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Banishing Based on Trajectory and Condition

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From: zkl0sttr 
Subject: Banishing Based on Trajectory and Condition
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 22:52:57 GMT

# I saw that the primary goal of banishing was quite different depending
# on the books I read :

that is correct. it extends beyond books also to practitioner claims.

# - The LiberMMM e.g. mentions that "it also protects the magician from
# any hostile occult influences which may assail him".
# - Ray Sherwin (the Book of Results) seems to *encourage* incoming
# energies : 
# Quote
# Its function is not to act as a barrier against unknown energies and
# influences (GD method) but to prepare the mind of the magician for the
# influx of those energies and influences. It is absurd that
# sophisticated magicians spend so much of their energy in keeping out
# impressions from the chaos or weird side of consciousness when shamans
# the world over go to extreme lengths to open themselves up to those
# impressions and energies.  ...  ...
# Let Chaos an Cosmos combine
# EndQuote

thanks for the quotes.

# a) Does this mean that the type of banishing depends on the subsequent
# ritual (sigil creation vs. invocation e.g.), or on the level of the
# practitionner (beginner vs. expert) ?

level-position within cosmological schemes will play out to reveal a
host of conceptual hierarchies, rankings, and development-ladders.
typically one methodology is selected as primary and the rest fall
into line based on adherence to any standards identified therein.
my guess is that cosmology (if any) may be more important.

# b) Should a beginner work with Phil Hine's example in his intro to
# Banishing Rituals for a while e.g., before adopting Ray Sherwin's
# version ?

beginners vary by condition and may not benefit from either of the
suggestions you're giving. some will be more inclined toward very
strict notions of banishing ("Always banish prior to and after
every magical operation!" some Thelemic mages recommend). some will
have no interest in banishing at all ("Banishing makes enemies and
generally sets the magician against some potentially valuable allies!"
say the more shamanic and friendly (less embattled?) freeformers).

consider your own condition, to what you are drawn, and how it might
affect you proceed along either or both trajectories.

# c) Should I jettison those worries and just choose the ritual I want
# :-) ?

again, this depends on what your condition is. recommendations beyond
consideration of the interests and condition of the mage are in part
what Khaoss Mayjik is here to repudiate.


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Subject: Banishing in Spectrum
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Beth :
# ...the basic definition of "banish" - to remove from your presence.

this is a wonderful rarefaction of the term to multiplex application.

# So, you banish your personal distractions, 

esp. interior energies, stress, wandering attention, and maybe even
personal allies (depends on the mage).

# and you banish unwanted energies, before you do your workings.

sometimes this is generalized (all those who aren't invited aren't
welcome!) or made specific to the working (all those who are adverse
or distracting to our work!). the boundary or 'edge' of the banishment
isn't always specified, I notice, but there are enough times I've been
in rites where the focal placement of the banishing was a building or
some other obvious containment (e.g. a field) that I tend to presume
it is implied to the conceptual or visual perimeter.

# Make sense?

a great deal of sense. I would follow that with methodologies for the
concretization of the operation proper. that is, symbolizing such a
banishing sometimes takes the form of putting out corrosive (e.g. lye)
or "cleansing" materials (e.g. washes, suffumigants, etc.) within the
area of banishment. sometimes it includes rituals, gestures, or dances
(as with weapons fearsome to troublesome spirits). sometimes it will
include talismans or other regalia attuned to the energy of any god
or spirit-allies who may be relied upon to guarantee the purity or
uninterruptedness of the proceedings.

there is a great deal of overlap between the martial and magical. 
this makes itself most cogently known within the doings of occult
orders integrating some kind of martial focus (quasi-masonic,
for example, or engaging in cosmic power-struggles on a variety
of planes).


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