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ToH Thelemic Elist

To: alt.gothic,alt.magick,alt.pagan
From: Cavalorn 
Subject: Re: ToH Thelemic Elist
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 12:13:46 +0100

In article , [X]
>Obviously someone a little bit informed about things, 

I shall give my homonculi an extra Farley's Rusk apiece.

Why don't you use your fabulous 'psychometry applied to people' and find
out just how informed? :) Or don't you have that Seekrit Mutant Power
any more?

>I never knew the
>rumour spread that far. 

Well, the 'have you heard what Biroco thinks he's done now?' rumours
were almost as widely circulated as the 'have you heard what Bertiaux
has persuaded Kenny to accept now?' rumours...

>That was a long time ago when the Force was

It's a bit off to try to use the news of poor Tim burnt to death on a
sofa in Cyprus as a prop for your own ideas of your magical competence. 

Still, Gerald's finally gone up in smoke some 12 years later, so maybe
your thaumaturgies took the scenic route, eh?

Interesting to see Kaos out again. It has the same tragi-comic air as an
episode of the Osbournes. (The irony of your references to 'nostalgia
currents' is glorious.) 

That whole 'current plus number' thing is just soooo fucking 1989. Does
anybody outside of Kensington even talk about 'currents' any more?

Give me a woman who's taken her knocks,
Who's tasted both gutter and stars.
Give me a lady with holes in her socks.
Give me a princess with scars.

To: alt.gothic,alt.magick,alt.pagan
From: Cavalorn 
Subject: Re: ToH Thelemic Elist
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 19:45:47 +0100

In article , [X] writes
>Your source wouldn't like to be thought of as an homunculus, I am
>sure. But then again he does resemble one.

Tell you what: why don't you use vague and nonspecific pronouns in an
attempt to convince me that you know who and what my sources are, but
you just aren't prepared to name them? :D

>Clearly someone has been speaking of me as others speak of the

Hardly. I'm only reminding you of the Awesome Powers which you claimed
to possess.

You may recall that you also stated that the occult was 'a sphere you
were toying with, a phase you were moving through'. That was in 1988.
Back in black bedsit-land again, eh? :)

>Oh really, what else did you hear? Entertain us. I missed some of them
>I'm sure. Do you not think the ability to generate rumours of such a
>serious nature 


>without lifting a finger is an interesting magical
>power? It relies entirely upon an impression created in the minds of
>others. If such effects were created without effort, ask yourself what
>might a person be capable of when applying a specific focus in a
>certain direction.

You misunderstand. We were _laughing_ at you.

>Don't you know rumours have a life of their own? Certainly little
>demons do grand work in the spreading of rumour, and the rumour serves
>strange purposes, but it is merely a fear current generated generally
>by those who fear amongst others who fear. 

The way I heard it, you thought you'd cursed Gerald and were shitting
yourself. It was mildly hilarious.

We were prepared to believe it, of course. (Not that you'd cursed
anyone, but that you thought you had, and were shitting yourself.)

>I made my peace with Gerald some time before in a chance meeting. He
>was a self-made man right up to the end.

Well, he was his own man, true enough.

>>Interesting to see Kaos out again. It has the same tragi-comic air as an
>>episode of the Osbournes. (The irony of your references to 'nostalgia
>>currents' is glorious.) 
>Like flypaper. See here is one stuck in the past, fed on the stories
>of old, but doesn't realise that who he is today is founded entirely
>on half-truths fed to him by a man he imagines he respects and

Could you BE any more vague? Do you have any further demonstrations of
your lack of clue?

I _liked_ Kaos. However, it was only worthwhile so long as it was an
Irish bar with yourself as barman. An occult Private Eye, it was often
compared to. What the hell are you doing reviving it as a vehicle for
your own 'current'? It's sad, Joel. You made a better ringmaster than
you do an act. Moreover, your sense of humour is ossified to fuck.

>Doubtless adored by his clique, he is now in the ignoble
>position of having to prove his manhood over that Biroco thing, a
>thing spoken of for so long to entertain and scare children. 

'I shall now turn to the third person in an attempt to generate an
atmosphere of gravity and menace.'

>If he is
>wise, he will withdraw, sensing the ground is getting dangerous. 

'If he stops posting, which I desperately hope he will, I will claim he
has run away.'

>But I
>expect his pride will draw him into a clash he will regret.

'Moreover, I shall attempt to scare him by making ominous

>>That whole 'current plus number' thing is just soooo fucking 1989. Does
>>anybody outside of Kensington even talk about 'currents' any more?
>You sound like the kind of non-entity who is big somewhere small,
>possibly in your own mind. 

Nah. I'm just saddened at seeing you not so much fall for your own act
as swan-dive into it. 

You're writing about the same old subjects, using the same old kind of
graphics, stuck in the same fucking time warp as Starfire. I mean,
coming up with a new 'current' to replace the 'dead 93 current'? It's
like claiming to have developed a new and better mullet!

>Be careful, your fans will soon be
>wondering why you are not putting up a better show. Didn't he brief
>you before letting you go into the lion's den on his behalf?

Which 'he' are you talking about? The one with the hooves, or the one
which looks like Carmen Miranda?

Give me a woman who's taken her knocks,
Who's tasted both gutter and stars.
Give me a lady with holes in her socks.
Give me a princess with scars.

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