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To: alt.magick.tyagi
From: (mordred)
Subject: Re: CHAOS MAGICK? (i dont think so)
Date: 11 Mar 1995 00:21:49 -0800

[from alt.magick: (Naddav Rubinstein)]

                              [Chaos Magick?]

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~

          ---[Plz excuse my english - it is not my native language]---

it seems that the great new magickal trend is that of chaos magick.
i myself find chaos magick sickening. i find chaos magicians to be a
horde of ego-flattering phrase makers - as they rot in their own self-
importance they continue the 'magickal work' of confering titles and
names upon themeselves.

playing with themeselves, they sit in their confortable chairs of 'un-
dogmaticism' and 'acausality'. so contended are they with their 'original'
ideas, magick and thoughts - they keep naming them, each time coming up
with yet bigger, deeper and more grandiouse titles and descriptions.

dogma, they say, is causal and orderly - unchaotic. instead, they feed upon
pretentious chaos, acausality, duality etc. etc. never once did it occur to
any of them that dogma need not preach for causality, god, monism, nihilism
or any of the like in order to be a dogma. their un-dogmaticism is so absolute,
yet not even one of them realized it to be a dogma.

how well they follow their un-official leader, quoting and re-quoting him.
they cannot follow their own basic principles and yet they keep auto-suggesting
that they can. how strong do they hold to the belief in 'meta-belief',
pretending to be able to believe what they want. indeed, meta-belief is better
phrased as skepticism, for a belief is not a belief unless it is truly and
completely believed. meta-belief is nothing but the belief in one's
greatness - convincing oneself that one is capable and does believe in anything
one wants to.

preaching for a jihad they lay in bed waiting, watching television they
talk about the bringing of a new aeon, never forgetting to invent new names
and catch-phrases to silence their boring minds. creative only when thinking
about names for their own creativity they seek ever-lasting output to their
futile ideas.

pretending to work magick without belief or intent they crave for scientific
justifications ever applying pseudo-science unto their lifeless magick.
how boring they are - creating equations for magick. how stupid they are -
believing the equations they created and fitting their 'randomness' and
'creativity' into these equations.

i shit on chaos magick - it does not deserve its name.
i piss on chaos magicians - everybody can read a book (i.e. liber null etc.)

"For they will know my name is the lord when i lay my vengence upon them" -

                                                     Ezikiel 25:17

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