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To: alt.magick.chaos
From: Dagon Productions 
Subject: Re: chaos magic orgs (Re: I wanna meet somebody)
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 05:57:08 GMT

ivkeng09 wrote:

> PurePlaya9159:
> >>> On this topic, does anyone know of any chaos magic organizations
> helpful Psyche mentions a couple or orgs below.

Yes, there are quite few now... the zlist seemed to spawn many
offshoots... the idea of no hiearchey sounds good... but in the long
run it doesn't seem to pan out... due to the signal to noise ratio
becoming to much for most participants.

I like Hakim Beys idea of PAZ's and TAZ's and feel this offers
the best concept of making a chaotic org working.

> Wiggy The Natural Philosopher:
> >> Surely 'chaos magick' and 'organization' are antithetical concepts?
> you're confusing the planes again, Wiggy.

Are you sure this is "Wiggy"... I have not ascertained this yet
and if you have headers that prove such... that would make this
much more interesting.

> Psyche  writes:
> > You'd think so, wouldn't you.
> Wiggy only thinks so because he has forgotten what "chaos" means,
> and that 'chaos magick' is no more opposed to organizations than
> is anarchist politics or atheistic religion.

in IMHO "chaos magick" defies definition easily.

> > Try finding out if there's an IOT branch in your area,
> Illuminates  Of  Thanateros
> elites       of  death-love ?? what could this mean?

"elites" is a fairly narrow definition of "illuminates."

Websters puts it forth as such:

"1 a : to enlighten spiritually or intellectually b (1) : to supply or brighten
         with light (2) : to make luminous or shining c archaic : to set alight
d : to
          ubject to radiation
2 : to make clear : ELUCIDATE
3 : to make illustrious or resplendent

So the IOT acronym could mean:

1. Enlightned to Sex(love) and Death

2. Elucidating someone to Sex(love) and Death

3. To make illustrious or resplendent Sex(love) and Death

Somewhat depends on what "love" is defined as.

> do those who frequent or surround the IOT describe themselves as
> "Chaos Magicians"? are they accurate in their claims? how can we tell?
> what will these names and the social groups associated with them
> do to help the individual magician? have you had dealings with them?
> if so, what was your overall impression?

As a past Section Head of the IOT Americas, which included
North America, Central America, South America and Australia
and neighboring islands... it may be surprising that I no longer
consider myself a "chaos" magician... but a magician plain and

I would say that even with my political differences.. that the
I.O.T. still offers the best avenue to working with others of
like mind... chaos magick wise.

> > try the AutonomatriX, or find the Z(Cluster)
> these orgs are on the www.  you a member? if not, what you heard about them?
> some of those who post or have posted to this newsgroup are or were members.

From what I have seen and understand the AX is not based on group
work... I may be wrong here and have no problem being corrected
here by someone in the AX. And by this I mean that the AX doesn't
primarily operate as a function to creating group work... but as a
network for chaos magick information and possible networking
and group work. A sublime difference but a interesting one

> > or, as someone else suggested, try looking for some Discordian groups that
> > might be about.
> more difficult to come by, these Discordian groups? :> names of them?
> you mean like The Church of the Subgenius?

yes, i'd be curious... in my experience discordians have often used the
philosophy to uphold bitching about the tenets of orgs that they have already
solidified in their approach... not a bad thing if done intelligently... but
for the most part most discordians i've come across have nothing to
do but bitch.

> > Why you want a herd to cling to is beyond me.
> is that what groups are for, to cling to? I thought you rustled or raised
> them for profit or something.
> neqrest

orgs can offer more then this... but then it may not be what you
are looking for.


Dagon Productions
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