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Chaos Magick and kaOs MAjiq

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick.chaos,alt.magick,alt.magick.tantra
From: (loveseat phalmamachis)
Subject: Chaos Magick (tm) and kaOs MAjiq (was Magical Record of ...)
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 06:22:14 GMT (Sienna555):
>>>Yes, this is  the basic parameters for Chaos Magick.  

the ugly one:
>>tm (Sienna555):

trayd mark. "Chaos Magick" should have a tm now that it has
becum formulizd.

>>>Unfortunately, they aren't the whole picture.  As a Chaos Mage, 
>>>one still has to operate under some sort of paradigm while not 
>>>in ritual.  
>>or else?
>They cannot breathe, eat, sleep, or shit.

suspend theez for the durayshun of the right. getit out of yoor
sistem beforhand

>>>Because of this, many chaos mages don't take their beleif system 
>>>seriously, or take it too seriously, or can't handle instant need 
>>>for magickal energy, cuz they're too busy trying to adopt someone
>>>else's paradigm just to work the magick.
>>beleefs are for nurdz. mayk-beeleef is majik
>Make beleive is still another paradigm.

no paradime at all. suspenshun of DISbeleef, reside in trance
not an intellekshuwul affare

>>>One cannot go about without a paradigm of one's own in the world.  
>>or else?
>One will be created for you.  By your own mind, In some fashion.

onlee if wun is striktlee dwelleng in wunz hed. go swimming!
wahch "Kung Fu" teevee sereez episoadz

>>>For example, if you believe in Karma, then you will act accordingly 
>>>every time you make a decision, not just when you are in ritual.  
>>bullsheet. suspend beeleef all the tym. liv in thuh now
>Suspending belief is still a paradigm.

yur buchereng the langwidge az badlee az I'm buchereng mi speleng.
a paradime is a nolej sistum. disintugreat all tendenseez tward
sistumizayshun and yoov transended oll reezemblunces ov 'paradimes'

>>>Chaos magick is an incomplete system as of this time, because it only
>>>applies when you are in ritual.  
>>that iznt kaos majik, that's Chaos Magick tm.
>And the difference is???

Chaos Magick (tm) has rules, consistencies, standards. one can be
sure, like reading this sentence, that everything is O.K. (oll
korrect!) as long as all these standards are obeyed. Step outside
the line once too much and everyone might go BERZERK! Tradition
from the glorious Sargeant Spare and Captain Carroll should not
be countermanded. "It" is a monolith. It 'develops' like a tiny
newborn creature, based on the fomentings of the culture which
manifests it, cherishes it, and perfects its standards.

kaos majik is bayst on persunul prefrenses. it cums alaiv with
perfekt unpreediktubilitee an' thuh CLASHING of culchur! one
spel mite inclood kunvenshunul methudz and unuthur mite bee
kumpleetlee owt ov this wurld! beeeng induvidgoowullee-bayst,
it canot bee kunstraynd tu sillee roolz and truhdishun. far
better to abandun yur preekunsepshuns (yoor nolej!) and mayk
it up as yoo go than to try to deefign and mayk yooniversul
yoor majix kaotik.

>>>What will Chaos Magick do for you in traffic?  
>>as yushuwul, it deepenz on your power
>>>Can you "adopt a belief system" in the blink of an eye?  
>>not nessissaree. too outrayjuss an objektiv. juss mayk-beleev
>Again, make beleive is yet another paradigm.  

pretend that 'paradimes' arnt impotunt. yooz a bunch ov them

>Another beleif system that is adopted.

inkunsistunsee, inkumpatibilitee ov kunsepshuns mayks thuh
klaym ov a "beleef sistem" impossibul.

>>>Most people just hang onto one
>>>for daily life, which is not really being a Chaos Mage, is it?
>>deefining Chaos Mage, yu constayn it beeyeng Ceremoneeyul Magick tm

>Due to the TOPY speak of this sentance

I hav nevur been a member of thee tempul ov sidekick yuth and
hav alwayz enjoyd freedum ov speleng, espeshullee dureng rite
it is not "TOPY speak" eksept to thoze wut ar kundishund to 
beleev it so

>I cannot understand it.  

the badlee spelt werd is "constrayn", sorree. you constrayn
'Chaos Mage' intoo Saramoneeyul Magick (tm) by deefining it.
thuh ishu is kaos, wich manee want to bee prediktabul. I say
it iznt. 

predictability enhances slumber. the perfectly spelled and
grammatically adept expression lulls you into comfortable
certainty. without no-ing wen thuh rug is going to be
pulld out from under your feet, consciousness raises and
so does anger at having to work harder to receive data.

>Can you please put it in plain English for the sake of 
>the conversation?  "constayn" makes no sense.....

-- ; ; 
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