater than
|˙>your own.  The danger here being that the more energy you've put into
|˙>maintaining a superior position, the greater your potential fall.

|˙i stand where i stand.  and this place may be nowhere.

  Yeah, as I said, do not seek to control, and you'll have a whole lot
less to worry about. And don't spend too much energy defending yourself
against hypothetical attack- "And so I nursed my fears, and armed them
with a thousand spears."

|˙>In order to to reach a consensus sacrifices must be made.  At some point 
|˙>in our childhood we were all told... "Do unto others as you would have 
|˙>others do unto you.", 

|˙what tripe.  this judeochristiancentrism is ridiculous!

  'Fraid I must disagree. What's specifically J.C. about this? Stated
slightly differently, it would be the law of karma. Many of the Christ's
teachings can be seen as good applied psychology- love thy enemy, and thou
wilt release the energy thou hast been expending in hating him. I seem to
remember Nietzsche saying something similar. Turn the other cheek, and you
break the cycle of violence, step off the wheel. Doesn't mean that there
aren't cases in which violence is the only viable response, but there are
also cases where it is counter productive, like when stuck in an ongoing
feud, when both sides are too afraid to be seen to be backing down to take
any useful steps towards ending hostilities 

                                    Rob the gnome<#-)
  "He who lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper, a tyrant, and I
name him my enemy."

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