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Sigils, Jurgen, Spare

To: alt.magick.chaos
From: Dagon Productions 
Subject: Re: Sigils, Jurgen, Spare
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 22:47:48 GMT

aethyr wrote:

> Robert Scott Martin wrote:
> > In article <>,
> > aethyr   wrote:
> >
> > [flash ash fire]
> >
> >
> >>the past, it's fantasy. in the future, its sci-fi. if there's a pink
> >>beam of light and downtown orange county becomes 2nd century Rome, it's
> >>? heh 
> >
> >
> > Say more.
> ok. well, pkd has some interesting things to say about what
> differentiates sci-fi and fantasy, and though i rarely agree with anyone
> 100%, his comments in the collected essays (pkd's) on the matter *are*
> very interesting. this is what i was in part alluding to. the
> differences in genres are sometimes meaningful, sometimes less so. too,
> you were also piquing my interest along these lines. e.g. is raw's
> illuminatus sci-fi, fantasy, science faction, pulp noir, horror mystery,
> alternative history, what?
> pkd fascinates me endlessly...
> anyone wanting a shot in the arm for their creative juices need go no
> farther than dick's essays, diaries, short stories, or novels.
> the original post i was responding to also could be enlarged upon (if
> you wouldn't mind) then i'd know more what type of thing you were
> *really* looking for, and *if* i could actually add to your rich vein of
> inquiry.
> haven't yet read jurgen, but have read spare, and seen some of his quite
> interesting art.
> as fer sigils: wsb's shotgun paintings/ visual art are seen as
> casteneda's naugal. chaos magicians often use cut-up method to derive
> their sigils, or otherwise inspire/ direct research. my entry into
> 'sigils' was thru topy (never a member, only an avid reader/ follower
> some 11-12 years ago) and the grey book. 23 sigils on every 23rd day.
> make of blood, semen, hair, and whatnot. side note: ov course, topy was
> dismantled some time around 1994, and reformed w/o gpo. the grey book iz
> still very interesting.
> aa
> deqvf

Actually TOPY was never dismantled, I was a member back when
TOPY and Psychic TV separated... a PTV fan club was
created with TOPY being a separate occult org unto itself... never
dismantled as Gen attempts to put forth in his revisionist history.
Gen basically stepped out of his involvement... but there were never
any communications putting forth that TOPY was dismantled. Years later,
Gen had his lawyer send papers asking TOPY to cease and desist
use of the Psychic Cross (and thus most likely the revisionist
history of Gen's was concocted to support the claim that he owned 
rights to the symbol) With support from Alaura and others 
this situation died as it should have. 

From what I recall, the CCTs, Sigil books, and New Years 
gatherings continued for years afterwards. These days it
seems the majority of interaction is over the net... though
a couple years ago quite a few TOPY members were involved in
a Thanateros Rite I presented at the IOT National Moot in 
Portland, OR. 

Dagon Productions
Chaos Magick & Occult books

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