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                                         Nascent Manifesto of 930111

            :: Symbolism & Design ::

            The name AutonomatriX is derived from the words autonomy and m
atrix to
            represent a self-directed and self-governing repository of inf
ormation.  The emblem
            of the Auto-nomatriX is a circular blade with eight teeth prov
iding a background to
            t he glyph of Eris turned on its side.

            The AutonomatriX is a networking chaos magic guild of those st
riving to discover and
            rejuvenate magical ideas and technical skills with success as
the only key to
            validation. We do not discriminate on
            the basis of lifestyle, gender, affiliation, race, or sexualit
y. We seek to interact
            with creative magicians who are pushing boundaries instead of
being trapped by them.
            We are a guild composed of working craftspeople, whereas an or
der/lodg e/clique is
            generally an exclusive
            membership of supplicants.

            The time of centralized info-banks is at an end; the nature of
 "classified" or
            "secret" information is that it is more often limiting than us
eful to the collector,
            and only profitable to the banker
            of such media.  Hierarchical structures are unnecessary and un
desired; checks and
            balances regarding membership are determined by an individual'
s interaction with
            the rest of the group rather than personal prejudices or accep
tance for any member
            by any other member.  The principles "sink or swim" and "(inte
r)action equals life"
            are applicable to this magical guild, as in any network.

            :: Access to the AutonomatriX ::

            When a candidate has made intentional contact with a member of
 the AutonomatriX
            (called the "AX"), that member sponsors the candidate hirself
and provides all
            pertinent information about that candidat
            e to another member as soon as is possible for co-sponsorship.
 Alternatively, if for
            any reason the member chooses not to sponsor the candidate aft
er the initial
            inquiry, that member must send the
            information to two other members, one of whom is the member ne
arest to the
            candidate's geographic locale.  Ideally, the two sponsors woul
d be geographically
            separated from one another.  All inquirers will be provided wi
th the current AX
            manifesto by any member who accepts sponsorship of that candid
ate at the onset of
            their relationship. The suggested sponsorship period is three
months, at the end of
            which the co-sponsors mutually decide upon whether or not init
iation should take

            The sponsored candidate is requested to provide information re
garding any personal
            magical work done in a journal or magical record.  The candida
te may in turn be
            given any part of the Corpus Fecundi other than the Contacts L
isting (see below)
            that the sponsors deem appropriate at any time. Initiation may
 be performed by one
            or both of the sponsors and/or an y other members of the AX wi
th the consent of the
            sponsors. The candidate must provide a record of a magical wor
king whi
            ch has resulted in mani-festation of the intent at least two t
imes, and design a
            self-initiation ritual.  All initiation s must be performed in
 person.  At the
            climax of the initiation, the new member
            is handed the current Contacts Listing ( on a scroll) and the
remainder of the
            Corpus Fecundi.

            :: The Corpus Fecundi ::


          The Corpus Fecundi comprises a record of research, technical exp
erimentation and
            ritual methods that have arisen since the emergence of this gu
ild of Chaos.  The
            entirety of this information is provided only after a period o
f sponsorship
            resulting in initiation and excludes non-req uested informatio
n of a political or
            genealogical nature.

            It is the personal responsibility of each member of the AX to
update their copy of
            the Corpus Fecundi as new information becomes available.  An a
ctive member of the AX
            is any person who is on the Contacts Listing. All information
for inclus ion into
            the Corpus Fecundi is
            transferred throughout the network on at least a quarterly bas

            The Corpus Fecundi consists of three parts, as follows:

            The first part is the "Contacts Listing," which includes all p
articipants in the AX.
            All are listed by their appellation (any titles may be chosen)
, mailing address,
            Working Group and/or Project involvement information, and a br
ief biography (bio) of
            personal interests, researches, requests for information on an
y topic, etc.  To
            remain on the Contacts Listing each member is responsible for
making their mem-
            bership known by interaction with other members. If for any re
ason this cannot be
            done, membership requires that the current AX curators are not
ified of continued
            participation in the net-work by a work record semi-annually.

            The second part is an "Index" of all works currently making up
 the Corpus Fecundi.
            All members are responsible for ensuring that their copy is co
mplete via this Index.
            The author of each item will be
            listed here, rather than on the items themselves.

            :: The Curators ::

            The issuance of Contacts Listings and Indexes are provided by
the AutonomatriX
            curators, who ensure that each display the name and emblem of
the AX upon them. Two
            curators are randomly chosen on June
            27th of each year from volunteers to update and maintain secur
ely the hard-copies
            and electronic copies of all material in the Corpus Fecundi. T
he Corpus Fecundi is
            maintained in its entirety in both formats at all times.  Any
individual in the
            network may assume these responsibilities, although no curator
 may have successive
            terms of office.

            :: Working Groups ::

            Each member of the AX is encouraged to form autonomous Working
 Groups.  All WGs may
            be designated by whatever name (Coven, Project, Team, Clan, Te
mple, Group, Cabal,
            Tribe, etc.) deemed appropriate by those directly involved. A
Working Group is
            composed of at least two active me mbers of the network and as
 many nonmembers as
            desired by them.


          Each Working Group is inaugurated by the generation of its own u
            manifesto, accepted by all participating in that WG. It must b
e distributed by the
            AX members of that group to all on the current Contacts Listin
g. This particular
            manifesto should be made as detailed as possible, to outline t
he WG's objectives and
            intent, protocol, any offices assumed within the WG's internal
 structure, and
            whatever else the WG decides upon.  Accompanying the manifesto
 should be each
            participant's signature (of their chosen appellation), mailing
 address, and bio. The
            AX will in no way interfere in matters of any Working Group's
internal structure or
            protocol, with the fullest intention being to keep regulation
to a minimum in
            regards to the network's guild structure.

            Each WG is encouraged to access any form of media available fo
r wider
            distribution of ideas and material, and the AX pro vides encou
ragement and/or
            assistance to members who have material suitable for this purp

            :: Projects ::

            Projects or Operations which include any member of the AX with
in or without one's
            Working Group are to be listed in the Contacts List.  An "Oper
ation" is usefully
            described as an extended working for a specific goal carried o
ut by two or mo re
            members of the guild regardless of WG affiliation.

            :: Main Contact Points ::

            It is recommended that each WG and Operation designate a Main
Contact Point (or MCP)
            elected by the members in that Working Group, for response to
inquiries and
            distribution of information.  It is the responsibility of the
acting MCP of that
            group to distribute all information for inclusion into the Cor
pus Fecundi of the
            members in hir Working Group and/or O peration.

            :: Information Transference ::

            Information is distributed throughout the entire active member
ship of the network in
            the issuance of the Contacts Listing and Index of the Corpus F
ecundi by the AX
            curators. The authors of any item produced and distributed for
 inclusion into the
            Corpus Fecundi are responsible for the distribution of that in
formation throughout
            the network. Any item may be marked "Private" by its author, a
nd this is understood
            to mean distribution via the Corpus Fecundi only (not for publ
ic consumption). No
            items intended for the Corpus Fecundi may be marked with the
            author's appellation, although it is recommended that each ite
m is accompanied by a
            cover letter providing whatever personal data the author or di
stributor desires.

            :: Voting ::

            When voting is required within the AX as a whole, all members
must provide a written
            response of yes, no, or abstinence.  The votes of each member
are then listed beside
            their name on the next Contacts Listing.  A measure's success
depends upon at least
            a two-third's majority of all members of the AutonomatriX. All
 members are encour-
            aged to voice their own o pinions at all times.

            :: Identification ::

            The AX does not employ any single clue to disclose membership
in the guild.
            However, objects that are easily available are periodically ch
osen to represent
            active participation in the network, such as a certain semipre
cious stone or a
            color-specific pen for example. At any time, suggestions may b
e supplied to a
            curator for random selection. The identifier is described as b
riefly as possible at
            the top of each Contacts Listing.  Aside from this, each WG an
d Operation is encou


          raged to generate totems and/or fetishes to designate themselves
 symbolically within
            the guild.

            :: Accessories ::
            Each Working Group in the AX chooses what ritual accessories a
re necessary. Some may
            choose specific forms of jewelry or ritual garments as a group
. Each member must
            possess the current identifier
            object of the AX in the working area at the time of any meetin
g attended.

            The AutonomatriX may be reached via

            Temple Babel
            PO Box 26362
            San Francisco, CA  94126
            Vox Mail: 415- 267-6937
             or via the
             PSYBERNET BBS: (805)772 AS IF

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