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Stupid question

To: alt.magick.chaos
From: (Tzimon Yliaster)
Subject: Re: Stupid question

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(non-ritual material edited --Wk'TA)

Due to legalities imposed by the IOT, I am unable to post the Vortex Rote
in its entirety.  The Vortex was written by Peter Carroll, and the IOT
has chosen to restrict any exact reprint, in any medium, of the original
work.  So much for that.

There is nothing in copyright laws, however, to keep me from describing
the ritual to you (I checked), so here's a synopsis of the rite.  Keep in
mind that this is not the original form in which it was presented by
Carroll; however, all of the elements of the working are reproduced in my
own words.

1.  Stand up.
2.  Take a few good, deep breaths.  Relax.
3.  Stomp your foot on the floor and cry out HUT (meaning "start")
4.  Extend both index fingers and bring them together in front of you.
    Say XIQUAL UDINBAK, which means roughly "manifest chaos".  Visualize
    a point of light at your fingertips.
5.  Separate the fingers so that you draw a vertical line before you.  Say
    XIQUAL UZARFE, D'KYENG.  This means, roughly, "manifest aethyr,
    Planck's constant".  Aethyr is buzzing with potential, Planck's consta
    is total contraction.  Visualize the astrological symbol for Saturn
    at the top of the vertical line, and the Greek letter "psi" at the
6.  Bring the index fingers back together, but keep visualizing the lines
    and the symbols at either end.
7.  Draw a line with the fingertips perpendicular to the first line, sayin
    XIQUAL KUDEX, EACHT (roughly, manifest light and darkness).  At either
    end of the line, visualize, respectively, a sphere of light and one
    of total blackness.
8.  Repeat step 6.
9.  Draw another line at a 45-degree angle to the first two.  Say XIQUAL
    ASHARA, DIJOW - roughly, manifest fire and air (they also mean energy
    and time, respectively).  A variety of symbols can be used to
    represent the two, including personally-created sigils.  I tend to
    use the old alchemical triangles myself, but that's just the tradition
    alist in me talking.
10. Repeat step 6.
11. Last line!  Perpendicular to the one in step 9, with the phrase
    XIQUAL THALDOMA,NOBO (roughly, water and earth, or space and mass).
    Just like step 9, really.  Use whatever symbols do it for you.
12. Take your time, and make sure that you can fully visualize all of
    the lines and symbols.  Don't try to control color; just let it come
    to you as it will (this is one way to discover your octarine).
13. Say XIQUAL ONGATHAWAS (manifest the vortex), and make a gesture with
    your left hand which suggests setting a wheel spinning to you.  This
    can range from the twitch of a finger to the sweep of an arm.
14. Use your breath to speed up the initial spin.  With each inhalation
    and exhalation, make the whirl go faster and faster.  Keep doing this
    until it appears 3-dimensional, as if you could thrust your arm into i
15. Your vortex is now open!  Shout out XIQUAL CHOYOFAQUE (manifest the
    work of chaos), or, if so inclined, some other phrase.  It can be in
    any language you choose.  It really doesn't matter (this is true of
    all the steps outlined.  Using a weird tongue like Ouranian Barbaric
    helps distract the conscious mind, and thus the psychic censor).
16. Go about whatever business you've set out to do.
17. When you're all finished with your vortex, get the visualization stron
18. Point the index finger of your left hand at it and query ANGBIX (how?)
    Then your middle finger and ask POHUTH? (why)?, and finally your thumb
    with the question WOKAC? (what?).  These are the three basic
    questions of materialism/science, spirituality/religion, and magick,
    respectively, per Carroll's aeonic theories.
19. See the triangle formed by the three outstretched fingers?  Visualize
    it as a sort of volume control, a solid triangle.  Turn the "knob"
    counterclockwise to shut the vortex off, with a shout of AEPALIZAGE
    "immanentize the eschaton."  For a full description of what the
    Eschaton is, it's best to refer to Carroll's works, then come back
    here and post about it so everyone can disagree with each other until
    we figure out what exactly an eschaton is to each of us  :=}

Of course, different people find variations on this working which have
better effects for them.  This is only how I myself do it - for myself, I
find that using a tone of voice matched to the intent of the working(s)
to follow the vortex does better for me.  Another person I've worked with
draws the lines in different planes, rather than as four lines on a flat
surface.  In any case, the basic symbolism is a mimicry of the process by
which the universe itself manifested from quantum soup.

It's an excellent, all-purpose kind of working, and due credit should be
given to Carroll for devising it.

And that, in my own words and experience, is how it's done.  Your mileage
may vary, and my attorney may be contacted at (415) 553-7400 should
anyone feel that copyrights apply to anything more than a specific usage
of words and phrases.

Any other experiences?  Details, please!

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Tzimon Yliaster                                         There's no cure
              And when they come to ethnically cleanse me,
                Will you speak up?  Will you defend me?
             Freedom of expression doesn't make it alright
          If you're shot in the foot by the rise of the right.
                         ICH BIN EIN AUSLANDER
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