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                              3 Aug 1995
   dedication to the crawling chaos nyarlathotep
   for it came unto me this day the calling. get a knife. get a
   thunderstorm. with each sound of dark echoing thunder, recite ia!
   draw an eight pointed star
   at each point of this star, you place a drop of blood
   around the star write in english characters "n'gai tawil a-umr!
   kwy'll d'go wgln wgln nyarlathotep uni n'gai"
   the dedication
                        from the darkling void
          to the blind nuclear chaos of the father of us all
                     he comes dressed in the night
                     atop the seven golden stairs
                            of cold kadath
                       nyarlathotep come unto me
                           ia! nyarlathotep!
                           ia! nyarlathotep!
                        i hunger nyarlathotep! 
   take the knife, still with your blood upon it, when lightning
   strikes again, throw it into the ground violently!
   the area (or yourself, or both) has been consecrated to
   nyarlathotep. consider this area to be a small patch of the wood
   of n'gai.
   to call (rather than summon, after all why'd he allow himself to
   be summoned) nyarlathotep.
   need more blood, blood drawn through violent act. the smell of
   fear should be heady upon it.
   need blood drawn from long range (darts, arrows).
   a stave
   a symbol of the void
   the number two, the colors white and red, a large rock to serve
   as altar, night-time, burn mustard, several others to take part,
   some fed-ex envelopes with things inside them, proper vestments.
   a small machine
   a dedication to the crawling chaos
   assemble the small group. the group should be even numbered
   (including you) with no more than eight. the participants should
   be kept in the dark as much as possible about the more socially
   "unacceptable" parts of the ritual. it should come as a shock to
   them, almost a violation. symbols of what nyarlathotep has given
   us, symbols of what he is. the symbols of what he has given us
   are the machine, money, and chaos. the symbols of what he is are
   the fed-ex envelopes, chaos, and information. chaos is the
   unifying aspect of these two. chaos will be defined through the
   participants. money will be given freely to the person who is
   holding this ceremony or the focus of this ceremony. the machine.
   read the short story "nyarlathotep". take the machine lovecraft
   writes about and make it. as for what it does, it could be a
   fancy flashlight, a machine that opens one's mind up to the void
   and our insignifcance to it. it could also be a machine that
   causes hypnotic states. read the short story and take it in your
   own context and make the machine. but attempt (slightly) to keep
   the visual about it. the information shall be within the
   envelopes. what the information is shall be channeled by the
   participants and mailed randomly to the far corners of the earth.
   as to where you get the addresses, it's your problem. start this
   ritual with the dedication given at the beginning of this
   the focus of the ceremony begins a call
   dips fingers into blood bowl and flicks the drops at the
   participants until they are wholly annoyed. the more someone
   tries to avoid getting splattered, the more they should be
   splattered short of pouring the blood over the person(s). the
   participants whose sex is in the minority (or whoever loses the
   coin toss) are to get nekkid. most likely stripped by the
   opposite sex. (note: as for this ritual being done exlcusively by
   homosexuals and having a homogenous group of people, go according
   to size i guess. big tits get stripped, tiny tits strip them.
   giant johnsons get stripped by the tiny johnsons. it is a moot
   point but i thought it was worth bringing up). the removal of
   clothes is to be followed by groping and more blood spattering.
   the spattered blood should now be licked off and traced in
   strange sigils (you make them! look for them in your grocer's
   freezer!) on the bodies.
   the focus of the ritual does not take place in this part of the
   ceremony. during this, e fills the envelopes with the messages
   written out and splattered with bloody fingerprints and such and
   seals them for mailing. he should then go through everyone's
   clothes (worn or not) and take the money they have. if they have
   no money then another price should be exacted. what that is i
   have no fucking idea. the licking of bloody sigils with tongues
   should have escalated to full blown hobble-doo-gee. upon this
   action or the beginning of this action, the focus of the ritual
   e takes the staff
   e starts the machine
   e takes the money and balls it up and throws it into the air and
   whacks the money with the staff like a baseball until the money
   has been scattered to the four winds.
   e walks around the groping group nine times 'neath the starry sky
   to channel the energy
   e screams at the groping group with intent of scaring the shit
   out of them. surprise can also be used, like taking the staff and
   placing it where the sun don't shine when it's not expected.
   e should deny the arousal building within eself.
   taking thine staff in hande, calle unto yogge sothothe most
                         open unto me the way
                              umr a tawil
                          across angled time
                           and curved space
           let the passage be free unto the crawling chaos 
   take thine styffe and dost striketh ye olde ground seven tymmes.
   each smote upon thee erth shall be nyarlathotep's steppe dowyne
   fromme cold kadath. these strikes shall be as close to the
   hedonists about you, almost to the point of striking them. if
   thou dost strike them, makke it good and hard.
   e begins frantic masturbation. feel the hermaphrodite crawling
   chaos come unto you, feel yourself within eir dripping
   non-euclidean snatch. feel thineself being invaded by eir
   throbbing wrong math dancing chicken. at thee point of climax (or
   thine final orgasm if thee be female and multiple in nature. shub
   niggurath bless thee if thee be multiple! :) ) nyarlathotep shall
   manifest within one of the participants. thine instincts shall
   tell thee whom it shall be. wrest them away from eir love puppet.
   command them to do thine bidding. you are now able to command
   thee mighty messenger.
   preamble with this
                      g'lkkien eered nyarlathotep
                           sa'un tge a-vmir
                          n'gai nyarlathotep
                          qll'ibi tomr u xix 
   give unto him thine bidding.
   send it away.
   take the clothes that are scattered about and gather them up or
   at least as many as you can carry or grab. run like hell.
   now pray that the confused crawling chaos doesn't make a
   willpower roll and realize that a puny human hast called him in
   such a way. he does get pissed and he is (un)subtle about it too.
   leaving them lying and groping naked is the ending.
   as dictated to Mr.Skin 4:05 pm August 2nd 1995
   aum hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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