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How do I learn Magick?

To: alt.magick,alt.magick.chaos
From: (A.G. Macpherson)
Subject: Re: How do I learn Magick?
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 15:41:15 +0100 (BST)

In article <4kcgmp$>,
>I think you've been playing a bit too much "MAGE: The Ascension" 
if you ask 
>me.  Couldn't point you to a good book on Chaos Magick, but a 
good basic text 
>for understanding magickal principle (Qabbalhic at least) is "11 
Lessons in 
>High Magick" by Donald Micheal-Kraig.
>Blessed Be!

Hmmm, lets not be too quick to knock the RPG. White Wolf games 
recently put out a tarot deck to accompany the Mage RPG, and I 
have to say that it's a bloody nice deck. Despite a disclaimer 
that the deck isn't intended for serious divining, a lot of 
thought has obviously gone into its design. The art is of a high 
calibre, is very striking, and has some very inventive images and 
symbols. Each suit and the majors have their own distinct style 
(there are 5 artits) and the production quality is excellent. The 
accompanying book is OK. I myself have adopted it as my 
preferred deck.

I'd recommend Phil Hine's Condensed Chaos, New Falcon pubs, and 
Chaos Ritual by Steve Wilson, Neptune press (London), as good 
choas books.

If gdb@ccnet wants to start doing magick, and is comfortable with 
the themes and style of the MAGE roleplaying game, then he or she 
could do a lot worse than use the MAGE rpg as a paradigm/belief 
framework in conjunction with the techniques given in the chaos 
books. (Don't forget which world you live in though.)

Andrew Macpherson, Yorkshire

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