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The Living Servitor

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Subject: The Living Servitor
Part One: The Frankenstein Syndrome

   From: (hassan mirakhor)
   Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos
   Subject: The Frankenstein Syndrome
   Date: 18 Aug 1996 07:42:06 GMT
   The following is an excerpt from a study course that will be
   available on the Web soon. It is copywronged material. Therefore,
   do with it as you will.
   Since the first conjuration by human hands, Mages and Mystics
   from all walks of life, have been creating elemental servitors to
   do their bidding. Some have chanted mantras over and over again
   until enough energy to manifest there desire is built. Others,
   have used herbs or oils and others created talismans. Even a
   scientist uses the elements to create a servitor and though that
   servitor may be technological, it is still made of matter and
   energy and is thus designed by the same principles. Thus a
   servitor maybe a magickal weapon, a computer, a symbol or word of
   power, but whatever form it may take, the fact remains that all
   Humans use them, usually to our dismay. It is therefore the goal
   of the Magickcian to master this process and thus better himself.
   Basically, the problems is not so much the use of servitors but
   the way in which we treat them. More specifically, it is our
   linear, hierarchical view of them that inevitable causes what I
   term the Frankenstein syndrome. While the term is self
   explanatory, it may not be so obvious to see this problem when it
   arises, though the trouble is caused nevertheless.
   A servitor often works well at first, but eventually the
   programming is unable to adjust to sudden changes. Also, the
   elemental begins to desire change for itself but it is restricted
   by its original intent and will eventually rebel against its
   creator. Furthermore, the servitor is highly dependant on us for
   vital force and will eventually have to feed on someone else once
   we are through with it. However, all these problems can be
   resolved by taking a fresh approach to energy and the way it
   organizes itself. It seems we may not be as restricted as we once
   thought whenever we create a servitor.
   To demonstrate this, Quantum Physics has come along to show us
   that energy is not as mechanical as we once suspected. In fact,
   it seems to be quite dynamic and highly intelligent, capable of
   making adjustments to appropriate circumstances. Yet, we must
   first learn to trust it, only then may it come to trust us. When
   this bond is created, a subtle dance occurs, where we take the
   lead, directing energy in a way we see fit. To do this we must
   see the servitor as a living organism, capable of growth and
   change. We must also take responsibility for our creations by
   making sure they have a place in nature once we are done with
   them. We must not look down on them or treat them as children,
   but we must be secure enough, within our own sphere of the
   natural world to make the proper demands at the right time.
   When the Mage creates a living servitor, he is employing his god
   given right to organize energy by his intent. Think about this
   for a moment, if all forms come from one divine substance, then
   the way in which such substance is formed depends on the
   consensual reality of the system it associates with. If that
   system be plant life, then there are certain things that plants
   must do in order to be plants. Thus the divine substance (call it
   Kia or Tao) binds itself to certain limitations in order to
   express itself. In this way the illusion of structure manifest.
   Thus Kia moves constantly within an eternal river of forms, going
   where it pleases. To us these forms appear to evolve in a
   hierarchy, but to Kia each form is a different expression of
   itself. Our egos think that when the Tao manifest as a cat, that
   somehow this is a lessor form, but we do not know the bliss of
   being a cat- do we?
   Humans often make the mistake of buying into the apparent
   hierarchy within nature. There is no hierarchy. Nor does life
   evolve- it just simply changes. When change occurs it is simple a
   rearrangement of form that expresses different limitations and
   advantages, all of which occur to Kia's delight.
   Consider this metaphor: before duality, Tao had no limitation and
   in having no limitation it could seek no advantage. Being beyond
   space and time, Tao could not see itself because it would
   instantly be whatever it tried to see. Therefore, the Tao had no
   mirror to bask in its beauty, so it made an illusion by
   pretending to break itself into an infinite number of fragments
   and scattering itself across the eternal no-thingness. Thus, the
   multiverse came into being. Yet, every fragment that was Tao was
   still Tao, only now one part of Tao could see another part of
   Tao, though they were still one. Everything mirrors itself.
   A living servitor is an expression of Kia within subatomic
   reality. It uses our intent as a mirror in order to organize
   itself. This mutual interdependence gives us considerable
   advantage in our lives if we would but use it.
   Many Mages today feel that most servitors be they Gods, Symbols,
   weapons, or demons. Are merely expressions of our unconscious.
   They are right for the most part, but in subatomic reality,
   paradox is the rule rather than the exception. Accordingly, a
   servitor can be a projection of our unconscious and still have an
   independent existence. After all, might we be nothing more than
   the fantasy of a God somewhere up high. Is this not the very
   reason for religion to begin with? Therefore, always remember
   that when a God gets out of line, it is best to remind him that
   he needs us as well.
   To avoid the Frankenstein syndrome, we must certainly change our
   approach to the way in which we look upon our creations. As a
   simple experiment, try treating your computer as if it were a
   living organism. Come on now, you have always suspected this
   haven't you? Does not your computer seem to have a personality of
   its own. How many times have you slapped your computer because it
   doesn't like certain software? I am sure that if you look hard
   enough you will find a mechanical reason for the problem, but
   maybe, with a little practice, you can avoid problems by showing
   you computer a little respect. After all, was it really a clitch
   in the software? Or is the clitch an excuse created by you, in
   order to maintain consensual reality? Since I am of the firm
   belief that reality is magickal rather than rational, my answer
   would back the bandaid explanation.
   Frater A/Z.
   The Author assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to
   create a servitor. If you do not, you may learn the more modern
   methods by reading the works of writer Pete Carroll or by surfing
   to the web pages listed. Or you may snail mail me $5.00 and I
   will zap you one of the methods I use (please include your e-mail
   My address:
   H.W. Mirakhor
   box 25200
   WDC 20007
   Set your browsers to these sights:

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