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A Chaos Magic *Framework*?

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From: "Fr. A.o.C." 
Subject: Re: A Chaos Magic *Framework*?
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 01:36:39 GMT

q6212 wrote:

> (SirHarlequin9):
> # If you are just getting started and are working within a Chaos Magic framework
> what does this mean? has the cotton candy of Kayoss hardend into little tidbits
> that can be suckled with delight?

"Framework" might be too loaded a term. Sometimes the deconstructional
nature of Chaos Magic catches up with it, and makes the choice of words

I'd characterize it more as what's called "Current" in some other
branches of Western magic. Maybe "network" would be more on the mark
than "framework".

Especially with the coming of the Internet, Chaos Magic did indeed grow
some hard points that can be latched onto. Carroll and the IOT always
taught Austin Spare's sigil magic, for example. If anything can be
considered it's "current", it's goes back to the Zos Kia Kultis of
Spare, and the extension of it by Carroll, Ray Sherwin and others.

What has developed is a variety of techniques, mostly as workings of
sorcery or ecstatic ceremony. Variations of sigil magic, barbarous
incantations, and Spare's "death postures" (or other means of extreme
sensory overload) are typical. Carroll popularized a lot of the IOT's
techniques. The AutonomatriX website has scores of examples. There's
stuff all over the web, in repositories like and

But it's important to note that even those who have developed these
"hard points" of technique and shared them, rarely insist that theirs
the the only way.
> # consider working with the Gnostic Pentagram Ritual for a while to get down the
> # general mechanics.
> that seems like a more ceremonial slant. interesting suggestion, thanks.

If you like ceremonial. Any banishing ritual of that style is a useful
discipline. Perform it 3 times a day, every day for 30 days, and see
what happens.
> # Consider looking into some of Phil Farber's work to help more fully anchor and
> # enhance your ritual actions.
> for what is Phil Farber most widely known?

For "Future Magick" and a few other books. He's coming from a Thelemic
POV -- nothing wrong with that, but his books aren't generally
considered to be about Chaos Magic. Phil Hine's "Condensed Chaos" is a
good place to start, if you have some background.
> # Once you've got that down then consider branching out either into different
> # traditions forms of frame rituals or snagging onto some of the later Chaos
> # related rites like the Vortex Rite.
> is the Vortex Rite explainable as designated for a particular purpose,
> or does its practice indicate a particular methodology of preference?

It's a general purpose ritual of the "power raising" variety, somewhat
like the Wiccan's "cone of power". It's one of Carroll's, so it is of
that "school".
> # seems more a matter of learning method at this point [beginning]
> # rather then looking to adopt a particular approach full-time. Listen to
> # your gut as to where to start, keep good records and if things don't
> # seem to be going somewhere useful try making a switch to something else.
> the intuitive approach seems to be a popular one amongst Chaotes.
> are there spectacular failures in the Chaos Magick community about
> whom horror stories are repeated as lessons to those who should know?

Never invoke anything larger than your head.

- J:.M:.555


"How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of
making progress." -- Niels Bohr

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