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Auto-rite: 'Breakage'

To: alt.magick.chaos
From: tyagi mordred nagasiva 
Subject: Auto-rite: 'Breakage' (For the Jovial Pelting) (
Date: 49940703


   ___                     |\
    /    B                 | \
   /       R		   |  \
  /          E 		   |   \
 /________     A	   |    \/
         |       K        \|
		   A   E
 	     	     G         (for tzimon)

the tune-up barely helped
"As long as it will make it to the mountains," I said.
it stalled four times getting to six-thousand feet
luckily I knew something of auto-repair
only the third time were parts required

	secluded in a mountain glade 
	popped the trunk, out comes the kerosine
	backpack contained the robes and other tools

sunsetting in the month of Kaos
later, I knew, the Jovial Pelt would be visible
now I dove into the cold waters of streamblood
purifying myself before the purge, I shivered to the bone
rolling in pine needles, naked, sap-strewn

having fasted for two weeks on fruit-juice, I rattle foil pans
robing, scenting myself with mugwort and juniper
splashing the kerosine, the last of sunlight
Barney in the driver's seat with a flower

	secluded in a mountain glade 
	cleared of debris, open to starlight
	attaching flint to my staff, sunglint off polished steel roof

in goes the tape, the ritual begins
blaring music, the birds leave in a cloud
suddenly the drugs take full effect
a wild animal in the wilderness
twisting, turning, heavy guitar, swinging the staff

	secluded in a mountain glade
	one with the fury of sound
	out on the edge, down comes the flint


conflagration rips heat across my body
searing off eyebrows, all my armhair
music screaming, I flail away, diving
roll, moving to the metal noise, metal pyre
elated, the burn of a futile society

chanting the Agni invocation, application of corn
	POP!  the host is born
bashing the fuck out of the smoldering carcass
staff blows to slow jazz roll
boulder smashing the remains, buried trash

	secluded in a mountain glade
	black of soot, rubber smell
	rabidly quaffing cornpop and cornwhiskey
	sleeping on the remains, dreaming of peacocks
	backpacking to the highway, walking home

elendraug i69!

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