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Sigil Magic for the Professional Magician

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Subject: Sigil Magic for the Professional Magician

                                        by Areosol

               I will assume that you are already initiated into the secre
ts of

          Austin  Spare`s sigil magic. Consulting  with my clients  as a p

          sional magician, I am always confronted with the same question:
Is the

          client`s  will identical with  my own ?  If it is,  there should
 be no

          problem  involved in  charging  the sigil  in  the client`s  ste
ad  by

          myself. (The client, one  must remember, will usually not  be fa

          with the basic tenets of sigil magic or even magic in general an
d will

          probably hesitate  to try it out for himself.) However, I believ
e as a

          matter  of principle  that  everybody should  vaccinate  his wil
l  for

          himself. I do not feel happy with charging myself i.e. my subcon

          with  other people`s  desires.   For example:  if Mrs.  X wants
 to be

          brought  together with  Mr. Y  by a  sigil (love  spell), it  co
uld be

          intersting  to  know what  might happen  if  the pertinent  sigi
l were

          charged by myself.

               Accordingly  I had  to find  a means  to implant  sigils in
to  my

          individual clients in such a way that they are not aware of  wha
t they

          are really  doing. At first,  talking with the  client, I will
try to

          find  the "smallest  common  denominator" out  of  a tangled  ma
ss  of

          multiple desires. This will continue until the client is able to

          his or her statement of will (henceforth to be termed "will sent

          in plain and unambiguous language. Following  this all contact b

          the client and myself will be abandoned  for two or tree weeks.
In the

          meantime  I  will construct  the  sigil,  usually employing  the

          method, and sketch it  on a piece of parchment.  Very  often the

          nt`s  name will  be encoded applying  the magical camea  of the


          pertinent to the client`s desire. I may then supplement the sigi
l with

          this personalised glyph. Then  I will outline  a short ritual fo
r  the

          client in which will be hidden the charge proper of the sigil (e

          ing either the mantric method  or a variation of the so-called


               After a  while I will  send the client this  constructed si
gil by

          mail including instructions on  how to charge it plus  possible

          ional admonitions, if necessary. Most probably the client will h

          forgotten the precise wording of his/her will sentence by now; n

          will  he or  she be able  to draw  any conclusions  from these s

          glyphs. After having  been charged the  sigil can  be sealed and

          stantly worn in a locket, it can also be put  permanently in vie
w e.g.

          as a wall  decoration. Some of  my clients have  placed or hung

          sigils nicely framed in their office rooms.

               To charge  a sigil the following  method is very effective.

          client arrives for consultation. In some cases has to bring alon
g some

          substance  imbibed with  his or her  Od. During a  small ritual

          must close  his/her eyes  and place  the odic  substance on  the

          which  will be lying  open in front  of him/her. Then  I will ta
ke the

          client`s finger and  prick it quickly and sharply with a small c

          gical lancet. After the blooddrop has been smeared onto the sigi
l, the

          latter  will be  folded and  sealed immediately.  I then  admoni
sh the

          client to  bear in mind that  this talisman must never  get into

          people`s  hands.   This  charging  method is  especially  effect
ive in

          working with protection or "antipersonnel mine" sigils.


               Here are some examples relating to client`s feedback:

          30.04. Sigil as wall decoration

          24.06. Business enterprises developed well.

          12.07. Protection/defence sigil, charged employing chirurgical


          14.07. Client feels well and secure.

          23.06. Sigil as a defense "antipersonnel mine" with codification

                 client`s name by the magical camea of Mars, charged with


          09.10. "Mine" fully operative: sickness and accidents of 2-3


          11.10. Sigil employed as a wall decoration.

             11. Business successful. Sale of real estate to a monastry (!

                 has been agreed upon.

          27.12. Sigil, mantric charge.

          14.02. Client`s partner becomes more friendly and loving.

          18.03. Partnership satisfactory.

          17.06. Sigil charged spastically by myself in client`s stead.

          18.06. Shortly before the potential buyer arrived for inspection

                 the afternoon, the last seat in the coffeehouse (sales

                 object) had been taken, suggesting excellent business;

                 immediately after inspection number of customers decrease


          07.12. Fast charge of a "combat sigil".

          21.12. The idea incorporated by the sigil incarnates as a consci

                 wish in the target person`s love partner.

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